How to Create a Statement Wall with Large-scale Photos in Your Hallway | This is our Bliss

How to Make a Statement Wall With Over-sized Photos in a Hallway

Alright! You asked for it, so I’m bringing it! After posting a quick shot of a recently finished statement wall in our upstairs hallway on instagram, you guys went bananas asking for the details and sources! So today, I’m sharing all the scoop on how I created a major statement wall using over-sized photos in our hallway so you can do it too! Continue reading

How to create a Simple Valentine's Day Mantel | Easy mantel styling Ideas using pops of Red & Pink | This is our Bliss

How to Create a Simple Valentine’s Day Mantel

Truth be told, I’m usually the one who frantically grabs a few holiday-ish decor items from a packed-away storage bin to set out a few days before the holiday arrives. I don’t mean the Christmas holiday, I’m talking the little cutesy holidays throughout the year. Like, yes, Valentine’s Day. Even as a blogger, you won’t see me decking my house out to the nines in celebration of the day of love, but creating a simple, no-fuss mantel is something I can definitely handle! Continue reading

How to Style a Sofa | 2 different Ways to Style a Sofa | This is our Bliss

How to Style a Sofa [2 Different Ways]

Hey there, guys! I’m super thrilled to be sharing today’s post with you! Since ya’ll seem to go crazy for styling posts around here AND you know about my un-tamable love [ok, let’s call it what it is – my obsession] for throw pillows, I’m going to show you how to style a sofa with 2 different looks! The other fabulous part about today’s post is I’m joining an amazing group of bloggers who are also dishing on their sofa styling tips, how to get the look, sources and more! So be sure to scroll to the end of the post to check out the others’ sofa scoop!

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Sexy-sophisticated-black-interior-doors | This is our Bliss

Plans for our Interior Doors

Happy September and Labor Day weekend, friends! While we are planning to do a whole lot of nothing and lay low in the new neighborhood this weekend, I do have a FEW quick projects I’d like to wrap up. Most of them will take place in the biggest’s big boy room and I’ll be back next week to share an update on where we’re at! [If you missed my mood board for the big boy room, you can see it here.] Other than those odds and ends things and lots of family time, I’m also going to be picking out paint colors. And the paint isn’t for the walls. We are heading to the dark side and taking all of our interior doors with us!

Yes, black doors! Continue reading

Christmas in July | Holiday Inspiration & Dreaming of Decking the Halls

Are you dreaming of decking the halls yet? When do you go cray cray for Christmas?!! I’ll admit, it is a teensy weensy early to be going all out for Christmas, but I don’t think it’s ever to early to start gathering inspiration and ideas, especially if you are in the mood to switch things up a bit!

Today, 8 of us joined forces to bring you Christmas in July! Monica of Monica Wants It rallied the troops and we are here to share some of our best and brightest Christmas moments from year’s past as well as some new ideas for this year!  Hopefully we can help you get a jump start on the season by stirring up some Christmas inspiration and spreading a little cheer!

I’m going to show you how to create a Christmas color palette and decor theme if you are looking to bring some unity and cohesiveness to your Christmas decor and then you can see firsthand, how I transferred that “look” into my own home last year. So here we go!

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