A Burnt Orange and Berry Fall Tablescape | Fall Dining Room decorating ideas

A Burnt Orange & Berry Fall Tablescape

The air is crisp and my Fall table is set! One of my favorite rooms to spiff up each season is the dining room. One reason is because it got a complete overhaul last Fall for the One Room Challenge, so it’s pretty much the only space that I’ve been able to deck out from floor to ceiling with fixtures, furniture and finishes of my choosing. The second reason is because… bar carts! Today I’m sharing my Burnt Orange and Berry Fall Tablescape that all started with $.70 placemats. Yep – inspiration struck in the clearance aisle! You’ll also get quite a few peeks at my recently styled Fall bar cart with a super simplistic approach. More on that to come! Continue reading

DIY Painted Pumpkins - Craft paint and a Q-tip!

“All The Pumpkin Things” | DIY Housewives Vol. 17

This time of the year, I’m like “Gimme all the pumpkin things!” Today, I actually have a dozen pumpkin things to share! The first Wednesday of the month is here and the other DIY Housewives and I have rounded up some of our tried and true DIY’s all centered around the beloved pumpkin! We’ve got crafts, decor, recipes and more from posts we’ve shared in the past and since October has arrived, let’s bring all of these pumpkin posts back to life!

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Pretty in Pink Powder Room Refresh | $100 Room Makeover Challenge | Budget Bathroom decorating

Pretty in Pink Powder Room Refresh Reveal | $100 Room Challenge Week 4

Better late than never! You might have noticed I jetted off to NYC last week for the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker Event without a peep about the Pretty in Pink Powder Room Refresh Reveal – oops! Life happened and quite frankly preparing to leave town [and all that goes with leaving behind the house & the kids!] took priority over wrapping up this reveal! No offense – I do love you all, but sharing the “after” pics was just going to have to wait until I got home. And today is that day…$100 Room Challenge Reveal Day! Continue reading

My Dollar Store DIY - Halloween projects using Dollar Store supplies

Floating Spooky Spiderweb Halloween Decor [My Dollar Store DIY]

Truth be told, I may end up skipping my Fall decor this year and head straight to Halloween! Anyone else?! Today is the last Thursday of the month which means its time for another edition of My Dollar Store DIY where a group of us stake out fun and inexpensive finds at our local dollar store and whip up a DIY decor piece. This month’s theme is Halloween and we still have a whole month to go before it rolls around! Today I’m sharing my DIY Floating Spooky Spiderwebs that are now bobbing around above my dining room table!

Here is what I did…


My Dollar Store DIY - Halloween projects using Dollar Store supplies

4 plastic spiderweb baskets
creatures to go inside
hot glue gun + hot glue sticks
clear string


Heat up your glue gun and run a line of glue around the bottom of your creature, in my case the glitter skull and glitter owl, and place it in the center of one of the spiderweb baskets. Mine has an on/off switch for the glowing eyeballs, so I made sure the switch was still accessible through the bottom of the basket. The opening is too small to use my finger to switch it off and on, but large enough to stick a pen or toothpick through.

My Dollar Store DIY - Halloween projects using Dollar Store supplies

Next, determine at what height you want your web to hang down and cut your clear string to the desired length. Loop your string through the bottom of your second basket and tie a knot. This is the top of your spiderweb. The one with the creature in it will serve as the bottom. Then, cut four 6-8 inch strings. One strand at a time, thread it through the top of the “bottom” basket and loop it through the bottom of the top basket and tie a knot. Repeat this 3 more time until you’ve secure the two baskets together using the invisible string creating a gap in between the two.

My Dollar Store DIY - Halloween projects using Dollar Store supplies

Hang the web from a light fixture or from the ceiling [using a clear command hook, which was my original plan!] at the desired height. I created 2 webs, so using 4 baskets total, and staggered the two so they weren’t hanging or floating from the same height.

My Dollar Store DIY - Halloween projects using Dollar Store supplies

Instant spooky decor!

My Dollar Store DIY - Halloween projects using Dollar Store supplies

I’m trying to pretend that my table isn’t halfway decorated for Fall, so just ignore the room’s identity crisis. Like I said before, Halloween decorating came a wee bit before Fall decorating this year. But who’s really keeping track?! You didn’t even notice, did you? ha!

My Dollar Store DIY - Halloween projects using Dollar Store supplies

In all seriousness, I plan to have my fabulous Fall Tablescape finished and ready to share sometime next week. It is going to be done up in burnt orange and berry with bronze and gold tones throughout! Stay tuned 😉

Now on to see what my Dollar Store DIY friends put together this month for Halloween — take a peek below!

My Dollar Store DIY - Halloween projects using Dollar Store supplies

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Have a great rest of your week! I’m at the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker event in Brooklyn and will be heading home tomorrow – such a short and sweet trip! Be sure to tune into my Instagram stories to keep up with all of our shenanigans while I’m away!


DIY Art on the Cheap | Tips for using thrifted frames to decorate

Powder Room Refresh: DIY Art on the Cheap | $100 Room Challenge Week 3

Hey hey! I’m back today with a Pretty in Pink Powder Room Refresh Update! Eeek! This means I only have one week left until the reveal! I’ve gotta get my act together this weekend and get things wrapped up and photographed. I’m leaving for the Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker Event in NYC next Wednesday, which means this room reveal has to be completed before I go. Time to get this $100 Room Challenge Makeover show on the road!! Today I’m getting things moving with some DIY Art on the Cheap! Continue reading

Top Ten Drop-dead Gorgeous Dark Green Drapes and Curtains - This is our Bliss

[On the Hunt] Ten Drop-Dead Gorgeous Dark Green Drapes

Not only do I have googly heart eyes for all things pink lately [Did you see my Powder Room Refresh update yesterday?!], but ever since I hung my new forest green drapes in our bedroom, I’ve been going ga-ga for dark green! So I started working on a source list for the Master Bedroom and to my disappointment my beloved curtain panels are nowhere to be found! I’m totally bummed out and thought some of you might be, too. Don’t worry, today I bring you my top ten drop-dead gorgeous dark green drapes I stumbled upon while on the hunt for you guys! Continue reading

Pretty in Pink Powder Room Refresh | Pale Pink Painted Vanity | $100 Room Challenge

Powder Room Refresh: Pink Vanity + DIY Knob Update | $100 Room Challenge Week 2

I told you I was going PINK! You might not have guessed I was actually going to paint the *entire* vanity pink though, did you?! There is so much warm wood throughout our home. Every bathroom vanity, our staircase railing, main level wood flooring and even our kitchen cabinets. When I set out to update this Powder Room for the $100 Room Challenge, I knew one of the first things I was going to do was paint the vanity. It needed a fresh, updated look… I thought, “What if I painted it pale pink? So pale that even T might think it was white!!…”

Yes, that was it. We were going to have a pink vanity! Continue reading

Simple Tips for How to Hang a Gallery Wall | White Frame Gallery Wall in the Master Bedroom

How to Hang a Simple Gallery Wall with a Pop of Personality [Master Bedroom Refresh Update]

I’m sure you’ve noticed how this so-called quick & easy Master Bedroom Refresh has drug on all Summer and now into Fall! Well, I’m here to tell you that we are nearing the finish line, my friends! Over the weekend, I finally decided to tackle the gallery wall of family photos. I even ordered the frames and had the photos printed back in July, but…they sat untouched until I woke up that morning with a little fire under my feet! Today, I’m going to share my simple tips for How to Hang a Simple Gallery Wall with a Pop of Personality and a sneak peek of a few more gorgeous additions to the bed.  Continue reading

$100 Room Challenge | Pretty in Pink Powder Room Refresh Mood/Inspiration Board

Powder Room Refresh: The Before + Inspiration | $100 Room Challenge Week 1

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m sure you’re like, “she’s starting ANOTHER room?! Yes, it’s true. Ever since moving into our new home last summer, my head has been spinning with ideas for ways to transform each room in the house and truly make it feel like ours. My house project to-do list only gets longer by the day and I do tend to start and stop a lot, however, I have managed to check several rooms off the list. I’ll share more on those spaces later. But today, I am introducing you to a space that has needed some love since the day we stepped foot in the door last June. I simply couldn’t fight the urge to makeover our main floor Powder Room any longer and when I heard about the $100 Room Challenge, I knew it was the PERFECT time to jump in! Continue reading

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12 Simple Fall Decor Ideas | DIY Housewives Vol. 16

Now that Labor Day weekend has unofficially closed the Summer season, the weather here in Chicagoland has followed suit.  The temperature has dropped significantly…I’m talking 55 degrees in the morning and have me craving all things Fall even more! I have yet to grab my first PSL of the season, but I am ready to start fall-ifying the house, like NOW! Today is another edition of the DIY Housewives Series and this month we are rounding up our Simple Fall Decor Ideas from past posts in hopes to ignite that Fall flame in you, too! Continue reading