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Thrifted Finds | Getting “Summer Ready”

You know when you see something and you get this overwhelming feeling like… I just HAVE to have that! Well, I’ve been on a mission lately to do some last minute summer sprucing around the house before we move, but buying new decor for this house just wasn’t in the budget and didn’t really make much sense.

What if it wouldn’t work in the new house? What if it was an impulse buy and I didn’t truly love it?

You know what my answer was?… Just THRIFT it.

Today, I’ll be sharing, not ONE, but TWO madeover thrifted finds for this month’s “It’s So Ugly It’s Cool” Challenge. I’m going to show you how I scooped up my thrifted pieces, worked a little DIY magic and transformed my thrifted finds into beautiful, functional pieces at an affordable price just in time to style our home for summer! Continue reading

DIY color block lamp | gray and gold painted lamp base | create and share challenge | This is our Bliss |

Create & Share Challenge | DIY Color Block Lamp

Hello! And welcome to the Create & Share LAMP-alooza! I am so excited to be joining forces with a group of bloggers to bring you a total of 11 fabulous DIY lighting projects this month! Whether you’re looking to repurpose something INTO a lamp, makeover a thrifted one or simply recover that old-lamp-sitting-in-your-guestroom’s-shade – we are here to help you channel your inner DIY boss and be inspired to create!

Although this is my first time participating, typically the Create & Share Challenges feature a specific product for the month and each blogger has to come up with their own way to create something from that one item. The goal being that everyone will put their own spin on their project and no 2 pieces will come out looking the same! Well, with the amount of talent in the group, there’s no denying the projects are off the charts on the creativity scale. Inspiration for daaaays. Continue reading

Inspired by DIY | Anthropologie inspired frame | butterfly frame | This is our Bliss

Inspired by DIY | Anthropologie Inspired Frame

Another Inspired by DIY is HERE!
This month 6 of us selected an item from Anthropologie that inspired us to create a similar item of our own! If you’ve ever browsed Anthro’s website or milled around in the store, you know that it is filled with some of the most gorgeous home decor pieces…aaaaannnd most of them are pretty pricey. There are a few Anthropologie items that I love, like their capri blue candle—I always keep a couple on hand AND they have some of the best selection of hardware around, none of which I have pooled up enough cash money to purchase, though!
But nonetheless, their merchandise is incredibly unique and simply beautiful. When I laid eyes on Anthropologie’s Butterfly Joint Frame, I knew I wanted to tackle it on my own! It sort of reminded me of a Kate Spade piece, which was our very first Inspired by DIY theme. [Check out my KS inspired vase here!]

Continue reading

Knock it off DIY World Market Inspired Felt Pillow This is our Bliss

Inspired by DIY | World Market Inspired Pillow

Another knock-out round of Knock it Off DIY is here! Woo hoo! If you haven’t caught any of our sneak peeks yet, then you are in for a treat today. Seriously!

This month’s Knock it Off DIY Challenge is featuring our World Market inspired projects and I am so excited to share mine with you now! Continue reading

DIY Kate Spade inspired vase Knock it off DIY Challenge Kate spade daisy place vase inspired vase This is our Bliss

Inspired by DIY | Kate Spade Inspired Vase

Have you ever seen something so amazingly awesome and you know if you buy it, it would look soooo good in your home? It just screams YOU! You just have to have it, until you flip it over to look at the sticker or scroll down and read that number after the $ sign…and well, your dreams have been crushed. Yeah, me too.

This is the case so often with high end designer home decor pieces. I want them so badly, but just can’t justify it sometimes. Ok, a lot of the time. I mean, if it were only my birthday a few more days outside of the entire month of February. Yes, I pretty much celebrate for a month. ok, at least a week! [Yesterday was my birthday, so I’m hoping to get a couple bday related posts out this week!]

When Jess from Domicille 37 invited a group of bloggers to participate in a monthly challenge titled “Knock it Off DIY” – I knew I had to say yes. So, today kicks off the very first challenge and what are we knocking off? Any coveted Kate Spade home decor piece! The stuff could not be any prettier – classy, sassy and usually with a lot of bling. However, these items also come with a pretty price tag…or, not so much. Continue reading

Be Mine Forever Budget valentines day gallery wall update This is our Bliss

How to Update your Gallery Wall on a Budget

Gallery walls are one of my absolute favorite things to create in a space. I have one in every single one of the rooms in our home. I love mixing frames of all shapes and sizes and typically, go with a mix of black, white and gold frames or all black as seen below. As the holidays were approaching, I decided my monochromatic gallery wall needed an update. A budget-friendly update that would add a pop of color seemed the way to go! Continue reading

Top 15 of 2015 - Top 15 This is our Bliss posts of 2015 - year in review -

Year in Review: Top 15 Posts of 2015

Well, hi there! I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how good it feels to be back! I’ve tried to stay fairly active on FB & Insta, but I’ve missed actually blogging. There is something about sitting down at the computer and creating a post to share with the world!

Speaking of blogging,  let’s just say I have waaaay too many ideas brewing, projects slated and drafted blog posts to share with you all this year, I can barely keep from bubbling over with excitement! Before I dive headfirst into 2016, I thought I would spend a little time strolling down memory lane by sharing the top 15 posts of 2015. A glance back at last year at This is our Bliss.
Top 15 of 2015 - Top 15 This is our Bliss posts of 2015 - year in review - thisisourbliss.comAre you ready to have a look?

Buckle up and let’s get this 2015 party started (or is it already over?)! Either way, let’s celebrate a little and take a look back in case you missed any of my most viewed posts! Some are old, some are new, some are your faves and some are mine!
Simon's bright and bold nursery - baby boy nursery - little boy navy lime green and gray room - thisisourbliss.com1 | Simon’s Nursery

To top off the list, its no surprise that Simon’s Nursery is still number one even though I designed his room and published his room reveal in 2014. Pinterest is the #1 traffic generator to my blog and pinners have gone nuts for this little guy’s bright and bold space! Hoping that some of the posts I actually published in 2015 pick-up and have some staying power like this!
Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery closet deatails  - navy green gray - This is our Bliss2 | Nursery Closet DIY Details

A few of these favorites are nursery related and the closet is no exception. After the Nursery Reveal post grew a following, I decided to dish on some of the details of how we created different aspects of the room. This popular post focuses on how we created the closet – the shelves we built, the rods we installed and the organizer we customized. I have actually seen a pretty amazing replica of his closet and I was extremely impressed. I’ll have to try to find it so I can share!
Merry bright and blissful holiday home 12 days of Christmas Tour of Homes3 | Merry, Bright & Blissful Holiday Home

I created this series to showcase our house all decked and ready for Christmas. This particular popular post was the one where I participated in the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes. It was an incredible experience as it was my first home tour of any sort and the bloggers involved have been some of my idols for years! Being invited to join was definitely a pinch me moment of the year.
DIY playroom reading nook bookshelves - diy bookshelves from ikea spice rack - This is our Bliss4 | Playroom Reading Nook Bookshelves

This, too, is another 2014 project, but I added a 4th post to the Playroom Reading Nook series this year, which drummed up some activity on the other related posts. Gotta love a few $4 IKEA spice racks to keep the blog chugging along!
Little boy nursery pegboard gallery wall - DIY nursery decor - navy green & gray - This is our Bliss5 | Nursery Pegboard Gallery Wall

You guys are so into this nursery! Another popular post was when I broke down the details of the pegboard gallery wall that hangs over the dresser / changing area in Simon’s nursery. You can read up on how to create your own above! I have been contemplating putting another one of these up somewhere…basement play area? craft room office space? You’ll have to wait and see what I decide!
Merry Bright & Blissful Holiday home - front door - This is our Bliss6 | Merry, Bright & Blissful Holiday Home | Front Door

Yay! I was thrilled that my holiday home series received so many views and so much comment love! I worked really hard to deck the house out this past holiday season and I feel like it paid off! I’ve already been scheming on Christmas 2016’s decor. #toosoon?!
Back to Basics - How to style a nightstand - 6 elements of a well-styled nightstand - bedside table - bedroom decor - This is our Bliss7 | How to Style a Nightstand

If you’ve been reading long or are an instagram follower, then you are familiar with my #blackwhiteandgoldalways hashtag motto. My nightstand totally reflects me, so sharing how I styled it for an awesome series I was lucky enough to be a part of this past September was a blast! Swing over thatta way if you want to learn my take on the 6 elements of a well-style nightstand. Bedside tables deserve some love too!
This is our Bliss My Home Style Christmas Tree Edition - bold neutral glam - thisisourbliss.com8 | My Home Style | Bold, Neutral, Glam Christmas Tree Edition

More Christmas! Yes! I shared our Living Room Christmas tree for the My Home Style Christmas Tree Edition during this past holiday season with 20+ other bloggers! It was incredibly inspiring to see everyone’s trees trimmed and decked to the nines and to hear the stories behind them.
Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - navy green gray - This is our Bliss9 | Nursery Closet Organization Details

The second part of the nursery closet, I shared the details on all of the storage and organization – where to buy it, how the closet functions, etc. After so many comments and emails with questions, etc., I thought it only made sense to create a 2-part mini series on how this bright and bold lime green closet came to be!
Guestroom revamp - full bed & wall view - This is our Bliss10 | One Room Challenge Guestroom Reveal

This particular post signifies one of the most exhausting, exhilarating and rewarding experiences of my short little blogging career. I took the plunge last spring and participated in the One Room Challenge where I revamped our current guestroom, where I whipped that baby into shape in just 6 weeks! with a status report posted weekly! The comaraderie and super motivating support system I was a part of was incredible. The pressure was ON and if I ever felt like I wasn’t going to finish, or the room was going to be good enough or whatever! Someone was right there to pick me up and let me know I wasn’t alone! Late nights, lots of coffee and social media support got me through this one! Oh and my husband and my gf! I am instantly in a happy place when I walk into the room to prep and get ready for guests.
how to style a coffee table - coffee table styling - formal living room couch - gallery wall - elements of a well-styled coffee table - gold detail - back to basics - This is our bliss11 | How to Style a Coffee Table

Another post in the Back to Basics series. After several requests for more styling posts after the nightstand one, I decided to go this route. More styling tips in other spaces to come this year, too.
Welcome to the Jungle DIY bunting - safari jungle birthday party - first birthday party - Pretzel twigs - DIY party decorations - This is our Bliss12 | 1st Birthday Safari-style Soiree

My littlest (yes, the infamous, Simon!) turned one this past May and I shared the scoop from his 1st birthday party in this post – my favorite part were the shiny gold jungle animals! I love coming up with different birthday party themes each May and July for my little guys.
Playroom reading nook  playroom gallery wall  3 black frames  mini playroom picture wall  This is our Bliss13 | Playroom Reading Nook Light

This was the final (hopefully!) installment of the Reading Nook series and was actually my top Instagram post of the year. That light, I tell ya, really pulled the space together and finished it off just how I had envisioned a year before. Whoops. Its not a Rachael project unless it takes a year or more to complete! So happy with how it turned out and the boys love it, too!
DIY Guest laundry hamper - linen closet details - linen closet makoever - This is our Bliss14 | DIY Hamper

Our linen closet got a facelift this year and since gold is my jam, a gold laundry basket was created and placed inside. Read more to see how I made it!
this is our bliss basement project - paint & carpet sources - Sherwin Williams & Shaw Floors This is our Bliss15 | Basement Project | Paint & Carpet sources

Is your basement done yet?

Well, yes, it is. I just decided it would be more fun to hold out on you guys awhile longer. The basement has really taken shape this fall and I will absolutely, 100% be sharing more of the finished space very, very soon. You believe me right?! 😉

There you go! My top 15 of ’15!
Top 15 of 2015 - Top 15 This is our Bliss posts of 2015 - year in review -
Which one was your favorite? What do you want to see more of in 2016?

Please share! I’m dying to know!  Thanks for being here today to reminisce and I hope you’ll come back again this week to see what is coming your way in the month of January and beyond in 2016!

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12 days of christmas tour of homes 2015 highlights - 2015

12 Days of Christmas 2015 Tour Highlights & Link Party

12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes – Check!

How is it possibly December 16th already? Is your shopping done? Is your house holiday guest ready?!!

Our house may be ready to rock & roll, literally, a party is set-up and ready to bust out right by the front door, but I’ve still got some shopping (thank you, Amazon Prime 😉 ), wrapping and food prep to do as we are hosting my family on Christmas Day.

If you are looking to make a few tweaks to your decor, add a bit more umph or just gather ideas for a pretty table setting, then you are in LUCK! Today, I’m going to be sharing some highlights from the 12 Days of Christmas Tour and I promise the inspiration will just keep on a comin’. If you haven’t decorated at all yet, I think you could scoop up a number of quick & easy ideas to zhush up the house just in time for company!

If you’ve decked your halls and (everything else in its path!) and want to share your home with US, then we are inviting you to link up with us at the bottom of this post at our 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes Link Party!
12 days of christmas tour of homes 2015 highlights - 2015Let’s head back to Day 1 and see where the tour began…

Jenny, our fabulous host & fearless leader from Evolution of Style has wowed us each and every year of this tour and this year was no exception! Every single inch shouted classic elegance!
DSC_0180I had to share this shot because, well, its beautiful, but also because I am in love with this silver champagne bucket she scored at HomeGoods. Sorry, Jenny, if it goes missing! That and all 12 of your gallery wall prints 😉

When Amanda from Dixie Delights shared her stylin’ Southern home, I instantly fell madly in love with her Christmas tablescape.
DSC_0194-copyPattern play at its finest. There can just never be too many prints (or too much plaid) in one space!

Moving on to Day 2…Vel from Life & Home at 2102 shared her spectacular home in all of its holiday glory.
DSC_0956Her home was decorated to the nines and it looked beautiful! And you should see this room at night – magnificent!

Tamara from Provident Home Design created the most calm & soothing fireplace moment among her pretty pre-existing color palette.
Christmas-Home-DecoratingWho wouldn’t want to curly up by this fireplace with a book and a cup of coffee?! She also shared the cutest little mud closet decked for Christmas, too.

Excuse me, Miss Pretty in Christmas Pink?! Pam from Simple Details added the sweetest pops of pink mixed with classic greens throughout her gorgeous home. From bows to flowers to her ornaments.
Christmas Home Tour - Dining Room - Buffet StylingThe chic pink was fabulous! I, of course, am obsessed with the abundance of black, white and gold decor, too.

Its a capital “P” when it comes to the personality in Paige, The Pink Clutch‘s home and Christmastime is no exception.
_MG_0647From the vintage ornaments…the fun pops of color…to the adorable pink bows everywhere! Plus, another favorite spot of mine, the his and hers Bourbon bar – what a cute touch!

Get ready for another fun twist on the traditional Christmas colors! Becky from This is Happiness does it oh-so-right with a red and blue combo. The bold pops with plenty of plaid to go around…
christmas table 14Such a beautifully timeless look. The fresh greens compliment the bright red and deep blue so perfectly. You definitely want to go see the rest!

Not only are the photos of Lauren from Bless’er House‘s Christmas Home breathtaking, but the words of her message are so honest and sincere.  You definitely want to stop over to read a beautifully written story…
Christmas-Tour-2-of-46Natural elements and simple, thoughtful touches are all throughout. What a special place for her family to celebrate together!

I love how Amanda from The Tale of an Ugly House puts thought into each and every nook in her home. These shelves are ever-so-delicately decorated with the cutest Christmas touches.
IMG_5647This spot and her entryway are just a couple of my favorites in her holiday home!

Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home showed us a peek into her San Francisco apartment and even a glimpse into her master bedroom.
IMG_9484What a lovely “NOEL” garland hung over the bed. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that have the greatest effect.

Cassie from Primitive and Proper shared her kitchen and dining room and you may have seen this shot that I shared on Instagram last week, but I fell head-over-heels in love with her tinsel tree and vintage Santa!
IMG_8862I’ve decided I just have to have one next year! A tinsel tree and a cute old Santa 😉

I love how Lisa from Shine Your Light (as did several others) shared her front porch as part of her tour – those black urns, the greens, the wreath, gold bow! oh my!
IMG_2036What a stunning sight! I know, I know. I do love our front door, but I think I love hers, too! The contrast of the black on the white is perfection!

I’m pretty sure I could make this my work-space. I mean, right?!
Our-home-office-decorated-for-the-holidays-gallery-wall-wrapped-gifts-advent-tree-World-Market-table-cowhide-rug-jute-rug-and-wingback-chairYou know I go ga-ga for a gallery wall, so when Kris from Driven by Decor shared this one in her holiday home, I wanted to scoop it up and plop it right into MY home! Her cute Christmas tree and beautifully styled buffet is just as wonderful!

Erin and Tricia from Suburban Bitches totally nailed it! Plus we got to see BOTH of their homes in this tour – score! This room in Tricia’s home is one of my favorites!
Tricia23I love the neutral space with the pops of blue. Stunning tree, a simple “JOY” sign and those floor poufs = love!
Erin’s home is also gorgeous and I can’t seem to get the image of her crisp and clean white railing decked with luscious red and greens!
Erin38The plaid bows on the wreaths look amazing!

If you think you’ve seen enough, I assure you, the last 2 stops of the tour are must-sees. Can we talk about this porch shot from Amanda of Our Storied Home?
IMG_9880-683x1024Where shall I begin?! Let’s start with the those stripes! And then move on to the cutest swing chairs with a perfect plaid and polka-dot combo (metallic at that!). And then finally, those red and white straws peeking out of the copper mugs – what a gorgeous setting! I wish I could deck out my deck or porch Christmas, but it’s a tad chilly in Chicago right now.

Sarah from Simply Sarah Style shares her neutral and glamorous home filled with some FAB pillow prints and perfect pops of glitz.
Simply-Sarah-Style-Christmas-Home-Tour-19A fellow pillow collector and leopard lover?! I think so! And as I always say. “#blackwhiteandgoldeverything”

And last, but not least, Cindy from Rough Luxe has created the coziest spot with gorgeous greens and pair of matching plaid throws.
DSC_0205How could you not want to snuggle up in this spot by the fire for the night? or all the way until Christmas?

Alright…I just need a minute… to stop my brain from trying to plan out next year’s decor already! So good, everyone! So GOOD!

And in case you missed my tour, here is one of my favorite moments…
12 days of christmas tour of homes - christmas decor- holiday gallery wall - formal living room christmas decor - This is our BlissYou can see more of our formal living room here!

12 days of christmas blogger tour 2015 - This is our BlissThis tour was my very first holiday home tour and although it was a lot of work to prepare for, it was the most amazing experience! I am so honored to have been included in this wonderful group of talented designers and decorators! Excuse my cheesiness for a moment, but not only do they all have beautiful and unique styles, but they all have beautiful hearts, too. I truly mean it! The support and encouragement among this group was incredible – so thank you all! And a HUGE thank you to Evolution of Style heading this up – I had a blast!!
holiday bar tray - barware - bar accessories - bar cart styling - holiday bar - christmas spirits - This is our blissNow, to have you all over for a celebratory cocktail…anyone heading this way!?!

Maybe next year! Another way we are celebrating the end of this wonderful tour is with our 12 Days of Christmas Link Party. That’s right! YOU can link up your holiday home from now until December 21st and we’ll be sharing our favorites across our blogs and social media. Come and join the fun!

We want to see how YOU do Christmas!, so link up below!

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to stop back by the rest of the week for more Merry, Bright & Blissful Holiday Home!
merry bright and blissful holiday home series - this is our bliss - thisisourbliss.comFront Door | Home Tour | Living Room & Holiday Bar | Family Room | Christmas Table

Thanks for being here! Merry Christmas, friends!
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Easy Holiday Decor | DIY Wrapped Present Ornaments

So, you’re still with me on the let’s-do-this-christmas-decorating-thing-the-easy-way, right?

Well, I’ve been sprinkling a little holiday this and that from room-to-room and now that we have glitter, glue, tape, tree trimmings, shards of broken ornaments (I know, bad mom for not getting the memo on shatter-proof) sawdust from the mantle makeover project (deets coming soon) and who knows what else, I’m about ready to call it a DAY!

After the mantle is wrapped up this weekend, we can get our family room tree up and after that, the house is DONE. Holiday hoopla or Christmas cheer, whichever you prefer, has kicked into high gear and I can’t wait to spill it all! Next week is full-steam ahead! I’ll be sharing my holiday home tour for the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes on Tuesday, December 8th, but will be giving you a daily dose of decorating delight!

So, I’m sort of a pattern-girl. I like bold prints. I like to mix them. I like to match them. I like black, white and gold everything. I also like to coordinate. You see, when I find something I like, I tend to go all-in. For example, when I see wrapping paper I like, I buy it – all. year. long.
easy christmas decor - wrapped coffee table books supplies - This is our BlissI decided to go with a black, white, gold and red color scheme this year which basically means, I get to use everything in my normal, everyday decor, but just add a punch of red. I’m really digging the way the house looks with splashes of color right now!
I found a few neutral wrapping paper patterns and then a red plaid one that I love.
easy christmas decor - wrapped coffee table books - christmas coffee table styling - This is our BlissYou saw me use it in my holiday coffee table decor and you know it will be covering all of the presents under the tree when I get rolling on that front.
diy wrapped present ornaments - tree and chair this is our blissI love the prints so much that I thought I would toss a little IN the tree, too.

I give you my DIY wrapped present ornaments!
Easy holiday decor- DIY wrapped present ornaments - This is our BlissRounding up the supplies was super easy, because I had nearly everything – wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, tape, glue gun…The base is a 3″x3″ canvas. I bought 2 packages (6 pieces per) at Michaels.
DIY present ornament supplies - This is our BlissYou really could use anything with some thickness – cardboard, even. To be honest, I was a little lazy and felt it would be easier to buy the canvases than hack up a cereal box or one of my daily Amazon deliveries.
DIY wrapped present ornaments - This is our BlissSimply wrap each piece of canvas like you would a wrapped present ornaments - mini presents - wrapping paper - This is our BlissThen start by taking a piece of  ribbon and lay it flat underneath the present (pretty side face-down).
diy wrapping paper gift ornaments - striped ribbon - This is our BlissThen pull up the ends and criss-cross them in the center and wrap one end back around the front, all the way across and back to the backside. Secure it with a piece of tape.
DIY wrapped present ornaments - ribbon and glue gun - This is our BlissThen take your other loose end (should be a bit longer) and make your loop.
diy wrapped present ornament glue gun - This is our Bliss…Then, secure it with your glue gun.
DIY wrapped present ornaments - Tree shot - This is our BlissTa Da! Little mini wrapped presents that will match the packages underneath the tree! If you have a wrapper helper, then you are in luck. You can whip up 12 -15 of these guys in no time. I actually love to wrap gifts, so this was kind of therapeutic for me!

It doesn’t take much paper at all, so you will have plenty left for your big packages.
diy wrapped present ornaments - tree and chair this is our blissI like how it creates some visual interest within the tree since 95% of most ornaments are round, or spikey & curly-q, in my case!
Easy holiday decor- DIY wrapped present ornaments - This is our BlissAnd in case you’re wondering, there’s plenty more of that striped ribbon floating around here, too. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it in the near future. wink, wink.

Is your tree up? Have you started decorating anywhere else yet?

If you are gearing up now, you are in luck! You don’t have to go far either. Come right back here + all of the other stops in the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes – you are guaranteed to find the inspiration you are looking for!!
12 days of christmas blogger tour 2015 - This is our Bliss12.1 | Evolution of Style || Dixie Delights
12.2 | Life & Home at 2102 || Provident Home Design
12.3 | Simple Details
12.4 | The Pink Clutch || This is Happiness
12.7 |  Bless’er House  ||  The Tale Of An Ugly House
12.8 | Classic Casual Home  ||  This is our Bliss
12.9 | Primitive and Proper
12.10 | Shine Your Light  ||  Driven by Decor
12.11 | Suburban Bitches ||  Our Storied Home  

12.14 | Simply Sarah Style  ||  Rough Luxe
12.15 | Tour Highlights

12.16 | Our Link Party with YOU!

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