2 Gilded DIY Projects for Your Thanksgiving Table {Place cards & a “Thankful” book}

Hello out there! The week is coming to and end which means we are that much closer to Thanksgiving and of course, the countdown is on for Christmas (at least in our house ūüôā ) 32 days and counting, but who’s counting?! HA! Tomorrow we are spending the afternoon and evening at a “Friendsgiving” with friends, obviously and then¬†only a couple days until we pack up and head to my in-laws to spend time for actual Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to getting away for a bit and hanging out with family & friends. Thanks for all of the sweet comments, emails and Instagram likes on my Thanksgiving Table. I can only imagine some of you probably think I am a little cuckoo¬†crazy for setting up a table when I am not even hosting, but I just couldn’t resist after seeing such beautiful ideas all over Blogland and Pinterest. Since I created the table mostly using things I already had, it was a fun little afternoon activity and of course, a few quick DIY projects came out of it as well. Today, I am sharing 2 of the 3 pieces I crafted for the table to give it a personal (and gilded) touch! I will share the last one tomorrow, so please come back to see!

DIY gilded place cards and thankful book for thanksgiving table 2

Project #1:

As I was sorting through my extra fall d√©cor to place on the table and¬†to fill the dome of my¬†cake stand, I found some fake leaves in one of my storage bins and thought they would make great place cards. Sure, I could have left them as-is, but I can’t resist busting out the gold spray paint.¬†It was as simple as this:

DIY Gilded leaf place cards for Thanksgiving table

Lay out your leaves and apply a generous amount of gold spraypaint to ensure full coverage.

DIY Gilded leaf place cards for Thanksgiving table - diy table decor

Let them dry and then write your guests name with a black sharpie.

DIY gilded leaf place cards - thanksgiving table decor - diy gold

I traced over the names a second time to try to darken the lettering, but it was still pretty faint on the leaf. If I did them again, I think I would maybe use black paint, but the sharpie totally did the job.

DIY Gilded leaf place cards for Thanksgiving table - diy gold table decor

Project #2:

DIY gold chipboard thanksful book for thanksgiving table

I came up with the idea to make a “We are thankful for…” book after I picked up a leaf chipboard kit for $.39 at Michaels when their Halloween d√©cor was 80% off.

Leaf chipboard for "thankful" book - DIY Gold thanksgiving table decor

I have seen lots of Thanksgiving tables set using brown kraft paper as placemats or a tablecloth and then a black marker to write “I am thankful for:” to allow family and friends to reflect on and share their thoughts on what is special and important to them at this time of the year. It just so happened to work with my leaf theme, so decided to make it gold, too.

DIY gilded leaf place cards - thanksgiving table decor - diy gold

Same as the leaves…Lay out all of the chipboard pieces and give them a good spray.
These dried extremely fast, so was able to apply the Sharpie to it right away.

DIY gold thanksful book for thanksgiving table

This time, I did decide to go over the marker letters with a fine point¬†paintbrush and black craft paint because I really wanted the “Thankful” to be bold and stand out on the table.

DIY gold chipboard thanksful book for thanksgiving table 3

much better!

DIY gold thanksful book for thanksgiving table 2

I didn’t draw any lines in the pages to write on, but thought it would be neat to just have words randomly throughout.¬† I may add “2014” to the back of the book after we all write what we are thankful for. Clearly, Henry & Simon will need a little help with their pages, but I think it will be cute to see what Henry actually says when we ask him haha.
Next, I stacked the pages and attached the metal ring clip it came with to hold them all together.

DIY gold thanksful book for thanksgiving table

Set it on the table and it’s ready to go!

DIY gold thanksful book for thanksgiving table

Tomorrow, I will be sharing the super easy instructions for making a less messy alternative to the ever-so-trendy chalkboard art. You can create your own with just 2 materials and neither one is chalkboard paint or chalk!

DIY faux chalkboard art - gather here with thankful hearts - thanksgiving tablescape - fall decor

See you then and thanks for reading. Now, off to start a nice and relaxing Friday night at home Рthose are the best ones in my book.

What are your favorite Friday night plans? Are you celebrating an early Thanksgiving this weekend?!

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Playroom Reading Nook: Part 1 {DIY Letters + Marquee Heart}

So, after what-felt-like-forever-since-my-last-post, I am back!¬† Everyone in our house was down last week with grueling colds and then I took off for the weekend for one of my oldest friend’s bachelorette party.¬† I was worried all week that I wouldn’t be able to leave with sick kiddos, but everyone started to turn the corner by Wednesday & Thursday, so off I went and left the little guys with the big guy of the house.¬† The girls weekend was a ton of fun & was so appreciative for some much needed time away to relax & unwind.¬† We stayed in a beautiful vacation home in Galena, IL and had a great to,e catching up with several of my childhood friends!¬† I got home yesterday afternoon and settled right back in with my boys.¬† You could find us all on the couch hanging out watching football and gearing up for a busy week.¬† I have lots to share this week and next as I wrap up the playroom posts and dive into some new projects too.

Today, I am sharing the first project of the future reading nook in the playroom!¬† I have plans for the rest of this lil’ corner and I think it will be a 3 part series when it is all said and done!

My idea for this wall snowballed after I laid my eyes on this:

Marquee Heart

I spotted¬†this Marquee Heart¬†at Michaels and knew it was just what the reading nook needed. A little something to jazz up what might be considered boring bookshelves & some letters (even though I wasn’t sure what the letters were going to say yet… probably just “READ” or something simple).¬†Well, not anymore! I walked over to the wooden crafts aisle & scooped up some white MDF letters and headed home with my project ready to roll.

white wooden letters for marquee reading wall

Next, I was on a mission to find a scrapbook paper pack with colors & designs that would match the gallery wall.¬† I found the perfect one at Joann Fabrics.This paper was actually really nice and was considered premium cardstock.¬†It was glossy and had some dimension & thought it would look awesome on the wall ūüôā

I got home & selected the papers I was going to use & got out my roll of gold vinyl (the same roll I used on the “fun” arrow) and a few other materials.¬† If you saw my playroom inspiration post, you’ll remember I was intrigued by the gold triangle look and thought these letters might be a great place to incorporate them. So, if you’re trying to follow along, 1/2 of the letters are going to be covered in scrapbook paper and the other 1/2 are going to be covered in gold vinyl triangles. Make sense? You’ll see below.

So here we go…

Gold Triangle Letters

Gold Vinyl Triangle lettersGold Vinyl Triangle letter 2

Next up…

Scrapbook paper letters

Materials for DIY scrapbook paper letters DIY Scrapbook paper letters

After the letters were all cut out, I spritzed the adhesive on the front of the letter and placed the cut paper down gently starting at the top and then working my way down. Once it was lined up & in place, I pressed down to make sure it was smooth and set.

IMG_6160 IMG_6161

Next, they were headed for the wall!  I laid my painters tape out & made sure it was level, then I marked the tape where the hole on the back of the letter was.  I hammered each nail into the wall & hung the letters one by one.

IMG_6167 IMG_6176 IMG_6257 IMG_6263 IMG_6269 Marquee heart from Michaelsscrapbook letter on the reading wall

I unintentionally caught the reflection of the playroom gallery wall in the shiny marquee <3

The coolest part about the heart marquee is that it is battery-powered so there are no cords in the way around the little kids.

DIY bright & bold letters + Marquee Heart

What do you think?!  I kind of heart it. wink, wink!

See you back here soon with some more playroom goodies! Please follow along by email for FREE posts delivered right to your inbox and be sure to follow along on social media as well {buttons on the right-hand side}.

Thanks for reading!

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Nursery Word Art


If you are new to This is our Bliss, welcome! I am so glad you have stopped by!

Many readers have been very interested in the Nursery Word Art that is framed on the Pegboard Gallery Wall in Simon’s Nursery.¬†I originally created this Nursery word art piece because I loved they saying, but couldn’t find it just the way I envisioned it – with his precise colors and all. So, what does any true¬†DIY’er do? Make it herself, I suppose!

You can visit my new etsy shop, where the word art is available and customizable, too!

If you are looking for cute & inexpensive art¬†to adorn a gallery wall (aren’t we all?!) in a little one’s nursery, then you have come to the right place.¬† Whether you are creating a¬†nursery gallery wall for one of¬†your own children or seeking a baby gift for a new mom or mom-to-be.

It is formatted to fit inside an 8″ x 10″ frame or a larger frame with a mat fit for an 8″¬† x 10″ photo.¬†I had mine printed at the local FedEx/Kinkos for $1.50 on white cardstock and then placed it behind a mat in a white 11″ x 14″ frame. Then I hung it on the pegboard using one a hook from this set.

This pegboard book set is also a great option for hanging a variety of things on a pegboard wall too!
Nursery word art - Etsy printable - navy lime aqua - gallery wall - pegboard gallery wall - This is our Bliss Nursery Word Art - Etsy Printable - This is our BlissLittle boy nursery pegboard gallery wall - DIY nursery decor - navy green & gray - This is our Bliss Nursery pegboard gallery wall | diy nursery decor | baby boy nursery | lime green + navy + gray | This is our Bliss Nursery word art - displayed on nursery pegboard - gallery wall - This is our Bliss


Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery closet deatails  - navy green gray - This is our BlissNursery closet DIY details
Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - Nursery closet details - accessories + labels - navy green gray - This is our BlissNursery closet accessory & label details
DIY Nursery MobileNursery Mobile
DIY nursery curtains from bed sheets - navy white striped curtain panels - this is our BlissDIY curtainsSimon's Nursery Reveal | DIY Nursery | DIY decorations | navy, green & gray - DIY nursery photos & details

Click here for the rest of my DIY projects from the nursery and here for all other DIY projects!

Nursery printable

Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - navy green gray - This is our Bliss 8 Nursery pegboard gallery wall - round frames with fabric - thrifted frames - this is our bliss Baby boy nursery closet | diy nursery organization | navy green gray nursery | This is our Bliss

See you back here soon! As always, thank you so so much for reading.

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Nursery Project: Pegboard Gallery Wall

Hello! So I mentioned last week that I am working on some plans for our little playroom just off the family room.¬† I spent a couple hours last week going through toys – sorting them, pitching them, searching for them.¬† Lets just say we needed to do some organizing in there or I was going to lose my mind!¬† I know it is not going to be a room that stays clean, but as long as everything in it has a home, it will eventually make it back there someday ūüôā Along with some organizational strategizing, I began to do some decorative strategizing!¬† A shelf we had in the room with some art and books on it…well… came crashing down a couple of weeks ago and I am not going to be putting the shelf back up.¬† In its place, I am thinking I will put together a little gallery wall with a mix of art, photos and typography.¬† While pondering the design today, it got me thinking… I have had quite a few people ask me about the pegboard gallery wall I did in Simon’s nursery and I never really did a follow-up post with the deets, so thought it might be a good idea to revisit the nursery and give everyone some info on one of my favorite walls in the house.

The photo of this wall has been my most popular pin on Pinterest so far!


So, here we go…

I first went to Lowes & picked up a 4′ x 4′ pegboard.¬† I think it was about $8. I also bought a small foam roller¬†and a few paint samples.¬† I went with shades of dark gray to test out.


I ended up mixing all 3 of the paints together until I got the color I was aiming for.  It took about 3 Р4 coats of paint for complete coverage.

IMG_3731 IMG_3735

Next we cut 2 pieces of plywood (1″ x 4″) and laid them across the back horizontally.¬† We placed a couple of screws in each piece of wood to secure them to the pegboard.¬† We then measured our wall, found our studs and marked the wall where we wanted to drill.¬† We were able to drill into the plywood pieces from the front with long extra long screws, enter the wall and catch the stud.¬†¬†The plywood allowed us to secure the pegboard firmly to the wall and also act as a spacer between the¬†pegboard and the wall in order to be able to hang things¬†on it from the front.


We used screws to hang the Bygel rail & basket and we placed them so they hit the lower piece of plywood. Everything else was hung with pegboard hooks (see link in source list below)

IMG_5892 IMG_5895 IMG_5896IMG_5894IMG_5889 IMG_5897IMG_5889

There it is!¬† We hung the pegboard on the wall before attaching any of the frames, etc.¬† I am not one to lay out my frames on the floor beforehand and I definitely don’t take the time to trace out the frames and tape them on the wall in order to determine my placement.¬† I guess you could say I just wing it.¬† I need to get better about my planning when¬†nailing into the wall, but the nice thing about working with a pegboard as your backdrop is you don’t have to worry about random nail holes in the wall! Not that I ever put 2 or 3 holes behind each picture before I get it where I want it or anything ūüôā

Here is my source list from the original nursery post:


Pegboard Gallery wall

Please let me know if you have any questions or want more info on this project!  I would love your comments and feedback so please leave me some love (or whatever you are feeling) on this post!

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Thanks so much!

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outdoor oasis - the reveal - outdoor backyard patio - thisisourbliss.com

Outdoor Oasis Project Part 4 [The Reveal]

Happy Monday!¬† I am a happy girl, too because I am finally sharing my new “happy” place with you all right here today!¬† I guess that is the underlying theme of this series of posts, even though I didn’t plan for it to be that way.¬† My outdoor pallet sign kind of sealed the deal though.

So, if you remember back, I don’t know, maybe 2 months ago, I started this little “Outdoor Oasis” project.¬† Basically,¬†what I¬†wanted to do was make an ugly¬†cement¬†slab into something calm & inviting.¬†¬†I envisioned a relaxing¬†little area¬†to¬†be¬†able¬†to¬†have a glass of wine while dinner is on the grill and Henry is playing in the yard.¬† We have entertained friends and family in our new outdoor space over the last several weeks¬†including at¬†Henry’s 2nd birthday party. It is the cool place to be at our house right now ūüôā Continue reading

ABC 123 Party Details - abc 123 birthday party - kid's party - alphabet birthday - this is our bliss

ABC… 123… Party Recap!

We survived the weekend!¬†¬†Our families¬†were in town for the big celebration and lots of friends joined us for the festivities too.¬† I mentioned awhile back, we were wracking our brains for a party theme for Henry’s 2nd birthday and decided the one that made the most sense was to do an “ABC & 123 Party” for our little Counting Captain / Alphabet man!¬† Letters and numbers truly are his favorites things right now.¬† To kick off the week, I thought I would share some snapshots from the party.¬†We kept the food simple, by grilling burgers, brats & hotdogs and served appetizers and a few¬†side dishes to go along.¬† I DIY’d the decorations and we filled the room with ABC & 123 balloons…sweet & simple! ¬†All in all it was a great Saturday evening and we are very thankful for all of those who were able to come and celebrate with us.


Henry 2nd bday invite

A cropped version of the invite I created using PicMonkey  User-friendly & FREE to use.  I had them printed on cardstock at our local FedEx copy store (2 invites per page).


IMG_4921¬†The simple DIY Bunting I made using scrapbook paper, craft paint & twine.¬† The same roll of twine I used on last year’s birthday bunting.¬† It has lasted through several projects.


IMG_4905Amaaazing cookies created by a friend, “A Sweet Touch by Sara T”¬† They were a huge hit!


IMG_4975Another easy banner I made using scrapbook paper, photos, twine & little chalkboard clothespins I found at Michaels.


¬†A wordle I created for d√©cor on my entryway table.¬† You may recall this & this I have swapped out before in this same spot ūüôā

IMG_4916IMG_4913Here are my little drink tags for the adult beverage glasses.  I printed numbers out on scrapbook paper, round paper punched them (like I did here) and then laminated them.  After a simple hole punch & more of my trusty twine, they were tied on.  Our guests could sip on their drink & easily identify which one was theirs (after setting their glass down to chase after the countless toddlers we had running around!)

IMG_5384IMG_5397A little personal touch… I created a short story about Henry from A to Z, had it enlarged to an 18′ x 24″ at Staples and then glued it to a large foam board covered with scrapbook paper. Super¬†easy!

And finally…

IMG_4924IMG_4922IMG_4926the Party favors!  What birthday party is complete without them?!


The birthday boy dressed to impress for his theme!

IMG_5260Simon may not have been as excited to sport his alphabet gear.


Stealing a big smooch while he’ll still give them!



 Our little guy is 2 and he has the remnants of the cake to prove it.

I am not sure if I will do any follow-up posts with DIY tutorials for any of the party d√©cor, but if there is something you would like to know more about, please let me know!¬† I will be back this week with my pallet project and a few other goodies as well ūüôā Please follow me on social media or subscribe for free by email to all of my latest posts so you’re sure to not miss a thing.¬† Click the buttons on the right-side of my blog page to follow along my journey¬†whichever way you choose!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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Simon's nursery | bright and bold baby boy nursery | navy green and gray little boy room | This is our Bliss | www,thisisourbliss.com

Simon’s Nursery Reveal [A Bright & Bold Room for Baby #2]

Now that Simon has arrived and I have finished taking pictures of the nursery, I am finally ready to show you!

If you’ve been reading over here then you know I have been working on this room for months… back in March I was creating the ever-evolving, never-ending¬†checklist¬†which I am proud to say is completed and I couldn’t be happier with how the room turned out.¬†Simon¬†will be¬†sleeping in a bassinet in our room for awhile, but having the room done & ready is such a good feeling.
We change him on the¬†changing pad in his room throughout the night… & T and I have¬†both sat in the glider to rock him to sleep…¬†His little outfits are hung up in the closet & folded in the drawers…And the art and photos are hanging [untouched for now!] on his cute little pegboard gallery wall.
It is definitely a happy place for us (and Simon, too, I hope)! Continue reading

Giving my Silhouette a shot

I am always so happy when Friday rolls around.¬† I wouldn’t trade the weekdays with Henry for anything, but the days can become tiring, especially now.¬† Friday nights are typically “hang out at home family nights” and Saturday night we make occasional plans with friends when we are in town¬†& don’t have family visiting.¬† Tonight was just that!¬† We even ended the night catching up on the new episode of 24 from Monday.¬† Gotta love DVR.

This post will be short and sweet or should I say, simple.¬† I finally busted out my Silhouette Cameo a few weeks ago.¬† It was a Christmas gift and I felt so intimidated by it all of these months, so I had to find the courage to open the box, read the instructions and dive in.¬† I have a TON to learn when it comes to the ins and outs of the tool, but for now, I am having fun just playing around with it… designing a few things and cutting them!¬† The possibilities are seriously endless though.¬† This week, I attempted my 2nd and 3rd projects on it.¬† One is for the nursery, which I will share upon completion and the other is the Word Art I mentioned yesterday.

Here is how this little thing turned out:





So I opened a MS Word doc, typed out “Keep it” in AR Julian font, point size 80 and printed it on white cardstock paper.¬† I then opened up the Silhouette Studio on my computer, typed out “Simple” in Scriptina font and fed the gold vinyl adhesive paper in the machine and told it to “cut”. From there, I simply peeled the letters off the sheet and placed them on my cardstock.¬†¬†Popped it in this black and gold 8.5″ x 11″ Goodwill frame I’ve had for a while and BAM!¬† New piece of word art in my entryway. I <3 it!

It might seem like gold overkill in the pictures, but if you know me, you know I have been obsessing over all things gold / brass / sparkle / you name it.¬† A little bling never hurt nobody! ūüôā

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mamas out there!

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DIY: Little Man Mustache Art

I have another quick & easy DIY project to share with you guys today.  It might be one of the simplest craft projects I have created to date and budget-friendly too!


I grabbed¬†the last of the materials over the weekend {at the Dollar Tree, score!} while we were out picking up a few baby preparation items, groceries, etc. It was a busy, busy couple of days, but we did manage to relax & enjoy some time at home (on the couch, not doing nursery projects ūüôā ) It probably seems like that is the only thing I do around here.¬† I am happy to report I am still getting to spend quality time with Henry and enjoying peace & quiet by myself during naptime.¬† Henry is big into counting to 20 (forward & backward), singing ABC’s, reading books & trying to swipe my iPhone & iPad if I don’t have¬†them put away.¬† He definitely wears out this pregnant gal, but he is also such a little lover boy.¬† He’s a cuddler, snuggler &¬†loves to¬†give kisses.¬† He pretty much melts my heart every single day.¬† I am so excited for our new one to arrive, but am having a few moments now and then, where I get incredibly emotional when I think about Henry not being my only little guy to give love and attention to.¬† We will all adjust, as families do, but these hormones are getting to me here!!!

Sorry for the detour… back to the project >>> DIY: Little Man Mustache Art {using a shadow box & Dollar store mustache adhesives}.¬† This little piece of art would be super cute in any little boy’s room!¬† Shadow boxes are great for filling with absolutely anything and I love to use a fun patterned piece of scrapbook paper as the backing, as I did in this project.

Here are the simple steps:

Gather supplies

Mustache project supplies

Start by removing MDF backing from shadow box.  Cut your scrapbook paper to fit the backing size.  Lightly spray adhesive to the backing, line paper up & press paper down firmly.

Next, determine your mustache layout.  I decided to do 5 down the middle (large, small, large, small, large).  After I played around, I was ready to stick them to the paper.  The paper backing peels off the mustache, but it did take me a bit to peel just 1 layer and not the entire adhesive!


Press them down one at a time, evenly spaced apart.


I love how they are furry, fuzzy, 3D little things!

Fasten the board to the back of the shadow box & hang on the wall or stand up on a shelf.¬† It was that easy…less than 10 minutes, I would say.

DIY Mustache Shadowbox Art

What do you think?¬† Something you would do for a little boy’s room?¬† I am not an over-the-top mustache-themed fanatic, but I thought it was a cute touch to the room.¬† I’d love to hear from you if you try something like this. Ever filled a shadow box with other items and hung as part of a display or gallery wall?¬† Please do share!

Oh! And here’s my little stache model…


See you back soon with more posts as we chug along in the nursery…

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