How to DIY Geometric Art That Looks High-End

Sometimes it all comes together in a cinch. You have a DIY idea or are inspired by something, in my case an idea for a DIY geometric art piece, already have the supplies on-hand, sit down to work on it and the entire process only takes about 15 minutes. Want to know what’s even better than that?

A Sharpie was all I needed to put the finishing touches on it! Shhh don’t tell! Continue reading

How to: DIY Oversized [Fall] Word Art

My obsession continues. My love for word art is deep. I took a shot at creating my own version of an oversized word art piece to use in my fall entryway versus buying a ridiculously expensive one. I’ve made smaller pieces before, but I wanted a BIG one this time around! A statement piece…

Do you know how much money a 24″x36″ framed piece of anything costs?! or a even a canvas?! Way more than I wanted to throw down. Especially since its all about fall. I mean, I would have loved to order a custom something or other for above my entryway table, but the truth is… my entryway mirror will probably end up going right back in its spot after this season is over. Unless I decide to make a new piece for each season or holiday to put in the frame! I could totally do that. #dontgetaheadofyourself
How to DIY oversized word ART -Fall entryway - fall vignette - DIY word art - fall decor - This is our BlissI decided to create a DIY version and ended up spending less than $20! Yep – 20 bucks.


24″x36″ frame
MS Word or other document creation software
Flash Drive (to save your file & take to copy/print shop)
24″x36″ black & white print
3-Inch Flat Corner Brace (4-Pack)
Rub ‘n Buff Wax

Fullscreen capture 9172015 84159 PMSo let’s start from the beginning. A couple of weeks ago, I found large, 24″x36″ frames on mega sale at Michaels for $14.99, regularly priced $49.99. Such a steal! I bought one white and one grayish-brown. After calling my local FedEx/Kinko’s to check to make sure they could print that size, I sat down to work on my piece.
Fullscreen capture 9172015 90501 PM
I came up with a list of fall-related words and typed them out in MS Word with one space in between each word or group of words. I then started playing around with the fonts and point size of each word or phrase until it was sized just right and I was happy with how it looked. I ended up moving some of the words onto different lines in order to make the sizing work out. I wanted to take up as much of the full line as I could without the words being too small or the phrase running over to the next line. Each font is sized differently as well. I get download my fonts from

[Some of the fonts I used in this piece were: Bernardo Moda, Jenna Sue, Fascii Scraggly BRK, Architect’s Hand, AR DELANEY. You can enter these into the search box on the site and then download the file to your computer. They will be automatically added to the drop down list of fonts in MS Word.]

Next, I saved it as a PDF file, loaded it onto my flash drive and headed down the street to FedEx/Kinkos. I asked them to print my piece in black and white on a 24″x36″ sheet of paper. It cost me $4.67 to do it.
fedex receipt*[Important step!: you must save your .doc file as a .pdf because of the specialty fonts. If your copy / print shop does not have the exact same fonts on their computers, then they won’t show up. I didn’t know this when I went in to have another piece printed awhile back. They didn’t clue me in on the pdf secret. They told me I needed to go back home and load all of the different font files onto my flash drive so they could download them to their computer. so that is what I did! uggghhh]

Next, after opening up the back of the frame and slipping my piece of paper inside, I realized I needed to trim about 1/4″ off the side and top so it laid flat and didn’t bubble underneath the plexiglass. Once it was smoothed out, I fastened the back on and admired my work.
It was missing something though.

I ran upstairs to check my craft & décor stash for some flat corner braces. I was pretty sure I had an extra package left after making these frames. It was just what my new frame needed. Mine were silver, so I used a little Rub ‘n Buff Wax in Antique Gold on them before attaching to the frame.
DIY oversized word art - flat corner braces - This is our BlissAfter a couple minutes to let the wax set, I placed the “L” on the corner, then drilled in each of the 4 screws into the predrilled holes, until I was all the way through the surface of the frame. I did this on each of the 4 corners.
DIY oversized word art - flat corner braces 1 - This is our BlissVoila! Large & in charge DIY Fall word art! I love.
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - fall word art 1 - This is our BlissFall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - DIY fall word art - leaves - open frame - This is our BlissIt’s white and bright and allows  my fall décor to “pop” around it. A wonderful backdrop for my entryway!
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - view from the stairs - fall word art - This is our BlissI love reading bits and pieces on it as I walk by. All of the words are things that remind me of the fall season, now and as a child.
fall decor - fall entry way - fall vignette - open framed gourd - DIY fall word art - this is our blissI especially love how my little thrifted gold open frame outlines “mom’s pumpkin cookies”. Such a warm and special memory of making and decorating pumpkin cookies with my mom and sister growing up (and eating too much cream cheese frosting along with the chocolate chips & candy corn that made up the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin 🙂 )!
DIY oversized fall word art - flat corner braces - DIY wall decor - fall entryway - This is our BlissFall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor -staircase view - fall word art 1 - This is our BlissI did have the corner braces and rub’n’buff on hand, so the project would have totaled around $35 normally… and if the frame wouldn’t have been on sale, well…thats a whole lot more. If you ever see huge frames like that on sale – grab a couple!

This was so unbelievable easy to make. I promise…if you can open up and type in Microsoft Word, then you can do this! If you don’t feel like making your own and like mine, get it below!:
Free fall word art printable - fall printable - fall decor - word art - wall decor - fall decorating - This is our BlissGet your Free PDF here:  FALL Word Art
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - DIY fall word art - leaves - This is our BlissI think it would be really cute to do something similar in a kid’s room or playroom with funny & cute kid phrases!
How to DIY Oversized Fall Word art - DIY wall decor - word art - This is our BlissWant more fall inspiration?! Visit my Fall Entryway post to see the rest of the shots!

What are your DIY secrets for creating large, oversized art? Please do share!
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