Simple Tips for How to Hang a Gallery Wall | White Frame Gallery Wall in the Master Bedroom

How to Hang a Simple Gallery Wall with a Pop of Personality [Master Bedroom Refresh Update]

I’m sure you’ve noticed how this so-called quick & easy Master Bedroom Refresh has drug on all Summer and now into Fall! Well, I’m here to tell you that we are nearing the finish line, my friends! Over the weekend, I finally decided to tackle the gallery wall of family photos. I even ordered the frames and had the photos printed back in July, but…they sat untouched until I woke up that morning with a little fire under my feet! Today, I’m going to share my simple tips for How to Hang a Simple Gallery Wall with a Pop of Personality and a sneak peek of a few more gorgeous additions to the bed.  Continue reading

How to Create a Statement Wall with Large-scale Photos in Your Hallway | This is our Bliss

How to Make a Statement Wall With Over-sized Photos in a Hallway

Alright! You asked for it, so I’m bringing it! After posting a quick shot of a recently finished statement wall in our upstairs hallway on instagram, you guys went bananas asking for the details and sources! So today, I’m sharing all the scoop on how I created a major statement wall using over-sized photos in our hallway so you can do it too! Continue reading

Bold Graphic Glam Dining Room | One Room Challenge Fall 2016 | This is our Bliss |

Fall 2016 One Room Challenge [Week 5: Dining Room Wall Art]

So this is supposed to be the last checkpoint before the big reveal, right?!! Say WHAAAT!?

Week 5 of the Fall 2016 One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home has arrived and you know what the tricky part about this week is? Well….on one hand, it’s like, “Yay!! I am so excited about nearing the end of this thing! I just don’t know how much to share with my readers!!”

On the other hand…I’m all, “Sooooo, HOW is this room going to be wrapped up, decisions finalized, styled, re-styled, photographed, re-photographed and posted in less than 7 days!?”

Phwew! I, along with the hundreds of other bloggers who decided to take the plunge and makeover a given space in our home in a very short 6 week period, am sharing the final update on our progress today. Final progress post because the reveal is next week!

So here is where we are at with our dining room with T minus 1 week to go… Continue reading

Large Scale Art for the Big Boy Room Gallery Wall

Hey there, October! The onset of Fall has really kicked me into gear with house projects, which is a good think seeing as how another big one kicks off this week. Did someone say One Room Challenge?! Aside from the start of the ORC this week, I’m here today with a Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room update! And its more than a sneak peek…I’m going to share an entire wall of the room with you! Pretty sweet, huh?!

It’s no secret I am a “more is more” kind of decorator and that I never shy away from the collected look, especially when talking about the walls. For the new big boy room, I was pretty positive I wanted to create a gallery wall over his bed, with all my favorite photos and some cool art showcasing his favorite things relating to the Curious Little Gentleman theme. However, after putting a little more thought into it, I decided to go with the idea of hanging several larger items on the wall instead of a typical gallery wall made up of an array of 8″ x 10″ or 11″ x 14″ frames.

I wanted to make a statement. Continue reading

How to tint a photo for free using picmonkey how to edit photos This is our Bliss

5 Minute DIY | How to Tint a Photo Any Color

I have a new trick and I’m obsessed!

You probably know by now that I, A – love gallery walls and B – I’m over the moon happy with our recently refreshed master bedroom! Well, with gray walls, white bedding and dark espresso furniture, the bones of the room are neutral, but I went big this time with bold, black and white graphic print curtains, pattern play on the bed and pops of color – pink, yellow and blue pulled from my inspiration art piece from minted, which is where the pink came from in the first place! Continue reading

Be Mine Forever Budget valentines day gallery wall update This is our Bliss

How to Update your Gallery Wall on a Budget

Gallery walls are one of my absolute favorite things to create in a space. I have one in every single one of the rooms in our home. I love mixing frames of all shapes and sizes and typically, go with a mix of black, white and gold frames or all black as seen below. As the holidays were approaching, I decided my monochromatic gallery wall needed an update. A budget-friendly update that would add a pop of color seemed the way to go! Continue reading

New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge | Master Bedroom Week 2: Progress + Tips for pulling together a Gallery Wall

Today is WEEK #2!! This refresh challenge has been, well, just that. A total challenge. I knew I wasn’t going to be making a crazy amount of changes to our bedroom – no painting, no new furniture or furniture projects period – mainly wall decor and sprucing up the bed. But dang! I tell you what…the thought of next week being the reveal has me feeling a bit anxious and slightly behind the eight ball. I’ve got exactly one week to whip this space into shape and although most of the components are here, like physically in my home, there is still pleennnnttty to do. If you can’t find me next weekend, you know where to find me. Annnd I’ll probably have kidnapped another member of my household in the process.

What’s the struggle, you ask. Well, its more like big fat question marks.

I have collected approximately 317 frames. Most of the frames in my “collection” are thrifted finds. You know how I roll when it comes to gallery walls. I adore a good gallery wall, but would seriously go broke if I bought new frames each time I design one in my head and then decide to go to town on the wall. Have you seen my stairwell?!

So, although I am not going to be showing you the finished product yet, I am going to share my tips for pulling together a gallery wall. Next week, you get to see the goods 😉

Sometimes I have no method to my madness and other times, like in this particular case, I have a plan of attack.

ok, so here we go!

1 | Select your inspiration piece.

Not only is my art piece inspiration for my gallery wall, but it was actually what ignited the entire room’s design and color palette. Here it is:
Minted art - LA Day 49 - New year, new room master bedroom refresh challenge -

Minted – LA – Day 49

This print is from Minted and I absolutely adore it. It is the perfect combination of color and texture. I will always decorate with black, white and gold – always, but this piece allows me to pull a couple of other colors into the room as well. I love that its a bright and fun piece, but it still has a few splashes of black and dark gray in the print, too, which you’ll see used throughout the room next week. Like most of minted’s prints, this one comes in 8 different sizes with the option of 15 different frames. I chose to have mine framed in basic black.

For this inspiration piece, you ultimately need to determine what piece is going to make it onto the wall – one way or another. A large family portrait on canvas, a vintage art find, a special gift, a splurge piece – whatever the case may be. Just something you can build off of…a starting point. It’s the non-negotiable piece. Its going up no matter what.

2 | Gather frames.

This is the fun and inexpensive part! If you know me, then you know I seriously hoard collect frames.

Target clearance frame – mine.

Michaels 40% off – in the cart. 

$1.99 at Goodwill – I’ll take 3.

After exercises A, B and C on repeat over time, you can see how my stash would steadily increase. My point is if you do a little hunting around town before you are ready to put up a gallery wall or before you even have the idea, then you allow yourself some time to score a few deals. When the time comes to put the frames up, I like to go to my collection and start pulling a few frames that I might want to use in that particular space. Shopping your house is one of the THEE best things ever! I grab a few colors, sizes and shapes and head into the room to plan the layout – typically, by placing the frames on the floor and then rearranging until I think I have it just right. I have been known to rearrange a few more times once the frames are up on the wall. Shhhh don’t tell! I am definitely not one of those people who write posts on “how to hang a gallery wall like a pro on the first try without extra nail holes”. I mean, who are those people anyways? #notreallife

While gathering your frames, you want to decide on your color scheme. Since I started with my minted art print framed in black, I am choosing to work with black, white and gold frames in my gallery wall which is pretty standard around my home, but holds true in this space as well.

3 | Add a unique shape.

Sometimes I like uniformity and sometimes I don’t. More often than not, I like things to be slightly edgy with a little sass or a wee bit of funk. This could be by simply placing a round frame among all rectangles. This could also mean adding a sunburst mirror, a key or even a number to your wall. It doesn’t have to be anything too extreme, but by adding something that looks a little different than the rest of the frames, creates visual interest on your wall and in your space overall.
Guestroom revamp - gallery wall - picture ledge - minted - This is our BlissHere, I used an open round frame to break up all of the rectangles on the wall in our guestroom. Its not too crazy or dramatic, but it gives it a unique, eclectic look.

4 | Keep it interesting & do something unexpected.

I would’t say adding a picture ledge (like above) within a gallery wall is unexpected, but it does create an interesting focal point. I was able to layer some leaning frames on the ledge and even put a small plant on the end which added another styling accessory…some fresh greens  – something other than a frame.

In other areas of the guestroom, I put a slight twist on your standard wall decor. First, by layering 2 separate metal pieces (the black one and the gold one) on top of each other to create a multi-dimensional over-the-bed decor piece…
bed view - layered metal wall decor - unique wall art - Guestroom revamp - This is our Bliss…and on the other side of the room, opposite of the picture ledge gallery wall, I framed 2 prints and hung them on the wall and then put an open frame around them both. I called it “framing a frame” – so clever, I know!
Guestroom revamp - Minted art - open frame - luggage rack - - dresser - fresh flowers - This is our BlissIt’s a way of taking two smaller pieces and creating one, larger statement piece out of it. This “technique” is applied in the master bedroom gallery wall, too. Sorry, still no sneak peeks!!

Ok, fine. I’ll share this eensie weensie spoiler with you since I shared it on instagram already.
master bedroom gallery wall in progress - thisisourbliss.comThe wall has already had 4 makeovers since this cell phone shot, but at least its something other than a blank wall!

4 tips for pulling together a stylish & eclectic gallery wall - this is our bliss -
Some of the best and my most favorite gallery walls are the unique, awe-inspiring ones. The ones that don’t resemble my next door neighbor’s or the go-to, standard layout on pinterest. I like to have fun with the walls and be a little bold. Why not? If you change your mind some day, there’s nothing that a little spackle, sandpaper and paint can’t fix, right?!

Not to drag this post on by adding another list, but I thought it might be helpful to see my original hit list and where I am at this point.

1 | buy curtain rods / hang curtain rods
2 | buy curtains / hang curtains
3 | TV gallery wall
4 | determine over the bed decor
5 | determine left side of the window
6 | determine right side of the window
7 | new bedding
8 | pillow arrangement?
9 | tabletop accessories (dresser x 2 & nightstand x 2)
10| conceal cable box
11 | bench?
12 | additional seating
13 | wall storage / hooks
14 | DIY art
15 | lamp
16 | _____________
17 | _____________
18 | _____________
19 | _____________
20 | _____________

Since there a very few “checks” and even more blanks, I for sure have my work cut out for me. But with a few solid naptime hours and the weekend ahead, this room will be good to go. If not, then you’ll hear about it!

What are your gallery wall hanging tips? Do you like symmetrical layouts? Monochromatic? Eclectic?!

If you missed the rest of the Challenge, get caught up below:

Week 1 | Before Pictures + Inspiration Board
Week 2 | Progress + Gallery Wall Tips
Week 3 | Sneak Peek + gold lamp options
Week 4 | The Reveal Part I

Another big, big thank you to our lovely, talented and super hardworking host, Stephanie of Casa Watkins!!

Now, hurry and go see what the others are up to – I know they’ve been working their tails off!

New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge Participants:
Thank you to our New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge brand collaborators!
Brand collaborators
Last, but not least thanks to all of YOU! I sincerely want to thank everyone who took the time to leave a lovely comment on my in-home photoshoot post. You all sure know how to make a girl blush! You’re too sweet!
Still more coming your way this week right back here! Have an awesome day!
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This is our Bliss in-home shoot - bedroom 2 -

In-home photoshoot

Can we get real for a second?

I’ve never been so terrified in my LIFE! All kidding aside, I didn’t realize the nerves that were going to creep up over me when it was go-time.

I mean… I have a lot of fun (am I about to say this?) during our family photoshoots, for the most part. There are, of course, several lengthy intervals of tantrums and full-out posing DENIED when it comes to trying to photograph the boys, but our photographer is so kind. so patient. And no matter what, always finds a way to capture us having fun, smiling, one of the boys gazing at the other, etc. But, when it was my turn to be in front of the camera…alone…I was just plain nervous.

I had asked Robin, our family’s photographer to come over to take some headshots so I could use them to update my blog’s sidebar image and have photos to use as my profile picture across my social media accounts. We thought doing them in the house and some outside would make the most sense, and where I would be comfortable and feel at-home.  But, it was like high school senior pictures – volume 2. It felt strange to pose, and by pose, I of course mean look absolutely natural and normal in an everyday around the house kind of way!! Not only did I have to worry about myself, but I was always worried about the house! We shot a ton of photos outside becuase it was a warm fall day, but we took quite a few in the house and I tried to zjush things just so and then run back to my “spot” and say cheese.

Well, it turned out to be a lot of fun! And the pictures? I love them! Robin did a wonderfully awesome job!

I didn’t know what to do with the hundreds of pics of myself. So, lucky you, I’m going to share them (don’t worry, not all of them) today! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together that day.

This is our Bliss in-home shoot - bedroom - This is our Bliss in-home shoot - bedroom 2 - This is our Bliss in-home shoot - bedroom 1 -

These were shot in the master. Of course, just working away 😉
[Check out my plans for this space here for the “New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge”!]
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - chair - thisisourbliss.comIn our guestroom, sitting in the chair I reupholstered last year for the ORC.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - brick wall 1 - This is our Bliss in-home shoot - brick wall - thisisourbliss.comThen we headed outside to catch some shots in the yard and by the house. These you probably recognize from my profile pictures.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - outside - This is our Bliss in-home shoot - brick - thisisourbliss.comThis is our Bliss in-home photoshoot - Fall 2015 - outside - This is our Bliss in-home photoshoot - Fall 2015 - outside brickwall - thisisourbliss.comYou can’t see much of this outdoor space, but you can read more in my outdoor oasis series here. I made a few updates this past year, but they didn’t make it to the blog!
This is our Bliss in-home photoshoot - Fall 2015 - downstairs patio - thisisourbliss.comOur back deck staircase…
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - back deck staircase - thisisourbliss.comThen a few on our front stoop by one of my favorite spots in our house – our front door. It IS the sole reason we bought the house 😉 I just love it.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - front entryway - This is our Bliss in-home shoot - front door - thisisourbliss.comThis is our Bliss in-home shoot - formal living room - thisisourbliss.comAnd finally back inside to the formal living room.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - formal living room chairs - thisisourbliss.comMy first gallery wall in the house is in this room and has remain untouched until I spruced up the wall & the rest of the living room for Christmas this past year.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - formal living room gallery wall - thisisourbliss.comI talk a little bit about this gallery wall here – how to create the look and why its so special to me.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - living room - thisisourbliss.comAnd that’s a wrap, folks!

A huge, mega big thank you to Photography by Robin Joy LLC for these wonderful photos! She is truly the very best to work with and our family is so grateful that she’s been able to capture our special moments & milestones over the last 3 years. If you are local to the Chicago area and are in need of a family photographer, she is your girl!

Thanks for reading today friends! See you back soon!

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playroom gallery wall Playroom reading nook playroom gallery wall 3 black frames mini playroom picture wall This is our Bliss

Gallery Wall Wednesday #2 [3 stacked frames in the playroom]

*This post contains affiliate links, which means by clicking on certain links and making a purchase, a small percentage goes back to this blog to allow me to continue to bring you new ideas and published posts at no additional cost to you!

It’s so crazy how this playroom has suddenly come to life again! It was a project I started and just never quite finished up. After sharing the 4th installment of the playroom reading nook series [the light], I heard from several readers asking to share the details of the 3 stacked frames hanging to the right of the nook. I thought today would be a good time to share the scoop on this mini, or as I refer to it, small wall + big statement gallery wall. Continue reading

black & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - gallery wall - This is our Bliss

Think again Thursday #5 [DIY Journal cover art]

Today I’m going to share my latest “Think again Thursday” project with you guys! A DIY Journal Cover Art piece! This may or may not be the very last project stemming from the One Room Challenge when I worked on our guestroom. I know, I know. You’re so OVER this guestroom! I understand. Well, I hope you still like this project – because even though I worked on it months ago, it has reignited a creative spark in me. I need that to happen more often.

I must admit. I feel really good about getting this series up & running! Awhile back, I had the idea to share how I take random everyday items and use them in new and unexpected ways – like a coin bank turned planter or using a curtain panel to reupholster a headboard. I mean, if you like a pattern, you like a pattern.

While perusing Pinterest or getting lost in blogland, I just LOVE when people share their ideas for ways to think outside the box. To do something unexpected with an ordinary object. Starting this series has inspired me to continue to strive to be creative while out shopping, thrifting or just decorating with things I have around the house – #shoppingyourhouse is THEE.BEST.THING! It is fun, free and it totally gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Like, “yeah, I just made this. with that!” Anyone else?

Not only am I happy to have 5 whole posts in this series ;), but it gets me thinking back to Haven and everything I still want to do here at This is our Bliss. What I want to turn this blog into…What the future holds…. and what direction do I want it to go in? I mentioned the other day that I have a few exciting things taking place in September, which is fitting because I have always thought of fall as a fresh start. Back to school (except now its not me its my OWN kid!)…returning to a schedule…finding a rhythm….getting organized…feeling a sense of motivation and turning it into productivity. Does the onset of fall do that to you, too?

I am really, really excited to get this new season started off with a bang, so I really hope you will sign up to receive my posts emailed to you and visit me more often! There is so much I plan to share!

So, here we go:
2 pack journals - black & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - gallery wall - This is our Bliss
A few months ago, at HomeGoods, strolling up and down the aisles like a manic fiend, I stumbled upon the cutest set of notebooks. It was a pack of 2 and I thought it would be perfect to use at my desk to jot notes down or to carry with me with my to-do lists scribbled down.
black & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - gallery wall - This is our Bliss
Once I got it home, and used it a couple of times, I decided it was too pretty to be shoved in a desk drawer or toted around in my son’s diaper bag for that matter. It was one fancy to-do list, but still it needed to be showcased – a frame, I thought!
black & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - guest room gallery wall - This is our BlissI simply cut the cover off, stuck it behind a white mat and popped it into a black frame. Easy as pie.

It fits perfectly with the color scheme and pattern play I have going on in that room and actually looks like an expensive gold foil print – wrong! It was actually only $2 since the 2-pack of journals was only $3.99. I mean, does HomeGoods even make a profit with those kinds of prices?! I already had the mat and frame from one of my frame thrifting excursions just laying around to be used in another gallery wall. I love it when it all comes together like that!
guestroom revamp - gallery wall - picture ledge - gold foil journal turned art - This is our Bliss guestroom revamp - gallery wall - picture ledge - gold foil journal turned art - reupholstered cane chair - This is our BlissThe gold foil is subtle enough that it doesn’t take over the gallery wall, but its luxe look still pairs well alongside the gold accent table and its slight shimmer gleams against the pale creamy gray walls and the warm wood accents. Plus, my favorite chair + favorite project. ever.

All I can think of lately is what else can I cut apart and frame??!

Just this week, I was at Michaels and stopped dead-in-my-tracks when I saw these glitz & glam notecards on sale for $5. A 60-pack!!
Yes, a 60-pack of gold foil notecards in a boxed set for 5 bucks.
It of course, came home with me.
Michaels gold foil greeting card pack - turn into wall art - this is our bliss
I only wish I had a need for an all gold gallery wall. Wouldn’t this arrangement be so fab?!
gold foil greeting cards - turn into wall art - michaels greeting card pack - This is our BlissHow about in a nursery, with white mats and all white frames? Too darling!!

Here are a couple of other examples I framed greeting cards to use as wall art:

framing greeting cards as art - pegboard gallery wall - little boy nursery - LOVE - This is our BlissThis “LOVE LOVE LOVE” art print is actually just a greeting card. Inside of a small silver Ribba frame, it hangs proudly on a hook
on Simon’s Nursery Pegboard Gallery Wall.  I found it along with the one below in a set at Michaels last year.
framing greeting cards as art - baby room shelf - art display - gallery wall - little boy nursery - You are our greatest adventure - This is our BlissThis is a shelf on the back corner wall of his nursery. Again, white Ribba frame, a pair of silver dinosaurs and I’d say it is one nice little #shelfie.

black & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - gallery wall - vignette 1 - This is our Blissblack & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - gallery wall - vignette - This is our Bliss

What about you? What unexpected things have you framed lately? Does this make you think again when you see a cute greeting card or journal?!
gold foil art from a journal cover - think again thursday - how to create unexpected wall art - DIY wall art - This is our Bliss
Thanks for stopping by and please do come back again soon!
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