Nursery Project: Pegboard Gallery Wall

Hello! So I mentioned last week that I am working on some plans for our little playroom just off the family room.  I spent a couple hours last week going through toys – sorting them, pitching them, searching for them.  Lets just say we needed to do some organizing in there or I was going to lose my mind!  I know it is not going to be a room that stays clean, but as long as everything in it has a home, it will eventually make it back there someday 🙂 Along with some organizational strategizing, I began to do some decorative strategizing!  A shelf we had in the room with some art and books on it…well… came crashing down a couple of weeks ago and I am not going to be putting the shelf back up.  In its place, I am thinking I will put together a little gallery wall with a mix of art, photos and typography.  While pondering the design today, it got me thinking… I have had quite a few people ask me about the pegboard gallery wall I did in Simon’s nursery and I never really did a follow-up post with the deets, so thought it might be a good idea to revisit the nursery and give everyone some info on one of my favorite walls in the house.

The photo of this wall has been my most popular pin on Pinterest so far!


So, here we go…

I first went to Lowes & picked up a 4′ x 4′ pegboard.  I think it was about $8. I also bought a small foam roller and a few paint samples.  I went with shades of dark gray to test out.


I ended up mixing all 3 of the paints together until I got the color I was aiming for.  It took about 3 – 4 coats of paint for complete coverage.

IMG_3731 IMG_3735

Next we cut 2 pieces of plywood (1″ x 4″) and laid them across the back horizontally.  We placed a couple of screws in each piece of wood to secure them to the pegboard.  We then measured our wall, found our studs and marked the wall where we wanted to drill.  We were able to drill into the plywood pieces from the front with long extra long screws, enter the wall and catch the stud.  The plywood allowed us to secure the pegboard firmly to the wall and also act as a spacer between the pegboard and the wall in order to be able to hang things on it from the front.


We used screws to hang the Bygel rail & basket and we placed them so they hit the lower piece of plywood. Everything else was hung with pegboard hooks (see link in source list below)

IMG_5892 IMG_5895 IMG_5896IMG_5894IMG_5889 IMG_5897IMG_5889

There it is!  We hung the pegboard on the wall before attaching any of the frames, etc.  I am not one to lay out my frames on the floor beforehand and I definitely don’t take the time to trace out the frames and tape them on the wall in order to determine my placement.  I guess you could say I just wing it.  I need to get better about my planning when nailing into the wall, but the nice thing about working with a pegboard as your backdrop is you don’t have to worry about random nail holes in the wall! Not that I ever put 2 or 3 holes behind each picture before I get it where I want it or anything 🙂

Here is my source list from the original nursery post:


Pegboard Gallery wall

Please let me know if you have any questions or want more info on this project!  I would love your comments and feedback so please leave me some love (or whatever you are feeling) on this post!

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36 thoughts on “Nursery Project: Pegboard Gallery Wall

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  5. Hey random question. I have this same dresser and was wanting to do a pegboard above as well. Was that peg board really 6ft X 6ft? If so that would be longer then the actual dresser (that would be 72 in long) because I believe that dresser is only 63 in. in length says ikea, mines sitting in a box yet to be put together by my husband haha so I’m just checking before I go out and by my pegboard. Thanks!

    • Hi Tara! The pegboard is actually 4′ X 4′! I apologize for the mistake. I bought it that size (48″) and we hung it above the dresser without making any cuts to it. Hope that helps!! Thanks for reading & good luck 🙂

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  8. I used pegboard in my son’s room…working on making it look more like I dreamed (like this ) now my sister is do and using the same color scheme as your gorgeous nursery. …wondering where u got the multicolor block fabric in your white frame….she wants this or very similar to tie in all the colors, and I am having no luvk….where did you purchase this fabric?

  9. Hello,
    I really love this idea! It is super cute and creative. I am doing a variation of this board for my sons who share a room. I have questions about the pegboard hooks. Do you think it is important to the use the exact same pegboard hooks that you used? Or will any brand of hooks do? Also, I do not know how to use pegboard hooks. They all look very long and I am not sure how to safely secure the artwork to the board. I don’t want anything to fall off. Do you have any tips or suggestions?

    • Hi Francesca! Thank you! You can absolutely use any brand of pegboard hooks you’d like. The key is to find a variety pack with different shaped and sized hooks. The shorter and smaller ones are good for hanging art because they don’t stick out very far from the pegboard. I guess it’s sort of hard to explain how to use pegboard hooks, but basically you insert the two prongs in the holes of the pegboard and then rest your hanging object on the part of the hook that sticks out from the board… Does That help at all?!!

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  15. Love this! What size is the finished peg board? I know you bought a 6′ x 6′ piece but what did you cut it down to?

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  26. Rachael. I love to see your creativity on this blog! You do an awesome job with this. Love design, colors, organization with each one. Keep posting …Love it!! Lynn

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