Fall 2016 One Room Challenge [Week 6: Bold Graphic Glam Dining Room Reveal]

My. Oh. My. I blinked and these last 6 weeks were gone. The 6 week One Room Challenge, that is!

After moving into our new home this summer, I couldn’t wait to have a space to makeover for the Fall 2016 One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home. There was a multitude of rooms to choose from. Only a few needed to be completely overhauled, while almost all needed some lovin’. I knew it wouldn’t be as easy as unpacking the boxes and putting out all of our belongings. The house needed to groomed and our collection of things needed to be curated, but ultimately, I wanted it to feel like us. Not a replica of our old house, but a new and improved version of the house we called home for 4 years. Our first home as a family of four. Continue reading

Bold + Graphic Big Boy Room Reveal [Curious Little Gentleman]

It pains me to even call it a big boy room. But it is and he is. He is four going on fourteen and I can’t slow him down. I can, however, only allow his bedroom space to age little-by-little. Today, I’m so excited to finally share our biggest’s new room. The space I coined the Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room when I first designed it here. My inspiration and design evolved into a bright, bold and graphic space that isn’t “too” grown-up, but rather, has qualities that teeter between toddler and a growing, changing, curious & inquisitive little man space. Continue reading

Neutral Glam Basement Bathroom Reveal

Ok, so these basement room reveals are slowly but surely going to start rising to the surface! I’ve shared a few sneak peeks with you all since we took on our basement project last Spring, but today I am so excited to show you the newly finished Basement Bathroom. Another completed space in the books!

I worked on this room little by little after sharing the basement bathroom progress post [I know…ages ago] by picking up a few things here and there and then finally took my camera down to shoot some photos. I truly love how it came together! T and I joke that it’s by far the nicest bathroom in the house and we really should be showering and getting ready down here. Buuuut instead, our guests have been able to use it as an alternative to the guest bathroom on the 2nd floor. If I had to pick, I’d be grabbing my gear and heading down!

I don’t really have any atrocious “before” photos to share since this was new construction, but this is what we were working with last summer… Continue reading

New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge | Master Bedroom: The Reveal Part II

If you haven’t heard me say it before, then listen up! These curtains were a GAME CHANGER in our master bedroom!! I revealed Part I of our master bedroom refresh for the New Year, New Room Challenge, and today I’m finally sharing Part II! There is a tiny ounce of me that wishes I wouldn’t have shared anything until the curtains were up – it was THAT much of a transformation, but I was still so excited about where the room had gone. Continue reading