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DIY No-Sew Pom-Pom Trim Curtains | Create & Share Challenge

Hi there, guys! Happy Wednesday and welcome to this month’s Create & Share DIY Challenge! It’s been a couple of months since I was able to participate, but I am so happy to be back in action for this month’s theme – white curtains! There is nothing I love more than being able to shop my own house and bring decor pieces out of storage into a new space or bounce something from room-to-room. It’s frugal and fun and gives you the opportunity to recall why you fell in love with that piece in the first place. If you’re able to fall head-over-heels in love with your home over and over again, then you’re doing something right! Continue reading

This is our Bliss in-home shoot - bedroom 2 -

In-home photoshoot

Can we get real for a second?

I’ve never been so terrified in my LIFE! All kidding aside, I didn’t realize the nerves that were going to creep up over me when it was go-time.

I mean… I have a lot of fun (am I about to say this?) during our family photoshoots, for the most part. There are, of course, several lengthy intervals of tantrums and full-out posing DENIED when it comes to trying to photograph the boys, but our photographer is so kind. so patient. And no matter what, always finds a way to capture us having fun, smiling, one of the boys gazing at the other, etc. But, when it was my turn to be in front of the camera…alone…I was just plain nervous.

I had asked Robin, our family’s photographer to come over to take some headshots so I could use them to update my blog’s sidebar image and have photos to use as my profile picture across my social media accounts. We thought doing them in the house and some outside would make the most sense, and where I would be comfortable and feel at-home.  But, it was like high school senior pictures – volume 2. It felt strange to pose, and by pose, I of course mean look absolutely natural and normal in an everyday around the house kind of way!! Not only did I have to worry about myself, but I was always worried about the house! We shot a ton of photos outside becuase it was a warm fall day, but we took quite a few in the house and I tried to zjush things just so and then run back to my “spot” and say cheese.

Well, it turned out to be a lot of fun! And the pictures? I love them! Robin did a wonderfully awesome job!

I didn’t know what to do with the hundreds of pics of myself. So, lucky you, I’m going to share them (don’t worry, not all of them) today! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together that day.

This is our Bliss in-home shoot - bedroom - This is our Bliss in-home shoot - bedroom 2 - This is our Bliss in-home shoot - bedroom 1 -

These were shot in the master. Of course, just working away 😉
[Check out my plans for this space here for the “New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge”!]
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - chair - thisisourbliss.comIn our guestroom, sitting in the chair I reupholstered last year for the ORC.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - brick wall 1 - This is our Bliss in-home shoot - brick wall - thisisourbliss.comThen we headed outside to catch some shots in the yard and by the house. These you probably recognize from my profile pictures.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - outside - This is our Bliss in-home shoot - brick - thisisourbliss.comThis is our Bliss in-home photoshoot - Fall 2015 - outside - This is our Bliss in-home photoshoot - Fall 2015 - outside brickwall - thisisourbliss.comYou can’t see much of this outdoor space, but you can read more in my outdoor oasis series here. I made a few updates this past year, but they didn’t make it to the blog!
This is our Bliss in-home photoshoot - Fall 2015 - downstairs patio - thisisourbliss.comOur back deck staircase…
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - back deck staircase - thisisourbliss.comThen a few on our front stoop by one of my favorite spots in our house – our front door. It IS the sole reason we bought the house 😉 I just love it.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - front entryway - This is our Bliss in-home shoot - front door - thisisourbliss.comThis is our Bliss in-home shoot - formal living room - thisisourbliss.comAnd finally back inside to the formal living room.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - formal living room chairs - thisisourbliss.comMy first gallery wall in the house is in this room and has remain untouched until I spruced up the wall & the rest of the living room for Christmas this past year.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - formal living room gallery wall - thisisourbliss.comI talk a little bit about this gallery wall here – how to create the look and why its so special to me.
This is our Bliss in-home shoot - living room - thisisourbliss.comAnd that’s a wrap, folks!

A huge, mega big thank you to Photography by Robin Joy LLC for these wonderful photos! She is truly the very best to work with and our family is so grateful that she’s been able to capture our special moments & milestones over the last 3 years. If you are local to the Chicago area and are in need of a family photographer, she is your girl!

Thanks for reading today friends! See you back soon!

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How to style a nightstand - bedside table styling essentials - back to basics - This is our Bliss

Love the look? Shop My Nightstand! [Sources + Free Printable]

Hi, friends! Soooo, what did you think of the Back to Basics series so far? Some pretty great tips, huh?

I’m so excited for next week….1 – because I get to share more goodies with you all and 2 – because I can’t WAIT to see what my co-hosts have to share! I know its going to be good. so good!

I received several emails yesterday asking about the sources for a few of the items seen on my nightstand, so instead of just going back and editing Monday’s post, I thought I would talk more about everything here today. I mean, there’s a good chance more of you are curious, too, right? Continue reading

Back to Basics - How to style a nightstand - 6 elements of a well-styled nightstand - bedside table - bedroom decor - This is our Bliss

How to Style a Nightstand | Back to Basics Week #1

 Hello! If you are stopping by This is our Bliss today for the first time, welcome! I’m thrilled you are here!

So, I’m still confused as to how September was able to sneak up on us last week, but I am over-the-moon excited about what’s to come! To kick off the start of this new season and back-to-school for all the kiddos, a group of talented, like super-crazy talented, bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you a fun new series – “Back to Basics”!
Back to Basics Series Graphic - This is our Bliss - Southern State of Mind - Being Bianca - 11 Magnolia Lane - Heathered Nest - House by Hoff
Every Monday in the month of September, each of us will be dishing on our favorite tips, tricks & tutorials for all the basics of Home Décor & DIY. We’re going to break it down and show you what we’re workin’ with to help you achieve the look & complete the projects you want the scoop on! Continue reading

black & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - gallery wall - This is our Bliss

Think again Thursday #5 [DIY Journal cover art]

Today I’m going to share my latest “Think again Thursday” project with you guys! A DIY Journal Cover Art piece! This may or may not be the very last project stemming from the One Room Challenge when I worked on our guestroom. I know, I know. You’re so OVER this guestroom! I understand. Well, I hope you still like this project – because even though I worked on it months ago, it has reignited a creative spark in me. I need that to happen more often.

I must admit. I feel really good about getting this series up & running! Awhile back, I had the idea to share how I take random everyday items and use them in new and unexpected ways – like a coin bank turned planter or using a curtain panel to reupholster a headboard. I mean, if you like a pattern, you like a pattern.

While perusing Pinterest or getting lost in blogland, I just LOVE when people share their ideas for ways to think outside the box. To do something unexpected with an ordinary object. Starting this series has inspired me to continue to strive to be creative while out shopping, thrifting or just decorating with things I have around the house – #shoppingyourhouse is THEE.BEST.THING! It is fun, free and it totally gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Like, “yeah, I just made this. with that!” Anyone else?

Not only am I happy to have 5 whole posts in this series ;), but it gets me thinking back to Haven and everything I still want to do here at This is our Bliss. What I want to turn this blog into…What the future holds…. and what direction do I want it to go in? I mentioned the other day that I have a few exciting things taking place in September, which is fitting because I have always thought of fall as a fresh start. Back to school (except now its not me its my OWN kid!)…returning to a schedule…finding a rhythm….getting organized…feeling a sense of motivation and turning it into productivity. Does the onset of fall do that to you, too?

I am really, really excited to get this new season started off with a bang, so I really hope you will sign up to receive my posts emailed to you and visit me more often! There is so much I plan to share!

So, here we go:
2 pack journals - black & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - gallery wall - This is our Bliss
A few months ago, at HomeGoods, strolling up and down the aisles like a manic fiend, I stumbled upon the cutest set of notebooks. It was a pack of 2 and I thought it would be perfect to use at my desk to jot notes down or to carry with me with my to-do lists scribbled down.
black & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - gallery wall - This is our Bliss
Once I got it home, and used it a couple of times, I decided it was too pretty to be shoved in a desk drawer or toted around in my son’s diaper bag for that matter. It was one fancy to-do list, but still it needed to be showcased – a frame, I thought!
black & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - guest room gallery wall - This is our BlissI simply cut the cover off, stuck it behind a white mat and popped it into a black frame. Easy as pie.

It fits perfectly with the color scheme and pattern play I have going on in that room and actually looks like an expensive gold foil print – wrong! It was actually only $2 since the 2-pack of journals was only $3.99. I mean, does HomeGoods even make a profit with those kinds of prices?! I already had the mat and frame from one of my frame thrifting excursions just laying around to be used in another gallery wall. I love it when it all comes together like that!
guestroom revamp - gallery wall - picture ledge - gold foil journal turned art - This is our Bliss guestroom revamp - gallery wall - picture ledge - gold foil journal turned art - reupholstered cane chair - This is our BlissThe gold foil is subtle enough that it doesn’t take over the gallery wall, but its luxe look still pairs well alongside the gold accent table and its slight shimmer gleams against the pale creamy gray walls and the warm wood accents. Plus, my favorite chair + favorite project. ever.

All I can think of lately is what else can I cut apart and frame??!

Just this week, I was at Michaels and stopped dead-in-my-tracks when I saw these glitz & glam notecards on sale for $5. A 60-pack!!
Yes, a 60-pack of gold foil notecards in a boxed set for 5 bucks.
It of course, came home with me.
Michaels gold foil greeting card pack - turn into wall art - this is our bliss
I only wish I had a need for an all gold gallery wall. Wouldn’t this arrangement be so fab?!
gold foil greeting cards - turn into wall art - michaels greeting card pack - This is our BlissHow about in a nursery, with white mats and all white frames? Too darling!!

Here are a couple of other examples I framed greeting cards to use as wall art:

framing greeting cards as art - pegboard gallery wall - little boy nursery - LOVE - This is our BlissThis “LOVE LOVE LOVE” art print is actually just a greeting card. Inside of a small silver Ribba frame, it hangs proudly on a hook
on Simon’s Nursery Pegboard Gallery Wall.  I found it along with the one below in a set at Michaels last year.
framing greeting cards as art - baby room shelf - art display - gallery wall - little boy nursery - You are our greatest adventure - This is our BlissThis is a shelf on the back corner wall of his nursery. Again, white Ribba frame, a pair of silver dinosaurs and I’d say it is one nice little #shelfie.

black & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - gallery wall - vignette 1 - This is our Blissblack & gold foil polka dot journal turned art - guestroom art - gallery wall - vignette - This is our Bliss

What about you? What unexpected things have you framed lately? Does this make you think again when you see a cute greeting card or journal?!
gold foil art from a journal cover - think again thursday - how to create unexpected wall art - DIY wall art - This is our Bliss
Thanks for stopping by and please do come back again soon!
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Think again Thursday #2 [How to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel]

Do you remember when I shared this insta pic earlier this month?

11205866_366267903584345_560520971_n Well, I was in the midst of the guestroom revamp and I decided it was time to bust out the steamer and get my new HomeGoods curtain panels ready to roll…because they were going up…but not on the windows…on the headboard.

I happened to be out shopping at HG one day, totally odd, I know, and I came across this great set of curtain panels. I thought the deep yellow might just be a lovely match to the golden yellow in my cane chair fabric. I picked up 2 sets and headed home to check it out. They were just that…a perfect color match and I decided I really liked the bold geometric pattern paired with the soft, but bold floral print. The curtains sat around for a little while amongst all of my other random finds for the room until one day, my friend, Haley and I were playing around with fabric swatches for pillow ensembles. We sort of laid the curtain panel over the front of the dark wood & leather headboard to get a feel for the contrast of prints and patterns and we realized it might just make the perfect headboard covering!

See before…
IMG_9352 espresso wood & leather headboard corner before - guestroom revamp - This is our Bliss
It magically worked out that one curtain panel was just the right size to be stretched across the headboard to cover it in its entirety. I let it sit with scotch tape holding it to the headboard for a couple of weeks, until I got out my supplies one Saturday morning and knew it was time to just do it.
How to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - Guestroom revamp - pattern play pillows - floral - dalmation - hexagon - This is our BlissSo today, I will do my best to walk you through the steps I took to create this look – a custom headboard reupholstered with a curtain panel!!

I knew the panel was going to fit, so I didn’t take the time to measure anything. First, though, I had Ted help me stick furniture gliders under the front corners of the bed so we could push the bed out from the wall in order to give me some work space. Next, I grabbed a large piece of batting from my stash to use underneath the curtain panel. I had a very large piece and after draping it over the headboard, I cut off some of the excess from the edges.

I pulled the top down first…how to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - lay batting down & fold over - DIY headboard - This is our Blissthen the sides…
How to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - fold batting over corner - this is our blissand finally added a staple to the corner…
how to reupholster headboard with a curtain panel - fold batting over corner and staple - this is our bliss…using this staple gun.
how to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - staple gun - this is our blissI randomly placed staples across the top and sides just to secure the batting enough so it wouldn’t become loose. I tried not to place too many staples into the batting because I didn’t want to end up stapling over top of them when I stapled the actual curtain panel to the headboard.

Here is the view from the front…
finished batting - this is our blissNext, I spread the curtain panel out on the floor…
how to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - this is our bliss how to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - cutting grommets off - this is our bliss …and cut of the grommets to make it easier to attach to the headboard. I didn’t want the metal to get in the way while inserting the staples.
how to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - line up the top edge to make sure it will be straight and even - this is our blissNext, I draped the curtain over the headboard and used push-pins to hold it in place, after lining up the pattern straight and evenly across the top & sides.

I started stapling away and soon realized my staples were coming out like this…
bad staple job - how to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - this is our blissSo I removed several of the bad ones with needle-nose pliers…
hwo to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - remove bad staples with needlenose pliers - this is our bliss…And got out my tack hammer (similar here) from upholstery class. I used it over and over again while reupholstering my chair. It was a pretty nice little investment.
how to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - upholstery tack hammer - this is our blissThe awesome part about using tacks versus staples, is that you can tap them in just enough to hold your fabric (or curtain panel) in place, but you can easily pull out the tack with your fingers if you need to maneuver your fabric. Removing tight staples is a much more labor-intensive & time consuming process. Trust me.
how to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - tack hammer and tacks - this is our blissThen I tapped in tacks alongside the right & left sides of the headboard as well as the top.
how to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - tack up and down sides and top of headboard - this is our blissI ended up doing all tacks (no staples) across the top because I found I had to tweak the fabric here and there in to order to ensure the pattern was straight across the top edge of the headboard when looking at it from the front.
how to reupholster a headboard with a curtain panel - tacks every 4 - 5 inches - this is our blissI tapped the tacks in about every 4 – 6 inches across the top and then when I was sure the curtain pattern was evenly lined up on the front of the headboard, I used the tack hammer to drive the tacks further into the wood. I wanted the tacks to hold the batting & curtain panel in place, but I also wanted to ensure the tacks were in deep enough to not scratch the wall once I pushed the bed back in place.

That is pretty much it! It took me approximately 1 hour to complete and I loooove how it turned out. It is more permanent, than temporary, but it does not have to stay forever if I don’t want it to. Did I mention the pair of curtain panels was only $19.99. Totally beats upholstery fabric, even at 50% off at Joann’s.

Here are a few more shots in case you didn’t see enough during the guestroom revamp reveal?
Guestroom revamp - pattern play - floral, dalmation, geo, gold - This is our Bliss Guestroom revamp - pattern play pillows - floral - dalmation - hexago - This is our Bliss Guestroom revamp - full bed & wall view - This is our BlissLike this look?! You can check out the guestroom source list here.

What do you think? Will you give a set of curtain panels a second look even if you aren’t in the market for new window treatments?
New pillows…a lampshade…the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for joining me here today and I hope you’ll visit again soon 🙂

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Guestroom Revamp | How to Mix Prints | Pattern Play Tips

Love the Look? | Guestroom Revamp Source List

Hello and welcome! I hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day weekend! Mine was lovely! I spent the weekend away with my husband at an out-of-town wedding of a friend of his. On our way home on Sunday, we stopped by his parents’ house to surprise his mom. After a short visit, we headed to our house where my parents and the little guys were there waiting for us! The afternoon was spent playing outside and after a nice dinner and a couple of drinks, we were all off to bed early. My kind of night 🙂

 As promised, I am back today with a full source list from the newly finished guestroom I completed for the One Room Challenge with Calling it Home! I am smitten with how it turned out and have been so unbelievable overwhelmed and humbled by the response – wonderfully sweet comments on the blog and plenty more on social media! You guys are awesome – thank you! I even got the stamp of approval from our first guests. When my mom first walked in she said, “I don’t even want to set my bags down in here!” I took that as a compliment. The challenge conveniently ended just before my parents were due for a visit – perfect timing!

So if you like the look, scroll down and see where I scored all of my finds!

Guestroom revamp - pattern play - floral, dalmation, geo, gold - This is our Bliss

gold urchin [HomeGoods]
black metal circle wall art [Hobby Lobby + black spray paint]
Guestroom revamp - pattern play pillows - floral - dalmation - hexago - This is our Bliss

geometric headboard [DIY tutorial coming soon]
pillows: floral Euro pillow [ insert + DIY cover using this fabric] | Animal print standard sham | gold shimmer ruffle pillow [HomeGoods]
Guestroom revamp - full bed & wall view - This is our Blissbedding: white comforter | gray quilt | teal throw [Threshold from Goodwill]
guestroom revamp - bedside table - trinket dish - fresh flowers - water decanter - This is our Bliss

guestroom revamp - bedside table - gold - This is our Bliss

bedside items: black frame [HomeGoods] | Decanter & glasses | round gray tray [lid from box set] | black & white mirror [Target – no longer available]
lamp [previously owned + fave gold spray paint | lux candle | white & gold trinket dish [HomeGoods]

Guestroom revamp - bedside table - gold lamp & clock - succulent - design books- This is our Bliss Guestroom revamp - bedside table - gold lamp & clock - succulent - Nate Berkus book -This is our Bliss

succulent pot & gold clock [HomeGoods]
round boxes
Books: Elements of Style | The Things That Matter – Nate Berkus

Guestroom revamp - gold magazine rack - nightstand drawer pull - This is our Blissteal & gold drawer pull
gold magazine rack [thrifted + fave gold spray paint]
Guestroom revamp - Minted art - open frame - luggage rack - This is our BlissGuestroom revamp - Minted art - open frame - luggage rack - - dresser - fresh flowers - This is our Bliss

art: top | bottom [both 8″x10″]
frames: Gold wall frames [thrifted] | black frame | small standing gold frame [HomeGoods]
luggage rack [thrifted + DIY makeover tutorial]
dresser items: teal vases [HomeGoods] | faux peonies [Michaels] + real hydrangeas | exotic branches [Dollar Tree]
gold drop ring drawer pulls 
small round gold mirror [thrifted]

Guestroom Revamp - dresser details - leaning art - This is our Blisshexagon tray [Target – no longer available]
gold wing trinket dish
"GuestroomHenry Matisse tree art print [IKEA – no longer available]
black & white framed art [Hobby Lobby]
Guestroom revamp - planter - armoire - ombre lamp - This is our Blissplant [Meijer] + plant basket
teal lamp & gold geometric vase [HomeGoods]
cane chair makeover - floral and houndstooth fabric - Guestroom revamp - This is our Bliss

chair [thrifted + reupholstered with this fabric + buttons & seat back in this fabric – see previous chair posts 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Guestroom revamp - gallery wall - picture ledge - minted - This is our Bliss

gold metal side table [HomeGoods]
picture ledge
Guestroom revamp - picture ledge - gallery wall - This is our Bliss

personalized heart snapshot art square frame + custom mat
black & gold foil art [DIY tutorial here]

Guestroom revamp - gallery wall - Illinois watercolor - This is our Blisscustom state watercolor [details here]
Guestroom revamp - life doesn't have to be perfect - This is our Bliss

canvas [TJ Maxx]
open gold frame [thrifted]
Guestroom Revamp - guest towel hooks - gold pineapple hooks - This is our BlissGold pineapple hooks [Ross Stores]
Guestroom revamp - pineapple art - mini gallery wall - This is our Blisspineapple print | white frame | metallic gold framed canvas [HomeGoods]
all other frames not listed [thrifted]

I did not keep a running tally of the amount I spent on the room, but since I was able to use all of the furniture we previously had with the exception of my reupholstered cane chair and the small gold side table sitting next to it, I really only had to buy decor / accessories. Working with what you already have when it comes to large pieces of furniture is definitely a great way to save some $. Leave it “as is” or update it with a couple coats of paint or new hardware and it will give it a whole new look while still being able to stash some cash.
There were a few DIY pieces included in the room and I plan to get the follow-up tutorial posts out in the next week. Since I was also able to shop my house for several items, too, which is always an added bonus, those items might not be listed. If you have questions about anything you see or don’t see, just leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

See how the Guestroom Revamp project transformed throughout the 6 week One Room Challenge here:

Week 1: Inspiration | Week 2: Design Board | Week 3: Progress | Week 4: Cane chair Makeover | Week 5: Progress  | Week 6: The Reveal

Have a great day and I hope to see you back here soon!
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Guestroom revamp - Gallery wall - picture ledge - floating frame - DIY cane chair - Floral pattern - This is our Bliss

One Room Challenge [Guestroom Revamp Week #6 – The Reveal]

Spring One Room Challenge Finish line – check, CHECK! It’s time to shine the spotlight on the newest finished space in our home. Today is the Guestroom Reveal Day! Welcome back if you’ve been following along as I’ve plowed through the last 6 weeks working on our guestroom for the One Room Challenge with Calling it Home. If you’ve missed out on where we’ve been, have a peek below:
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5

Creating this space was such a highly charged and inspirational process. The timeline, for starters, seemed quite lofty and the to-do list was miles long, which made for some highs and lows each working day in the room. The encouragement from readers and fellow participants was just what I needed to keep chugging along through those tough moments – so thank you! It was without a doubt, a CHALLENGE. no joke! This project pushed me creatively and it felt really, really good! I experimented with color, while sticking to what I like and know best: black, white and gold. I went a little wild with pattern play, crafted up a few eclectic gallery walls and took several personal design risks. Overall, it was seriously the coolest thing to be a part of! Thank you, Linda for hosting!

I will dish more on the finer details of everything you see today, including a source list & a few DIY tutorials in follow-up posts…

But now, let’s get to these photos, shall we?! Continue reading

gold pineapple wall hooks - guestroom revamp - This is our Bliss

One Room Challenge [Guestroom Revamp Week #5]

Week 5 already?! So crazy! I think this past week has been (and certainly next week will be) the most difficult part of the One Room Challenge with Calling it Home. In the beginning, it was all sunshine and roses…dreaming up ideas, browsing for inspiration photos, hunting for the perfect finds…. and now, it all has to come together & fast! I can tell you I have a laundry list of items I have to return and another list of things I still need to buy & DO! It was a tough pill to swallow when the pieces I had such high hopes for, just weren’t going to work out. Wrong size, wrong shape, wrong color, too similar or too different to something else that already found a permanent home. Trying not to dwell on the fact that some things just weren’t meant to be. Moving ooooon!

Although certain things didn’t work out, MANY things have and thanks to Ted and my friend, Haley, I’ve really been able to get after it this past week! Not like I am done, just twiddling my thumbs waiting for week 6, but I knocked some big things out with their help. Ted has been hanging things, moving furniture and listening to the recap of my HomeGoods adventures and Haley has been THE BEST – a rockstar actually. She’s allowed me to bounce countless ideas off of her and she’s been able to throw in some killer suggestions for the space, too. We tend to take on the role of each other’s design assistant, when it comes to decorating (or redecorating) our homes – from material & paint selection to furniture placement & musical pillows, but I can’t thank her enough for the amount of help she has given me in just this ONE room! I owe her a glass of wine or a few bottles 🙂

Now to get caught up on this past week:

installed new hardware on the dresser (well, 10 /12 are done…I had to order another set)
hung a floating ledge near the new chair
gilded mirror for over the dresser
found new lampshades (after the IKEA ones didn’t work! – sorry no photos yet)
& ALOT of wall design planning

These walls are going to be the end of me. seriously. I think I am losing sleep over these bare bad boys. I have been struggling between going simple or all out funky. Trying to find a happy medium as we speak 🙂

Here’s a visual of what’s been going down in here:

dresser before - guestroom revamp - This is our Bliss new dresser knobs - antique brass - This is our Bliss

My pack of 10 wasn’t enough…I had these pulls on hand from another project that didn’t make it to the finish line. I ordered another set and will throw them on as fast as I can. You will see the finished dresser next week 🙂


late night power toolin’

floating wall ledge - guestroom revamp - This is our Bliss

Plenty of pretty pieces to layer on the floating ledge…I just need to decide which ones!

Another look at before:


brown, brown and more brown. I knew I needed to add some color to the space, but touches of gold are being added throughout as well. Like I shared in week 3 of the ORC and a quick fix below…

IMG_9943 bronze mirror before close up - This is our Bliss

I like the mirror itself, unique lines and the round shape is good, but it was a little too bronze for the look I was going for. I applied some of my gold Rub ‘n Buff to lighten it up a bit.

Gold rub'n'buff application - mirror- This is our BLiss gold rub'n'buff mirror after - This is our Bliss

This will get hung back in its place this weekend!

I mentioned my night terrors about the wall art….I have had a mess of frames and art on the floor for a week or 2. I lay a few things out, then a few more, then put it all back up against the wall and start over.

gallery wall planning - guestroom revamp - This is our Bliss

I will hopefully have a nice gallery wall tutorial after the challenge is over. We will see.

Oh and I hung these cuties up!

gold pineapple wall hooks - guestroom revamp - This is our Bliss gold pineapple - wall hook - guestroom revamp - This is our Bliss

The perfect nook behind the door for guests to hang their towels. Pineapples + gold = happy little place in the room.

Sooooo much to reveal next week. I promise there is color, like I mentioned there would be from the start. It is going to be fresh and lively and hopefully a lovely place for our guests to stay.

Here is where we stand with only 1 week left:

Guestroom Revamp check list week 5 - This is our Bliss

new lamps or just new shades
something with the headboard
statement piece above the bed
nightstand styling
new art / gallery wall
new curtains – lighter in color or a bright print
makeover the mirror
insert upholstered chair

DIY Euro pillows
find side table to go next to chair
buy accessories for the dresser

A few more check marks and I’ll be there! Countdown is on for next week’s reveal – whew…ok…ready or not!

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I think it is safe to say that after next Thursday, I am taking a BREAK! Although Simon turns 1 next month and our basement is under construction, so it won’t exactly be a break, but it will be nice to have new and exciting things to work on! That and finally be able to be outside. Spring in Chicagoland is really starting to shape up nicely. We went to the park this morning and Henry just couldn’t get enough! It is so fun to watch him play at this age. It was, however, a slightly different park experience than last summer, given that Simon didn’t want to just snooze in his stroller the entire playdate, but we managed just fine. It was great to see and catch up with all of the other mom’s in the group I am in, too.  It was pretty apparent we are no longer suffering from cabin fever. Being out and about like a normal person is such a good feeling 🙂

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Thrifted find | Pretty Welcoming vase | gold pineapple vase 6 | Its so ugly its cool thrift challenge || This is our Bliss

One Room Challenge [Guestroom Revamp Week #4]

I guess it is that time again! Thursday is here which means it is week 4 over at Calling it Home‘s One Room Challenge for the Linking Participants.


If you are just visiting today for the first time and need to get-in-the-know about what has been going on, you can do it here [week 1, week 2, week 3]! Also, welcome! I mentioned before how it has been a little cray cray over here ever since I made the commitment to have this guestroom finished in 6 weeks, but in a good way! It has really been a fun challenge for me personally to learn how to manage my time, prioritize and bargain shop. There are quite a few things needed to fill a space, so I have been trying to watch the dreaded b-word (you know, budget) so it doesn’t get out of hand. It is easy to create a design board and forget there are limitations in the cashflow HA!

Last week, I shared photos of a few purchases as well as some things I drowned in gold spray paint. Well, add in seeeeveral more shopping hauls and a few stacks of cardboard boxes on the doorstep and I would say we are really getting somewhere now. Instead of sharing more piles of my finds, I thought I would give you a glimpse of my latest treasure…finally done!!!

floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss 1 floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss 3and a little reminder of where what we were workin’ with before…

floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss - before and after

I reupholstered the chair in an upholstery class that I took. The chair did take me quite awhile given that I only devoted a couple of hours per week and I was at the mercy of the instructor. When she was with other students, I had to patiently wait for my next set of directions. There was a lot of downtime, but it was really a great experience. I will definitely be sharing more on the chair and more of the in-between photos in the next couple of weeks. This room is all happened because of that little find 🙂

floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss 4

You can learn more about this little chair’s journey here and here.

And that is what I’ve got for today! I was visiting my parents for 5 days last week, so I didn’t have much time to photograph actual progress in the room. Don’t worry, I promise to have plenty to share next week and then week 6 will be LOADED with pictures in the reveal post. Like, a ton.

You can see the entire transformation below:
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*Update: Here is the after of the chair in the finished space.
Thrifted find | Pretty Welcoming vase | gold pineapple vase 6 | Its so ugly its cool thrift challenge || This is our Bliss

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Cane chair makeover | One Room Challenge DIY project | This is our Bliss

Have a great day!!

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