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New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge | Master Bedroom Week 3: Sneak Peek + gorgeous gold table lamps

Welcome back to week 3 of The New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge! If this is your first time here – I am so happy you came by! This room is seriously getting a rockin’ refresh and I can’t help but ask myself…

Why did I take 3.5 years to work on our master?!

Well, I guess its for the same reasons, err umm, excuses I mentioned in Week 1

“No one really ever sees our bedroom, so we’ll work on the main living spaces…”

“Let’s do the kids’ rooms first!…”

“Then the guestroom – I mean, we want our guests to have a nice play to stay, right?!”

Enough is enough! I want a pretty space, too! So, pretty it will be. Today was initially supposed to be the reveal, but unfortunately quite a few of us are still waiting on some of our room’s furniture and accessories. The winter weather has impacted so many people across the country, as well as put a huge delay on shipments. So, no problem! 1/2 of us are sharing the reveals today and the other half of us will share next week! Hang in there with me. Mine is next week 😉

So for today, you get to see a super mini sneak peek of the room and a round up of some absolutely stunning lamps!

When I found out Lamps Plus was going to be partnering with us on this refresh project, I was over the moon excited! We didn’t need bedside table lamps, but I have always thought a unique lamp would make an excellent addition to the dresser-top…a statement lamp, if you will. In typical me fashion, I was on the hunt for something gold. Big surprise there.

So after perusing their fabulous website, here is the very small sampling of some of my favorite gorgeous gold table lamps that caught my eye. There were literally thousands to choose from!

Gorgeous goldies - Lamps plus gold lamps - gold table lamp options - This is our Bliss - thisisourbliss.com

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Aren’t these the coolest?!

And that black shade! Seriously swooning right now and while going back through their site to create this post, I wanted to add in another 20 favorites! You’ll just have to go check them out for yourself. Plus with free shipping and free returns, how could you not?!

Want to know something else pretty awesome about Lamps Plus?

Although they’re the nation’s largest online lighting retailer, they don’t just sell lamps. They offer a huge inventory of furniture, wall art, mirrors and even rugs. The selection is amazing and I can’t wait to show you what pieces are going into our master bedroom!

And now for an eensy weensy sneak peek to hold you off until next week…
minted art - master bedroom gallery wall - bedroom wall art - This is our Bliss - thisisourbliss.comI’m actually a little obsessed with the gallery wall in this room and this beautiful minted piece is one of the first things I see when I wake up in the morning. LOOOVE!
[See the tips I shared last week during Week 2 for how to create a stylish and eclectic gallery wall!]

and then this happened…
gold polka dot pillow - pink chair - master bedroom - new year new room refresh challenge - thisisourbliss.comYes, that is pink and double yes, more gold! EEEK!

If you want to see more sneak peeks throughout the next week, be sure to follow This is our Bliss on instagram and Facebook!


6 gorgeous gold lamps - table lamp options from lamps plus - This is our Bliss - thisisourbliss.com

Which one is your favorite? Can you even pick?!

If you missed the rest of the Challenge, get caught up below:

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That is it for today, but after a few more pieces are added in and I finish styling, it will be ready to roll!

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  1. Oooh, lamp #3 please!! So excited to see the finished bedroom next week and I’m right there with you on the master bedroom gets done last plan!! I’m sure you’ll inspire me next week to change that plan!

  2. What fabulous lamps! I love the one with the circular base a ton. I am totally obsessed to know what is that pink tufted goodness behind that gold pillow! Can’t wait for next week’s reveal!

  3. oooooh-la-la! I love all the GOLD…you and me! Great selection of lamps! The one with the black shade is so sexy.(yep, I only use that word on home decor lol) love it!

  4. Love those lamps!!!!! They are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see them in your room next week!

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