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Thrifted Find | Little Lamp Revamp [How to Recover a Lampshade]

I walked in and within 60 seconds, had locked eyes with this little lady. She was barely visible, barely peeking out from the back of the tattered and troubled lighting section, but I saw her. She had a long, golden neck, but a sad and soiled shade…something I knew I could repair. I actually had a vision for her makeover crafted up in my head before I even reached the register. She was mine. All four dollars and ninety nine cents of her.

With minimal effort, I was going to have her looking FI-I-INE!! Continue reading

Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - view from the stairs - fall word art - This is our Bliss

A Fall Entryway

Hello out there! Welcome! I am so happy to have my fall entryway table styled, photographed and ready to share with you today! If you’ve been reading for awhile, then you know I don’t typically go all out for fall, although I had fun styling our fall front porch last year. This year, I knew I wanted to decorate a few little nooks in the house and the entryway area was one of them!

If you follow me on instagram, then you may have seen a couple of sneak peeks, but I just couldn’t help myself! I joke that I am decades behind in my fall decorating here in the blogosphere, but you can’t win ’em all! However, I did just realize I didn’t post my front porch last year until October 30th…I guess I’ve come a little ways then 🙂

 I’m so happy this little nook of our house is fully decked out and ready for fall…and that I was able to complete this little space without too many interruptions from my little guys. Henry started preschool last week, and although Simon doesn’t really nap in the morning anymore, it is a tad bit easier to get things done around the house & here on the blog with just one little one running around! Preschool is a short 3 hours though, so I know I have to step it into high gear if I have a want to get through one task from start-to-finish. Although having lots of things going on simultaneously is the norm around here 😉 Buuut the fall entry is checked off the list and I think I will be wrapping up the front porch next…stay tuned!

Ok, lets get to the pics, shall we! Sidenote…there are lots of photos today. I recently bought a new camera lens so I was playing around (a lot) with these little vignettes. I hope you like it!

Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - fall word art 1 - This is our BlissHere are a few shots from the top shelf…
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - DIY fall word art - leaves - open frame - This is our BlissIll just come right out and say it…Not to discriminate or anything, but I love the left side of the top of the table!
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - oversized DIY fall word art - leaves - open frame - This is our BlissFall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - DIY fall word art -- open frame - This is our BlissThe oversized framed word art is a DIY that I will be sharing later this week…the white handled vase was a Goodwill find, that I painted white and “dipped” in gold (it was red to start!)…the leaves are from Pier1…the orange gourd (Michaels) is simply placed on a stack of books with a thrifted open gold frame resting in front of it…The little acorn art was printed from Graphicstock and put into a mini black, white and gold frame from HomeGoods…
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor -staircase view - fall word art - mini framed acorn art 1 - This is our Bliss Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor -staircase view - fall word art - mini framed acorn art - This is our BlissFall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - This is our BlissThe bottom of the table is filled with more HomeGoods finds…
Fall entryway - fall vignette - metallic artichokes - rustic number 4 -gingham fabric pumpkin - fall decor - This is our Bliss Fall entryway - fall vignette - metallic artichokes -gingham fabric pumpkin - fall decor - This is our BlissThe black & wood rustic number “4” has been in our family room leaning on a floating shelf, but I decided it needed to be a part of this little fall party. I wanted to keep the color scheme black, white and gold, with a pop of orange and a few natural touches. $25 from HomeGoods, but I’ve had it for a over a year.

When I spotted the black and white gingham fabric pumpkin, there was not a question whether or not it was coming home with me. Nope, not one.
I bought an orange light-up pumpkin from HomeGoods a few weeks back and originally had it here, but I moved it to the family room once I found this natural colored one at Pier One.
Fall entryway - fall vignette - metallic artichokes - rustic number 4 - fall decor - light-up pumpkin - This is our Bliss Fall entryway - fall vignette - metallic artichokes - rustic number 4 - fall decor - This is our BlissThese metallic artichokes are also from Pier1. I hadn’t been in there for quite awhile, but did find a few gems that day. Copper, gold and silver ones are sitting inside my gold-dipped bowl which typically resides in the kitchen. Shopping your home at its finest!Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - view from the stairs - fall word art - This is our BlissMy black Hunter boots + leopard scarf are set off to the side to add a cozy, fall feel…that is…until I need to wear either of them!
Fall entryway - fall vignette - fall decor - boots & scarf - This is our BlissFall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor -staircase view - fall word art 1 - This is our Bliss fall entry way table - fall entryway - fall vignette - table styling - this is our bliss Fall entryway - fall vignette - DIY fall word art - framed word art - fall decor - This is our BlissI have a thing for “B’s” and “4’s”…If I find one I like, I usually buy it thinking it will just find its way somewhere in the house. Until you realize you have a “B” & a “4” in every room. Then you put them away for a little while, regroup and figure out which one needs to leave. This “B” was a gift from my parents and was pulled from my mantel.

The gold leaf bowl holds our keys or other personal items after we walk in the door and need a place to set them down. I always find that small trinket dishes or trays are a nice way to corral small, loose items and help you find them more easily.
Fall entryway - fall vignette - DIY word art - fall decor - This is our BlissThe sun mirror is a thrifted find. I remember when I found this piece earlier this year, the girl that sold it to me asked if I planned to paint it. I told her, “Yes, it’ll probably end up gold.” and it almost did. I tried working it into the Guestroom revamp project, but it didn’t quite make the cut, so back to my stash it went. When I went digging this week, I came across it and just loved the coloring – antiqued autumn colors! Perfect! Just the right amount of color to pull together the leaves and the solo orange gourd.
I did take my gold Rub ‘n Buff Wax and run some along the inner edge with a q-tip. That stuff will do the trick every time. Especially when its not something you want to spray-paint in its entirety.
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - DIY fall word art - leaves - This is our BlissI really love how my DIY oversized fall word art turned out and can’t wait to give you the scoop soon!
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - oversized DIY fall word art - leaves - open frame - This is our BlissAnd here is a shot of the entryway table at night…isn’t this sort of dreamy?
fall entryway - fall vignette at night - This is our BlissFall entryway - fall vignette - metallic artichokes - rustic number 4 -gingham fabric pumpkin - lit up at night - fall decor - This is our BlissYou definitely don’t have to wait until Christmas for pretty glowing lights!! at least around here…
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor -staircase view - fall word art - This is our BlissAnd there’s that left-side again 😉
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor -staircase view - fall word art 1 - This is our BlissThere it is! My fall entryway! [insert happy dance.] Now off to (frantically) tackle a few other things around here before the boys wake up!

Thank you for hanging out here for a bit today! I am working on a couple more posts to get out yet this week and don’t forget next Monday is Week #3 in our Back to Basics series. Check out my week 1 & week 2 if you missed!
Fall entryway - fall vignette - fall entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - DIY fall word art - leaves - open frame - This is our Bliss
Check out below to see how I made a small change to my fall entryway…
DIY fall throw pillows with cloth napkins Fall entryway fall table linens Fall decorating This is our Bliss
 …by adding in my DIY Fall Pillow! The orange plaid was just the perfect pop I needed on that bottom shelf!

What are your favorite spots in the house to deck out for fall? What colors do you like to use? Where are your go-to fall décor shopping stops?!

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How to Thrift Picture Frames [tips for finding pieces for a Gallery Wall]

First, let me apologize for the, not one, but two random, incomplete posts that were blasted out earlier this week! Minor technical difficulties, my apologies! Now on to a post with some actual content 🙂
How to thrift picture frames & use them in a gallery wall - thrifted finds - tips & tricks - This is our blissToday, I am dropping in to share a few of my personal tips for buying those unique, one-of-a-kind frames to use in gallery walls or in other areas throughout your home. Vintage and second-hand picture frames are everywhere! I mean some of the places I pop into have aisles of them! You might not know exactly what you are looking for and you may not know where and when you will use them. But, when you can score a frame for as little as $.49, I say grab it now and figure out the rest later!

If you like the look of a gallery wall, but are worried that purchasing 4,5,6 or even 20+ frames can be costly, you are right. Store-bought picture frames can range from $10 – 100+ per frame. I highly recommend starting with a few frames from your local Goodwill or thrift stores in your area and then building your wall out from there. An eclectic gallery wall is so simple to achieve using frames of all different shapes, sizes and colors, so a thrifted collection is an ideal way to go. You can also incorporate a few thrifted frames when going for a more streamlined, balanced or monochromatic look. Start looking and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find!

Below, are my tips for thrifting picture frames and the key things I look for to help me spot the true gems (in my book!)

1 | Pairs or multiples

If you find a frame you like and there are more than 1, take them all! Using several of the same frames in a gallery wall give it that put together feel. You can use them next to each other or space them apart. For example, I found this pair of gold frames at Goodwill last year and had been hanging onto them for just the right use. They did not come with mats.
Pair of thrifted gold frames - goodwill frame find - this is our blissThey first appeared with a white mat on the playroom gallery wall.
playroom gallery wall with pair of gold goodwill frames - this is our blissAfter shopping my house for frames for the Guestroom Revamp project I completed for the One Room Challenge, I swiped them off the playroom wall, took the mats out and replaced the kid art with my two 8″x10″ Minted prints [top & bottom]. I then hung one below the other and placed a large, open frame around it. It now acts one, larger piece of art.
Guestroom revamp - Minted art - open frame - luggage rack - - dresser - fresh flowers - This is our Bliss

2 | Unique metal detail / hanging mechanisms

I don’t know how else to put it. If the frame has a great little metal hoop or ring attached to it, its coming home with me. You can use the ring to actually hang the frame by or there might be a sawtooth or something else and then the ring can just rest on the wall.

Round wood frame with unique metal detail - hoop or ring hanger - thrifted frames - this is our bliss

After removing the glass & art, I included it on another wall in the guestroom and left it as an open frame. If you look to the far left, there is a gold frame with a metal ring hanger as well. I loooove that one and I bought it for $.99.

Guestroom revamp - gallery wall - picture ledge - minted - This is our Bliss Guestroom revamp - picture ledge - gallery wall - This is our Bliss

3 | Interesting shape

or basically, any shape OTHER than a rectangle! I am quite a sucker for a round frame – I just love them! Breaking up the monotony of rectangular frames on your wall adds visual interest to your space. The eye is drawn to the piece that is slightly different and using a round frame or mirror is a great way to work some depth & dimension to your gallery wall.

Here you can see the 2 round frames on Simon’s pegboard gallery wall in his nursery. They actually started as wooden plate holders (similar to the one above, but without the metal hanger), but after applying several coats of white spray paint and adding some fabric, I added them to the wall along with various other frames & objects.
Nursery pegboard gallery wall - round frames with fabric - thrifted frames - this is our blissBaby Boy Nursery DIY Pegboard Gallery Wall + Navy, green & grayAs rare as it might, I would always say yes to any other shape out there! The gold octagon frame was a thrifted diamond in the rough – I haven’t found any others like it, but you can bet I would be first in line if I happened to come across another one. Like I said, I love to pick up frames that have a unique shape and this one definitely stands out amongst the others on the wall.
octagon thrifted frame - gallery wall - black white and gold - this is our bliss

The above shot is our stairway gallery wall. Although it took months to prepare for, the stairway gallery wall was not as big of an undertaking as one might think. I mean, I had frames stacked up and spread out our upstairs loft for quite.some.time. But the act of hanging it – I actually put it up one day while Ted was at work. He came home and said, “Ummm. How did you do that?” I actually don’t know the answer to this question and I am not sure if I could replicate this again. HA! I started at the bottom of the staircase, placed a few larger frames throughout, working my way up, and then started hammering away and filling in the gaps. This is NOT good advice to follow, but that is how I did it! It’s definitely the largest, craziest and most time-consuming gallery wall I have created to-date, but also my favorite.

 4 | Rounded edges

I found a few of these round-edge frames and really love how they are just so subtly different than an ordinary frame. The rounded edge gives the frame a slightly unique look. One might not even notice at first glance, which is what I like about it.
round edge frame - thrifted frames - this is our bliss(Maybe those edges were a trend of the 80’s???)

I painted one of these rounded edge frames white and used it on our stairway gallery wall, so I still have the 2 pictured above to use somewhere else. Again, buy in multiples!

5 | Don’t pay attention to what’s inside the frame

There might not be anything at all! I have scooped up a number of picture frames without glass or any backing. I have also bought frames with not so glamorous art inside. Although there could be an entire blog series written on super cool thriftstore art.

Exhibit A…

thrift store art in gold frameI simply removed the backing, popped out the glass and took out the matted art. I decided to leave it as an open frame again and hung it on the outside of a canvas for a slightly different look. Gotta love that gold + the simple detail on the inner edge of the frame. <3
Guestroom revamp - life doesn't have to be perfect - open gold thrifted frame - This is our BlissKind of like, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’… don’t judge a frame, but its art!

Tips for thrifting frames has been a topic I have wanted to write about for awhile now. People always ask where I find my frames and how much I spend on some of my gallery walls in total. Well, to be honest, I haven’t ever added up the total cost, but I can tell you I have saved quite a few pennies by hunting for unique frames around town. I plan to do a post somewhat related to gallery walls a couple of times per month, perhaps an occasional #gallerywallwednesday post. I will share some shots of the stairwell and several other gallery walls in our home and you might even see some walls from the past. I tend to switch things up every now & then! However, some of the walls in our home have yet to make their internet debut, so I will get workin’ on that STAT 🙂

Thrifting frames and beginning gallery walls can be quite intimidating, but once you get out there and start searching, it becomes a really fun hunt to see what you can score! It also helps to save some cash and maybe be able to put it towards more expensive frames or pieces of art to include in the gallery wall as well. A mix of art, photographs and other unique objects can result in a totally unique & artsy looking wall.

Have you attempted to put together a gallery wall in your home? Any good tips & tricks? Please share!


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Guestroom Revamp | How to Mix Prints | Pattern Play Tips

Love the Look? | Guestroom Revamp Source List

Hello and welcome! I hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day weekend! Mine was lovely! I spent the weekend away with my husband at an out-of-town wedding of a friend of his. On our way home on Sunday, we stopped by his parents’ house to surprise his mom. After a short visit, we headed to our house where my parents and the little guys were there waiting for us! The afternoon was spent playing outside and after a nice dinner and a couple of drinks, we were all off to bed early. My kind of night 🙂

 As promised, I am back today with a full source list from the newly finished guestroom I completed for the One Room Challenge with Calling it Home! I am smitten with how it turned out and have been so unbelievable overwhelmed and humbled by the response – wonderfully sweet comments on the blog and plenty more on social media! You guys are awesome – thank you! I even got the stamp of approval from our first guests. When my mom first walked in she said, “I don’t even want to set my bags down in here!” I took that as a compliment. The challenge conveniently ended just before my parents were due for a visit – perfect timing!

So if you like the look, scroll down and see where I scored all of my finds!

Guestroom revamp - pattern play - floral, dalmation, geo, gold - This is our Bliss

gold urchin [HomeGoods]
black metal circle wall art [Hobby Lobby + black spray paint]
Guestroom revamp - pattern play pillows - floral - dalmation - hexago - This is our Bliss

geometric headboard [DIY tutorial coming soon]
pillows: floral Euro pillow [ insert + DIY cover using this fabric] | Animal print standard sham | gold shimmer ruffle pillow [HomeGoods]
Guestroom revamp - full bed & wall view - This is our Blissbedding: white comforter | gray quilt | teal throw [Threshold from Goodwill]
guestroom revamp - bedside table - trinket dish - fresh flowers - water decanter - This is our Bliss

guestroom revamp - bedside table - gold - This is our Bliss

bedside items: black frame [HomeGoods] | Decanter & glasses | round gray tray [lid from box set] | black & white mirror [Target – no longer available]
lamp [previously owned + fave gold spray paint | lux candle | white & gold trinket dish [HomeGoods]

Guestroom revamp - bedside table - gold lamp & clock - succulent - design books- This is our Bliss Guestroom revamp - bedside table - gold lamp & clock - succulent - Nate Berkus book -This is our Bliss

succulent pot & gold clock [HomeGoods]
round boxes
Books: Elements of Style | The Things That Matter – Nate Berkus

Guestroom revamp - gold magazine rack - nightstand drawer pull - This is our Blissteal & gold drawer pull
gold magazine rack [thrifted + fave gold spray paint]
Guestroom revamp - Minted art - open frame - luggage rack - This is our BlissGuestroom revamp - Minted art - open frame - luggage rack - - dresser - fresh flowers - This is our Bliss

art: top | bottom [both 8″x10″]
frames: Gold wall frames [thrifted] | black frame | small standing gold frame [HomeGoods]
luggage rack [thrifted + DIY makeover tutorial]
dresser items: teal vases [HomeGoods] | faux peonies [Michaels] + real hydrangeas | exotic branches [Dollar Tree]
gold drop ring drawer pulls 
small round gold mirror [thrifted]

Guestroom Revamp - dresser details - leaning art - This is our Blisshexagon tray [Target – no longer available]
gold wing trinket dish
"GuestroomHenry Matisse tree art print [IKEA – no longer available]
black & white framed art [Hobby Lobby]
Guestroom revamp - planter - armoire - ombre lamp - This is our Blissplant [Meijer] + plant basket
teal lamp & gold geometric vase [HomeGoods]
cane chair makeover - floral and houndstooth fabric - Guestroom revamp - This is our Bliss

chair [thrifted + reupholstered with this fabric + buttons & seat back in this fabric – see previous chair posts 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Guestroom revamp - gallery wall - picture ledge - minted - This is our Bliss

gold metal side table [HomeGoods]
picture ledge
Guestroom revamp - picture ledge - gallery wall - This is our Bliss

personalized heart snapshot art square frame + custom mat
black & gold foil art [DIY tutorial here]

Guestroom revamp - gallery wall - Illinois watercolor - This is our Blisscustom state watercolor [details here]
Guestroom revamp - life doesn't have to be perfect - This is our Bliss

canvas [TJ Maxx]
open gold frame [thrifted]
Guestroom Revamp - guest towel hooks - gold pineapple hooks - This is our BlissGold pineapple hooks [Ross Stores]
Guestroom revamp - pineapple art - mini gallery wall - This is our Blisspineapple print | white frame | metallic gold framed canvas [HomeGoods]
all other frames not listed [thrifted]

I did not keep a running tally of the amount I spent on the room, but since I was able to use all of the furniture we previously had with the exception of my reupholstered cane chair and the small gold side table sitting next to it, I really only had to buy decor / accessories. Working with what you already have when it comes to large pieces of furniture is definitely a great way to save some $. Leave it “as is” or update it with a couple coats of paint or new hardware and it will give it a whole new look while still being able to stash some cash.
There were a few DIY pieces included in the room and I plan to get the follow-up tutorial posts out in the next week. Since I was also able to shop my house for several items, too, which is always an added bonus, those items might not be listed. If you have questions about anything you see or don’t see, just leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

See how the Guestroom Revamp project transformed throughout the 6 week One Room Challenge here:

Week 1: Inspiration | Week 2: Design Board | Week 3: Progress | Week 4: Cane chair Makeover | Week 5: Progress  | Week 6: The Reveal

Have a great day and I hope to see you back here soon!
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Thrifted find | Pretty Welcoming vase | gold pineapple vase 6 | Its so ugly its cool thrift challenge || This is our Bliss

One Room Challenge [Guestroom Revamp Week #4]

I guess it is that time again! Thursday is here which means it is week 4 over at Calling it Home‘s One Room Challenge for the Linking Participants.


If you are just visiting today for the first time and need to get-in-the-know about what has been going on, you can do it here [week 1, week 2, week 3]! Also, welcome! I mentioned before how it has been a little cray cray over here ever since I made the commitment to have this guestroom finished in 6 weeks, but in a good way! It has really been a fun challenge for me personally to learn how to manage my time, prioritize and bargain shop. There are quite a few things needed to fill a space, so I have been trying to watch the dreaded b-word (you know, budget) so it doesn’t get out of hand. It is easy to create a design board and forget there are limitations in the cashflow HA!

Last week, I shared photos of a few purchases as well as some things I drowned in gold spray paint. Well, add in seeeeveral more shopping hauls and a few stacks of cardboard boxes on the doorstep and I would say we are really getting somewhere now. Instead of sharing more piles of my finds, I thought I would give you a glimpse of my latest treasure…finally done!!!

floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss 1 floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss 3and a little reminder of where what we were workin’ with before…

floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss - before and after

I reupholstered the chair in an upholstery class that I took. The chair did take me quite awhile given that I only devoted a couple of hours per week and I was at the mercy of the instructor. When she was with other students, I had to patiently wait for my next set of directions. There was a lot of downtime, but it was really a great experience. I will definitely be sharing more on the chair and more of the in-between photos in the next couple of weeks. This room is all happened because of that little find 🙂

floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss 4

You can learn more about this little chair’s journey here and here.

And that is what I’ve got for today! I was visiting my parents for 5 days last week, so I didn’t have much time to photograph actual progress in the room. Don’t worry, I promise to have plenty to share next week and then week 6 will be LOADED with pictures in the reveal post. Like, a ton.

You can see the entire transformation below:
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Sources

*Update: Here is the after of the chair in the finished space.
Thrifted find | Pretty Welcoming vase | gold pineapple vase 6 | Its so ugly its cool thrift challenge || This is our Bliss

Don’t forget to pin for later!
Cane chair makeover | One Room Challenge DIY project | This is our Bliss

Have a great day!!

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One Room Challenge [Guestroom Revamp Week #3]

Hello out there! Thank you so much for stopping by today! If you are visiting from Calling it Home, then welcome! To my fellow ORC Linking Participants – we are getting there, right?! Oh man – I don’t know about you, but for me it has been a whirlwind! I have spent most of the last week scoping out goodies for the guestroom – art, mirrors, fabric, frames, pillows, bedding, lamps, knobs & pulls. You name it, I shopped for it! The boys were along for the ride during most of the trips, too— scary thought, but we all survived. Even amidst the chaos, I do feel like a scored a few perfect finds for the room.

Target Threshold throw blanket - This is our Bliss Aldi picture frames - This is our Bliss

This Threshold Blanket GW find and an Aldi mirror set debuted on my IG feed earlier in the week. Follow along for more ORC sneak peeks 🙂
I love accessorizing and adding the finishing touches to a space, so this week was a ton of fun for me. I am heading out of town for 5 days soon, so I felt like I needed to GET BUSY & hitting the stores and a few online retailers was the way I went at it.

I mentioned last week that the walls were painted and here is what we went with:
SW Paint selection for Guestroom revamp walls - One Room Challenge - This is our Bliss

It is sort of hard to tell from the image, but the above swatches are all shades of whites. On the wall it appears as a creamy light gray and it is just the look I was going for. Post-paint isn’t as much as a transformation as Simon’s Nursery closet makeover, but it really does make the room look light and fresh.
The room wasn’t the only thing that received a few coats of paint this week….

IMG_9708 lamps before - This is our Bliss IMG_9715The bronze lamp base before…and then after…
freshly painted gold lamp base - This is our BlissSo. much. better.

Here are a few of the glam pieces going in the room – some old & some new. I heart them all.
One Room Challenge - Guestroom Revamp - The golden goodies- gold accesories - gold styling - This is our BlissAside from the painting projects, another big transformation took place. New curtain rods were purchased, hung and dressed with new curtain panels. We raised the rods to the ceiling and oh-my-gosh, it really does make the room look & feel bigger. Not quite sure why in other rooms of the house, we hung some rods just above the trim and others we went all the way to the ceiling with. I am pretty sure I want to raise them in every room now. We obviously weren’t on our game when we were initially finishing the space. We’ll see if that actually happens or if it is just a nice thought 🙂
HomeGoods black satin curtain rod - This is our BlissI found these black satin finish rods at HomeGoods and was thrilled when I first spotted them. I had previously picked out rods that were going to cost $50-$70 each. I found the longer rod at HomeGoods for $19.99 and was bummed when they didn’t have the shorter length I needed for the other window in the room. One of my girlfriends found one a couple of days later and picked it up for me – $16.99 for that one! Saved some serious bucks there. When you are making over an entire room, you truly have to be smart about your budget and save where you can. The rods I have and the ones I was going to purchase are nearly identical. Only you and I know the truth 🙂
Curtains before - Guestroom Revamp - One Room Challenge - This is our Bliss Removing old hardware - Guestroom Revamp - This is our Bliss Curtain & curtain rods after - One Room Challenge - Guestroom Revamp - This is our BlissLet’s see how everything else is coming along, shall we?

Original checklist:
Guestroom Revamp check list - This is our Bliss

And the more recent one (Sorry if it’s confusing I have 2 lists that overlap!)

new bedding
new hardware on bedside tables
new lamps or just new shades
something with the headboard
statement piece above the bed
nightstand styling
change out the bronze hardware
new art / gallery wall
new curtains – lighter in color or a bright print
makeover the mirror
paint dresser
replace hardware
remove hanging clothes rack
replace armoire with something bigger & with a clothing rod inside
insert upholstered chair

new items:

DIY Euro pillows
find side table to go next to chair
buy accessories for the dresser

I probably won’t be done adding things to the list until the end, so please bare with me!
The room is coming together and overall, I am very pleased with the progress. A couple of small changes to the original plan…probably not painting the dresser anymore and the new armoire I picked out wont fit in our space because of the TV that sits on top. The new unit measured nearly 10 inches taller than our current one, so we are going to stick with what we got! On the plus side, I was still able to remove the hanging clothes rack because we are going to be able to put a clothing rod in the piece we have now. So everything will now be hidden behind closed doors – thankfully!
Well, I think that pretty much sums up week 3 and for next week— Paint, shop, sew. Repeat.

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Plenty more coming soon – wish me luck!! Have a great day – the weekend is near!

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5 Fab Friday Finds {Florals}

TGIF! I have to say, I am starting to get a touch of spring fever. Maybe its because we are going on vacation soon or maybe its because I have been fabric shopping this week and stalking pinterest looking for ideas for my green chair. I started my upholstery class last week and during next week’s class, I will already start working with the material for the chair’s future cushions! I am so excited to finish this piece. The class is 8 weeks long and I feel like, in my head, there is already a line formed of future furniture finds that I have yet to scout out & buy and then eventually work on. It might become a slight addiction for me. I won’t be able to keep all of the pieces I reupholster, obviously, so will probably try to sell them!

Today, I am sharing a new little love of mine – florals! The power of the flower is making a comeback and I feel like it becomes on-trend again every few years. I won’t be sharing my actual fabric choice until I finish the chair, but here is where I pulled some of my inspiration.

Remember back to this post where I first debuted the green chair? I still picture these little beauties when I think back to how excited I was when I rescued my $4 chair.


| image source |

I had florals on my mind while fabric shopping online & at Joann’s this week and also found it to be a similar trend on Pinterest and in fashion blogland. I am so in love with a floral pattern mixed with brights + contrasting prints + leather. so fun. I think my green chair might go for a more feminine look this time around.

floral + leather + pink heels floral jacket - white shorts floral sweater - Damsel in Diord2c8105a470ba47e5fa4c2403667b1ac_am58mmPink-Kate-Spade-7-1

Image sources:
floral + leather | blazer | sweater + statement necklace | floral skinnies | hot pink skirt + clutch

IF I go with a floral pattern for the chair, it will be timeless. However, I think it almost NEEDS to have a fun contrasting pillow with a slight edge to go with. We’ll see what I come up with.

Have a wonderful weekend!!
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2 Chairs Down…

…Not sure how many more to go! I have found myself out shopping or perusing Craig’s List and have these oh-my-gosh-I-could-totally-make-this-chair-look-so-awesome-and-I-have-to-buy-it-now-because-I-will-never-find-another-one-like-it moments. Well, since I have had several of these “moments”, my husband can no longer park in the garage. Whoops! Sorry, dear. So, I finally decided to get out my black spray paint & staple gun and buy some fabric this week to finish up 2 of the chairs I picked up recently 8 months ago! I fell in love with the detailing on the back of the chairs and thought for $20 for the pair, I could make them into something fun. I think I had them looking pretty good after about an hour 🙂

Before I give you a very simplified version of my project, let me remind you that I am by no means an expert. I don’t reupholster furniture as a side job and I have only ever done a bench prior to these chairs.  There are tons and tons of tutorials by great bloggers out there and you can find thousands of pins all over Pinterest. I just wanted to show you how I took something from ugly to cute quite easily!

The before…


To start, I removed the screws underneath to allow me to remove the cushion.

IMG_6705 IMG_6701 IMG_6704

Once the cushion was free, I gave the chairs a good wipe down with a damp cloth.  Then, I took them out into the yard and gave them a fresh coat of glossy black spray paint.

IMG_6706 IMG_6707

While they dried, I laid out my 1 yard of fabric and cut it in half.  1/2 yard per cushion was just the right out amount. I laid the fabric pretty-side down and then the cushion face-down on top of it. I started by folding over one side of fabric and stapling it down in place. Next, I went to the opposite side of the one I just finished and pulled the fabric taught and stapled it down too.  To finish off the sides of the cushion (since I just did the front and back sides), I folded the fabric like I was wrapping a gift. One corner at a time and then staple, staple 🙂

IMG_6708 IMG_6709

After the chairs dried for about an hour, I centered the cushion back on the frame of the seat and had my husband help me hold steady and then drilled the seat cushion back in.  I used new screws since the old ones I removed were pretty rusty.

That was IT!

Here is the after…

DIY simple chair re-cover with funky stripes

A few close-ups… I will figure out what I am actually going to do with the chairs later. For now, they are in the playroom for some additional mama seating during playdates 🙂

IMG_6721 IMG_6729

Here you can see the fold over on the corners. If it is done neatly and tightly, it can still look nice.


Now, off to eat some leftover Halloween candy and have a(nother) glass of wine.

Hope to see you back here next week!

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Playroom Gallery Wall >>> Bold & Gold

Hello, all! Welcome back to This is our Bliss on this lovely Tuesday evening!  If this is your first time here, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back and visit again. As most of you know, I have been working project-by-project on our playroom and have one of the projects finished and ready to share!  The next couple of projects are very close to completion and the reveal is not too far out either 🙂

Take a look at the newest decorated wall in our house!

{I will be sharing the sources at the bottom of the post.}

playroom gallery wall playroom gallery wall playroom gallery wall

IMG_6227 IMG_6218playroom gallery gold details IMG_6238IMG_6222

Ticket stub poster & frame {IKEA – no longer available} | small gray frame | small black frame | Gold frames {Goodwill} | Brave canvas {local boutique} | Watercolor art {Waterlogue app – follow-up post to come} | black sunburst mirror {Homegoods} | small car prints {similar here} | Blue “S” & “H” | Play More & Enjoy the Ride art {DIY} | “fun” arrow {DIY project}

Playroom Gallery wall

Are you a fan of the “gallery wall”?  Do you have a wall that you can see yourself creating one on?  Please leave your thoughts & feedback – I would love to hear it!

More updates coming soon! Goodnight 🙂

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Nursery Project: Pegboard Gallery Wall

Hello! So I mentioned last week that I am working on some plans for our little playroom just off the family room.  I spent a couple hours last week going through toys – sorting them, pitching them, searching for them.  Lets just say we needed to do some organizing in there or I was going to lose my mind!  I know it is not going to be a room that stays clean, but as long as everything in it has a home, it will eventually make it back there someday 🙂 Along with some organizational strategizing, I began to do some decorative strategizing!  A shelf we had in the room with some art and books on it…well… came crashing down a couple of weeks ago and I am not going to be putting the shelf back up.  In its place, I am thinking I will put together a little gallery wall with a mix of art, photos and typography.  While pondering the design today, it got me thinking… I have had quite a few people ask me about the pegboard gallery wall I did in Simon’s nursery and I never really did a follow-up post with the deets, so thought it might be a good idea to revisit the nursery and give everyone some info on one of my favorite walls in the house.

The photo of this wall has been my most popular pin on Pinterest so far!


So, here we go…

I first went to Lowes & picked up a 4′ x 4′ pegboard.  I think it was about $8. I also bought a small foam roller and a few paint samples.  I went with shades of dark gray to test out.


I ended up mixing all 3 of the paints together until I got the color I was aiming for.  It took about 3 – 4 coats of paint for complete coverage.

IMG_3731 IMG_3735

Next we cut 2 pieces of plywood (1″ x 4″) and laid them across the back horizontally.  We placed a couple of screws in each piece of wood to secure them to the pegboard.  We then measured our wall, found our studs and marked the wall where we wanted to drill.  We were able to drill into the plywood pieces from the front with long extra long screws, enter the wall and catch the stud.  The plywood allowed us to secure the pegboard firmly to the wall and also act as a spacer between the pegboard and the wall in order to be able to hang things on it from the front.


We used screws to hang the Bygel rail & basket and we placed them so they hit the lower piece of plywood. Everything else was hung with pegboard hooks (see link in source list below)

IMG_5892 IMG_5895 IMG_5896IMG_5894IMG_5889 IMG_5897IMG_5889

There it is!  We hung the pegboard on the wall before attaching any of the frames, etc.  I am not one to lay out my frames on the floor beforehand and I definitely don’t take the time to trace out the frames and tape them on the wall in order to determine my placement.  I guess you could say I just wing it.  I need to get better about my planning when nailing into the wall, but the nice thing about working with a pegboard as your backdrop is you don’t have to worry about random nail holes in the wall! Not that I ever put 2 or 3 holes behind each picture before I get it where I want it or anything 🙂

Here is my source list from the original nursery post:


Pegboard Gallery wall

Please let me know if you have any questions or want more info on this project!  I would love your comments and feedback so please leave me some love (or whatever you are feeling) on this post!

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Thanks so much!

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