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Think Again Thursday #7 | DIY Framed Fabric Art

Hello! Today’s post is short, sweet and so simple, I can’t even call it a tutorial! If you remember back to my Bold Graphic Glam Dining Room I revealed during week 6 of the Fall 2016 One Room Challenge, then you probably recall seeing my stacked art that flank one of the windows in the space. I’m finally sharing the details for the bright and colorful pieces hanging in here! Let me give you a quick break-down of the “art” you see and then show you how I created this look!

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3 prints from Minted [this one, this one and this one], 1 DIY Geometric Art Piece and the other 2 colorful pieces are actually DIY’s as well. I pulled a ton of inspiration from these pieces, which actually aren’t prints or canvases you can just go buy. BUT… you can make them by simply framing a piece of your favorite patterned fabric!

The idea behind the “Think Again Thursday” series is to show you creative ideas to put something to use in ways other than it’s intended purpose!

Soooo, all I did was buy a yard of this bright and fun fabric at JoAnn Fabric [these fabrics would make pretty fabulous art as well!] and then cut my pieces to fit inside the mat of the gold frames I picked up at HomeGoods. You definitely wouldn’t need a full yard, but when I spotted the fabric, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with it, but I felt super inspired when I saw it and knew it needed to be mine. I loved the mix of black and blues, the fun pops of pink, coral and peach and the unique and interesting patterns.

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What I did…

This frame opening was an 8″ x 10″, so I cut my piece of fabric to measure about 10″ x 12″. This leaves about an inch all the way around. If your fabric has a distinct pattern or repeat, make sure you make your cuts to actually include the part of the layout you want to be shown. If it is a smaller pattern or repeat, then you’ll probably be able to fit it in without any issues.


The fabric I chose was pretty abstract, with an irregular pattern and a variety of colors. Consequently, each of the two pieces look quite different from one another.

All I did was open up the back of the frame, position the cut fabric piece in the opening and secured the fabric to the back of the mat with a piece of clear tape.


Place the backing back on the frame and hang it on the wall!

diy-wall-art-in-dining-room-stacked-frame-gallery-wall This is our Bliss

That’s it! Literally 5 minutes, I promise!

one-room-challenge-dining-room-stacked-frames-gallery-wall This is our Bliss

bold-graphic-glam-dining-room-reveal-one-room-challenge-navy-curtains-stacked-art This is our Bliss

Next time you’re strolling right on by the fabric department at your local craft store because you don’t sew or NEEEEED any fabric, maybe you’ll stop to smell the roses for a minute and fall in love with a particular fabric GAHH! There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there. I could spend all day perusing the aisles at the fabric store! Buy a small piece – maybe 1/3 or 1/2 yard and frame it! Or if you’re like me, you have bins full of fabric remnants and scraps that would add the perfect pop of color or fun pattern to your walls!

Or grab another scrap and drape it over your bar cart like a tea towel 😉

Bold Graphic Glam Dining Room Reveal | One Room Challenge Fall 2016 | Bar cart styling & accessories | This is our Bliss | www,

Want more?

If your wheels are starting to spin with ideas, here are a couple more inspirational fabric art pieces!


Framed floral fabric in little girl’s room by Casa Watkins Living


Frame a couple pieces of fabric leftover from an upholstery project like Seeking Lavender Lane did!


How about an entire gallery wall of gorgeous printed fabrics like Simple Details created?! Talk about stunning!

Need quick and inexpensive art to color coordinate with your pillow game?! The Heathered Nest framed up some fabric for their basement walls!

vintage pant hanger textile art

And how unique and clever are these gorgeous textiles hung by vintage pant hangers by Style Mutt Home?!

Thanks for stopping by today! I’ve been sprinkling some Spring throughout our home over the last few days and I’ll be ready to share a mini space soon! Please come back to see 😉

What are some other creative uses for pretty fabric pieces?

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How to DIY Geometric Art That Looks High-End

Sometimes it all comes together in a cinch. You have a DIY idea or are inspired by something, in my case an idea for a DIY geometric art piece, already have the supplies on-hand, sit down to work on it and the entire process only takes about 15 minutes. Want to know what’s even better than that?

A Sharpie was all I needed to put the finishing touches on it! Shhh don’t tell! Continue reading

Big Boy Room | Bold, colorful and graphic plus a dresser update! |

DIY Geometric Dresser Makeover [Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room Project]

Phew! Now that the Fall ORC has concluded, I can finally come up for some air! Right now is most certainly the calm before the storm around here. The calm being the couple of weeks I’m trying to lay low, catch up on sleep, get organized around the house after a 6-week dining room makeover that created a tornado-like aftermath in every other room in our home and then enjoy Thanksgiving next week with family. The storm being… the holidays! I mean that only in a way that a fellow blogger might understand. But looking back at pre-blog life, I would say the holidays can get a little cray cray anyways!

Well, today I’m taking a few minutes to post one of the promised follow-up posts from both the Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room. I realize I owe you probably close to 10 for the biggest’s room and most recently my One Room Challenge Dining Room Reveal and while I’ll work to get them out to you soon, I am going to have to put a few holiday posts in the mix as well. It’s just that time of year now, don’t you agree?! Continue reading

no sew pom pom trim | This is our BLiss

Prepping the Guestroom with Curtains [Create & Share DIY Challenge]

Hi there, guys! Happy Wednesday and welcome to this month’s Create & Share DIY Challenge! Its been a couple of months since I was able to participate, but I am so happy to be back in action for this month’s theme – white curtains! There is nothing I love more than being able to shop my own house and bring decor pieces out of storage into a new space or bounce something from room-to-room. It’s frugal and fun and gives you the opportunity to recall why you fell in love with that piece in the first place. If you’re able to fall head-over-heels in love with your home over and over again, then you’re doing something right!

DIY no sew pom pom trim curtains | Create & Share DIY Challenge | This is our Bliss | Continue reading

DIY color block lamp | gray and gold painted lamp base | create and share challenge | This is our Bliss |

Create & Share Challenge | DIY Color Block Lamp

Hello! And welcome to the Create & Share LAMP-alooza! I am so excited to be joining forces with a group of bloggers to bring you a total of 11 fabulous DIY lighting projects this month! Whether you’re looking to repurpose something INTO a lamp, makeover a thrifted one or simply recover that old-lamp-sitting-in-your-guestroom’s-shade – we are here to help you channel your inner DIY boss and be inspired to create!

Although this is my first time participating, typically the Create & Share Challenges feature a specific product for the month and each blogger has to come up with their own way to create something from that one item. The goal being that everyone will put their own spin on their project and no 2 pieces will come out looking the same! Well, with the amount of talent in the group, there’s no denying the projects are off the charts on the creativity scale. Inspiration for daaaays. Continue reading

Inspired by DIY | Anthropologie inspired frame | butterfly frame | This is our Bliss

Inspired by DIY | Anthropologie Inspired Frame

Another Inspired by DIY is HERE!
This month 6 of us selected an item from Anthropologie that inspired us to create a similar item of our own! If you’ve ever browsed Anthro’s website or milled around in the store, you know that it is filled with some of the most gorgeous home decor pieces…aaaaannnd most of them are pretty pricey. There are a few Anthropologie items that I love, like their capri blue candle—I always keep a couple on hand AND they have some of the best selection of hardware around, none of which I have pooled up enough cash money to purchase, though!
But nonetheless, their merchandise is incredibly unique and simply beautiful. When I laid eyes on Anthropologie’s Butterfly Joint Frame, I knew I wanted to tackle it on my own! It sort of reminded me of a Kate Spade piece, which was our very first Inspired by DIY theme. [Check out my KS inspired vase here!]

Continue reading

Knock it off DIY World Market Inspired Felt Pillow This is our Bliss

Inspired by DIY | World Market Inspired Pillow

Another knock-out round of Knock it Off DIY is here! Woo hoo! If you haven’t caught any of our sneak peeks yet, then you are in for a treat today. Seriously!

This month’s Knock it Off DIY Challenge is featuring our World Market inspired projects and I am so excited to share mine with you now! Continue reading

DIY Kate Spade inspired vase Knock it off DIY Challenge Kate spade daisy place vase inspired vase This is our Bliss

Inspired by DIY | Kate Spade Inspired Vase

Have you ever seen something so amazingly awesome and you know if you buy it, it would look soooo good in your home? It just screams YOU! You just have to have it, until you flip it over to look at the sticker or scroll down and read that number after the $ sign…and well, your dreams have been crushed. Yeah, me too.

This is the case so often with high end designer home decor pieces. I want them so badly, but just can’t justify it sometimes. Ok, a lot of the time. I mean, if it were only my birthday a few more days outside of the entire month of February. Yes, I pretty much celebrate for a month. ok, at least a week! [Yesterday was my birthday, so I’m hoping to get a couple bday related posts out this week!]

When Jess from Domicille 37 invited a group of bloggers to participate in a monthly challenge titled “Knock it Off DIY” – I knew I had to say yes. So, today kicks off the very first challenge and what are we knocking off? Any coveted Kate Spade home decor piece! The stuff could not be any prettier – classy, sassy and usually with a lot of bling. However, these items also come with a pretty price tag…or, not so much. Continue reading

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Easy Holiday Decor | DIY Wrapped Present Ornaments

So, you’re still with me on the let’s-do-this-christmas-decorating-thing-the-easy-way, right?

Well, I’ve been sprinkling a little holiday this and that from room-to-room and now that we have glitter, glue, tape, tree trimmings, shards of broken ornaments (I know, bad mom for not getting the memo on shatter-proof) sawdust from the mantle makeover project (deets coming soon) and who knows what else, I’m about ready to call it a DAY!

After the mantle is wrapped up this weekend, we can get our family room tree up and after that, the house is DONE. Holiday hoopla or Christmas cheer, whichever you prefer, has kicked into high gear and I can’t wait to spill it all! Next week is full-steam ahead! I’ll be sharing my holiday home tour for the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes on Tuesday, December 8th, but will be giving you a daily dose of decorating delight!

So, I’m sort of a pattern-girl. I like bold prints. I like to mix them. I like to match them. I like black, white and gold everything. I also like to coordinate. You see, when I find something I like, I tend to go all-in. For example, when I see wrapping paper I like, I buy it – all. year. long.
easy christmas decor - wrapped coffee table books supplies - This is our BlissI decided to go with a black, white, gold and red color scheme this year which basically means, I get to use everything in my normal, everyday decor, but just add a punch of red. I’m really digging the way the house looks with splashes of color right now!
I found a few neutral wrapping paper patterns and then a red plaid one that I love.
easy christmas decor - wrapped coffee table books - christmas coffee table styling - This is our BlissYou saw me use it in my holiday coffee table decor and you know it will be covering all of the presents under the tree when I get rolling on that front.
diy wrapped present ornaments - tree and chair this is our blissI love the prints so much that I thought I would toss a little IN the tree, too.

I give you my DIY wrapped present ornaments!
Easy holiday decor- DIY wrapped present ornaments - This is our BlissRounding up the supplies was super easy, because I had nearly everything – wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, tape, glue gun…The base is a 3″x3″ canvas. I bought 2 packages (6 pieces per) at Michaels.
DIY present ornament supplies - This is our BlissYou really could use anything with some thickness – cardboard, even. To be honest, I was a little lazy and felt it would be easier to buy the canvases than hack up a cereal box or one of my daily Amazon deliveries.
DIY wrapped present ornaments - This is our BlissSimply wrap each piece of canvas like you would a wrapped present ornaments - mini presents - wrapping paper - This is our BlissThen start by taking a piece of  ribbon and lay it flat underneath the present (pretty side face-down).
diy wrapping paper gift ornaments - striped ribbon - This is our BlissThen pull up the ends and criss-cross them in the center and wrap one end back around the front, all the way across and back to the backside. Secure it with a piece of tape.
DIY wrapped present ornaments - ribbon and glue gun - This is our BlissThen take your other loose end (should be a bit longer) and make your loop.
diy wrapped present ornament glue gun - This is our Bliss…Then, secure it with your glue gun.
DIY wrapped present ornaments - Tree shot - This is our BlissTa Da! Little mini wrapped presents that will match the packages underneath the tree! If you have a wrapper helper, then you are in luck. You can whip up 12 -15 of these guys in no time. I actually love to wrap gifts, so this was kind of therapeutic for me!

It doesn’t take much paper at all, so you will have plenty left for your big packages.
diy wrapped present ornaments - tree and chair this is our blissI like how it creates some visual interest within the tree since 95% of most ornaments are round, or spikey & curly-q, in my case!
Easy holiday decor- DIY wrapped present ornaments - This is our BlissAnd in case you’re wondering, there’s plenty more of that striped ribbon floating around here, too. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it in the near future. wink, wink.

Is your tree up? Have you started decorating anywhere else yet?

If you are gearing up now, you are in luck! You don’t have to go far either. Come right back here + all of the other stops in the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes – you are guaranteed to find the inspiration you are looking for!!
12 days of christmas blogger tour 2015 - This is our Bliss12.1 | Evolution of Style || Dixie Delights
12.2 | Life & Home at 2102 || Provident Home Design
12.3 | Simple Details
12.4 | The Pink Clutch || This is Happiness
12.7 |  Bless’er House  ||  The Tale Of An Ugly House
12.8 | Classic Casual Home  ||  This is our Bliss
12.9 | Primitive and Proper
12.10 | Shine Your Light  ||  Driven by Decor
12.11 | Suburban Bitches ||  Our Storied Home  

12.14 | Simply Sarah Style  ||  Rough Luxe
12.15 | Tour Highlights

12.16 | Our Link Party with YOU!

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December bucket list - family friendly winter activities - 2015 - This is our Bliss

Free December Bucket list Printable

Can you believe today is December 1st?! Now that Thanksgiving is over and its officially the 1st of the month, it is 100% acceptable to go all-out Christmas mode! It’s time to bust out those Christmas pj’s, crank the Christmas tunes and trim your tree and everywhere else in your house!! As I say, #deckeverything

In the spirit of celebrating the last month of the year and maybe the first real month of winter for some of you, I wanted to share our December bucket list. As our boys get older, we talk about starting traditions of our own and coming up with various activities to do as a family during the holiday season and even after Christmas, since my husband is usually off for 2 weeks at the end of the year. The boys are still quite young (18 months and 3), but we are definitely going to give some of these a shot! Its never too early to do things together as a family and by showing versus telling them how to help others and “paying it forward” can only help instill good values and morals from the start.

December bucket list - family friendly winter activities - 2015 - This is our Bliss

So, if you are in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned holiday fun and even a couple ways to help the less fortunate at this time of the year, you can print out the December bucket list I created and use it, too! This obviously isn’t an all-inclusive list, but are a few ideas of things to try – as a family, with your friends or significant other!

Get your free printable below:

December Bucket List Printable!

Simply print out and make check-marks through the holiday symbols next to each item as you complete them!…
December bucket list with checks - 2015 - This is our BlissI can’t wait to rock through this list this month! I hope you doing the same 😉

You know what else I have to share to celebrate December 1st? The line-up for the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes!!! You absolutely have to go take a peek at today’s tours  – Evolution of Style & Dixie Delights (and every other day, too, of course 😉 ) but I mean, come on! So stunningly beautiful. I can’t even wait to see the rest! It’s like Christmas morning all month long!

12 days of christmas blogger tour 2015 - This is our Bliss

Holiday printable - December Bucket list - This is our Bliss
What’s first up on your December to-do’s? Do you have a December bucket list of your own? Please do share!!

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