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DIY Simple, ‘Sweet Sayings’ Gift Tags [My Dollar Store DIY]

The last Thursday of the month has crept up on us yet again, which means it’s time for July’s My Dollar Store DIY! Since Christmas in July seems to be an actual thing [plus the craze of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!] I’ve got gifting on the brain! A group of us decided to whip up some “simple gifting” ideas this month using Dollar Store supplies in hopes to inspire you to stroll the aisles of your local dollar store to see what a few dollars and a little creativity can do for you!. I’m going to show you how I used few Dollar Tree supplies and a couple materials from my craft stash to create a set of DIY Simple, Sweet Sayings Gift Tags!

DIY Simple, Sweet Sayings Gift Tags | This is our Bliss

spike cluster bracelet | beaded tassel bracelet | black, white & gold cuff


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The process is pretty straight-forward, but I wrote it out to make it easier! First, take your 2″ round paper punch and work your way around 1 sheet of cardstock paper. I love this round punch because it’s quick and easy to use. You might remember when I used it to make the DIY Nursery Mobile and again for a DIY Garland you saw in the Stylish & Bold, Modern Playroom Reveal.

After you work your way around the entire perimeter of the paper, you can trim off the cut edges to get to the center of the paper where you should be able to punch out another 4 or 5 circles. Using one sheet of cardstock, I was able to make approximately 16 circle tags.

DIY Simple, Sweet Sayings Gift Tags | This is our Bliss

Next, I chose which “sweet sayings” I wanted to use and transferred each one from the sticker sheet over to the circles. I centered the shorter sayings and cut some of the longer ones in 2 or 3 pieces and stacked them on the circle.

DIY Simple, Sweet Sayings Gift Tags | This is our Bliss

Then, I simply hole-punched one hole near the top of each circle. Lastly, I cut 16 pieces of sheer ribbon, each measuring about 12′-14″ and then 16 pieces of sequin ribbon which were 8″ in length. Finally I fed the 2 pieces of ribbon through the hole and tied them in a basic knot on top. I found it easy to lay the sequin strand inside of the mesh ribbon and fold the mesh ribbon in half and feed the 2 through the hold together. I also added a dab on clear, fast drying glue to a few of the edges of some of the sequin strands to prevent the sequins from sliding off of the string they were on.

DIY Simple, Sweet Sayings Gift Tags | This is our Bliss

From there, you can attach the simple, sweet sayings tags to any gift wrap, gift bag or if you’re like me, around the neck of a bottle of wine or rose to take to a party. It seems like I’m always grabbing a bottle of something to take as a hostess gift and now that I have a whole batch of gift tags made up with cute little sayings, I can easily tie a tag on and head out the door!

DIY Simple, Sweet Sayings Gift Tags | This is our Bliss

You could use colored paper, colored ribbon and any type of sticker or spell out a saying with multiple letter stickers to make these gift tags. I kept my simple and neutral because #blackwhiteandgoldalways! Sign your name or write a short note on the back and you’re good to go. This whole set of DIY simple, sweet sayings gift tags took about 20 minutes start-to-finish which is usually about how long it takes me to scramble to find a note card to put with a gift while we’re trying to walk out the door. Who can relate?!

DIY Simple, Sweet Sayings Gift Tags | This is our Bliss

Some of the sweet sayings gift tags read:

  • Good Job!
  • It’s a Wonderful Day
  • Let’s Party
  • Be Happy!
  • So Fun!
  • You are the Best!
  • Good Luck!
  • I Love You!
  • Best Day Ever
  • Thanks
  • High Five
  • Smile
  • Happy Day

The pack actually has 134 stickers, so I could certainly whip up a few more! Maybe I’ll be super organized and put these in a small container or plastic zipper bag and keep with my stash of grab-and-go gifts. Does anyone else have one of these? I seem to accumulate cute things I see when I’m out shopping but don’t have anyone in mind, so they sit there until I am in need of a quick gift. Now I can grab a gift AND a gift tag to go with it!

Now, be sure to head over to my friends’ posts today to see what darling simple gifting ideas they came up with! You can never have enough ideas in this category! Am I right?!

Simple Gift Ideas for friends, family, teachers, kid's parties and more! All using supplies from the Dollar store!

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I know it’s been a little silent on the blog front over the last couple of weeks, but I hope to get back to some regular posting real soon! We’re down to less than a month left of summer and these last couple of months have proved to be particularly challenging to blog with a 3 and 5 year old on the loose! The biggest’s 5th birthday was actually on the 24th and the party is this weekend, so next week the goal is to get you all caught up on life around here and a few projects in the works.

Have a wonderful day!!

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