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Inspired by DIY | Kate Spade Inspired Vase

Have you ever seen something so amazingly awesome and you know if you buy it, it would look soooo good in your home? It just screams YOU! You just have to have it, until you flip it over to look at the sticker or scroll down and read that number after the $ sign…and well, your dreams have been crushed. Yeah, me too.

This is the case so often with high end designer home decor pieces. I want them so badly, but just can’t justify it sometimes. Ok, a lot of the time. I mean, if it were only my birthday a few more days outside of the entire month of February. Yes, I pretty much celebrate for a month. ok, at least a week! [Yesterday was my birthday, so I’m hoping to get a couple bday related posts out this week!]

When Jess from Domicille 37 invited a group of bloggers to participate in a monthly challenge titled “Knock it Off DIY” – I knew I had to say yes. So, today kicks off the very first challenge and what are we knocking off? Any coveted Kate Spade home decor piece! The stuff could not be any prettier – classy, sassy and usually with a lot of bling. However, these items also come with a pretty price tag…or, not so much. Continue reading

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Pattern Play | Pretty Plaid

Nothing. I mean, nothing says warm & cozy like PLAID. It enters the scene in the fall and transitions right on in to winter. Of course you can totally rock a plaid print all year round and with such a variety out there now, you have limitless options! One of the easiest ways to add a touch of fall into your home, other than scattering pumpkins everywhere, is to add a plaid throw blanket to the back of a chair or the arm of a sofa. Similarly, toss a couple of plaid fall throw pillows on the couch or in your entryway and call it a day!

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite plaid gear – for the home and for your closet!

Pattern play pretty plaid fall plaid round up for the home and closet This is our Blisspillow | monogram pillow | throw blanket | gray/orange throw |  flatware | dessert plates | mug | kitchen towel | flannel shirt | neutral reversible scarf | green flannel shirt | reversible wool scarf shawl | infinity scarf |  notecards | tray | ribbon

Go get yourself some plaid! Seriously…go! What are you waiting for?!

I’m seriously so in love with these plaid prints! I picked up a couple of plaid throws at HomeGoods this week and sprinkled them in a few rooms…my Amazon plaid shirts
are on their way and my boots are ready to roll (since they’re by the front door and all 😉 )
Fall entryway - fall vignette - fall decor - boots & scarf - This is our BlissHappy October, friends!
Pattern play  pretty plaid  fall plaid round up for the home and closet 1  This is our Bliss
What is your favorite go-to plaid accessory for fall?

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I spy a steal - get the Kirkland's look for less - bargain shopping - This is our Bliss

I Spy a Steal | Get the Look for Less

Hi, my dear readers! I am so pumped to share some amazing finds with you today! When it comes to the totally-makes-my-day scale, finding a great bargain is right on up there!

Shopping for home décor can be overwhelming and EXPENSIVE, especially if it’s not something you do on a regular basis. Well, friends, I can assure you that I do plenty of it. #morethanicaretoadmit

For as often as I like to decorate and redecorate spaces in our home, I’ve had to get pretty darn good with bargain hunting. I love a good deal… and a steal? Well, that’s like hitting the jackpot. I love to thrift certain décor pieces and accessories and for everything else, I tend to shop around. I’m constantly doing price comparisons when I find items I just can’t live without!

When Kirkland’s reached out to me about partnering together on a post, I was ecstatic! Kirkland’s has been around for as long as I can remember and was actually one of the very first home décor stores I can recall shopping in with my mom when I was little. They have totally affordable price tags and their products can be compared to many pricier items found in some of the more high-end designer retailers. It would be a dream if money were no object and finding a good bargain, waiting for sales or slanging coupons was not necessary…

…but the reality is, you can find great prices at Kirkland’s without having to do any of the above 🙂
I spy a steal - get the Kirkland's look for less - bargain shopping - This is our Bliss
I’m going to show you how I was able to score “the look” at Kirkland’s for way less!

Check it out:
Kirklands partnered post - Curtain panels - look for less - this is our blissGet these Kirkland’s curtain panels here
kirklands partnered post - mercury glass lamp - look for less - this is our blissGet this Kirkland’s lamp here
Kirklands partnered post - quatrefoil mirrors - look for less 1- This is our BlissGet Kirkland’s Quatrefoil mirrors here [they also come in pewter, bronzeblack] and I really love these mirrors, too!
kirklands partnered post - aztec style rug - look for less - this is our blissGet Kirkland’s Aztec area rug here
Task lighting - Kirklands post - Look for Less - This is our BlissGet Kirkland’s Task light here [This set is pretty great, too.]
Kirklands partnered post - look for less - gold side table - This is our BlissGet Kirkland’s Gold mirrored side table here

I mean, come on, right? Are you ready to start shopping yet?
I spy a steal - get the Kirkland's look for less - bargain shopping - This is our Bliss
I sourced pieces I would actually use in our home and that fit my current style and color scheme (did someone say neutrals?). I did this so you can continue to get a sense for what I like! Truthfully, I could’ve included hundreds of items in all sorts of different styles, but I’m confident you’ll be able to peruse their homepage or locate a store near you to find even more killer deals on your own! They are consistently running sales, so check back often. However, their prices are really great to begin with (as if you didn’t already know that) 😉

I had so much fun working on this post, so I hope you liked what you saw! Have a great day!
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One Room Challenge [Guestroom Revamp Week #3]

Hello out there! Thank you so much for stopping by today! If you are visiting from Calling it Home, then welcome! To my fellow ORC Linking Participants – we are getting there, right?! Oh man – I don’t know about you, but for me it has been a whirlwind! I have spent most of the last week scoping out goodies for the guestroom – art, mirrors, fabric, frames, pillows, bedding, lamps, knobs & pulls. You name it, I shopped for it! The boys were along for the ride during most of the trips, too— scary thought, but we all survived. Even amidst the chaos, I do feel like a scored a few perfect finds for the room.

Target Threshold throw blanket - This is our Bliss Aldi picture frames - This is our Bliss

This Threshold Blanket GW find and an Aldi mirror set debuted on my IG feed earlier in the week. Follow along for more ORC sneak peeks 🙂
I love accessorizing and adding the finishing touches to a space, so this week was a ton of fun for me. I am heading out of town for 5 days soon, so I felt like I needed to GET BUSY & hitting the stores and a few online retailers was the way I went at it.

I mentioned last week that the walls were painted and here is what we went with:
SW Paint selection for Guestroom revamp walls - One Room Challenge - This is our Bliss

It is sort of hard to tell from the image, but the above swatches are all shades of whites. On the wall it appears as a creamy light gray and it is just the look I was going for. Post-paint isn’t as much as a transformation as Simon’s Nursery closet makeover, but it really does make the room look light and fresh.
The room wasn’t the only thing that received a few coats of paint this week….

IMG_9708 lamps before - This is our Bliss IMG_9715The bronze lamp base before…and then after…
freshly painted gold lamp base - This is our BlissSo. much. better.

Here are a few of the glam pieces going in the room – some old & some new. I heart them all.
One Room Challenge - Guestroom Revamp - The golden goodies- gold accesories - gold styling - This is our BlissAside from the painting projects, another big transformation took place. New curtain rods were purchased, hung and dressed with new curtain panels. We raised the rods to the ceiling and oh-my-gosh, it really does make the room look & feel bigger. Not quite sure why in other rooms of the house, we hung some rods just above the trim and others we went all the way to the ceiling with. I am pretty sure I want to raise them in every room now. We obviously weren’t on our game when we were initially finishing the space. We’ll see if that actually happens or if it is just a nice thought 🙂
HomeGoods black satin curtain rod - This is our BlissI found these black satin finish rods at HomeGoods and was thrilled when I first spotted them. I had previously picked out rods that were going to cost $50-$70 each. I found the longer rod at HomeGoods for $19.99 and was bummed when they didn’t have the shorter length I needed for the other window in the room. One of my girlfriends found one a couple of days later and picked it up for me – $16.99 for that one! Saved some serious bucks there. When you are making over an entire room, you truly have to be smart about your budget and save where you can. The rods I have and the ones I was going to purchase are nearly identical. Only you and I know the truth 🙂
Curtains before - Guestroom Revamp - One Room Challenge - This is our Bliss Removing old hardware - Guestroom Revamp - This is our Bliss Curtain & curtain rods after - One Room Challenge - Guestroom Revamp - This is our BlissLet’s see how everything else is coming along, shall we?

Original checklist:
Guestroom Revamp check list - This is our Bliss

And the more recent one (Sorry if it’s confusing I have 2 lists that overlap!)

new bedding
new hardware on bedside tables
new lamps or just new shades
something with the headboard
statement piece above the bed
nightstand styling
change out the bronze hardware
new art / gallery wall
new curtains – lighter in color or a bright print
makeover the mirror
paint dresser
replace hardware
remove hanging clothes rack
replace armoire with something bigger & with a clothing rod inside
insert upholstered chair

new items:

DIY Euro pillows
find side table to go next to chair
buy accessories for the dresser

I probably won’t be done adding things to the list until the end, so please bare with me!
The room is coming together and overall, I am very pleased with the progress. A couple of small changes to the original plan…probably not painting the dresser anymore and the new armoire I picked out wont fit in our space because of the TV that sits on top. The new unit measured nearly 10 inches taller than our current one, so we are going to stick with what we got! On the plus side, I was still able to remove the hanging clothes rack because we are going to be able to put a clothing rod in the piece we have now. So everything will now be hidden behind closed doors – thankfully!
Well, I think that pretty much sums up week 3 and for next week— Paint, shop, sew. Repeat.

 Need to get caught up on my One Room Challenge journey? Check out my previous posts below.
101978205_jpg_rendition_largestWeek #1: Guestroom Before photos + inspiration photos (above via
Guestroom Revamp Design board | One Room Challenge | Spring 2015 | This is our BlissWeek #2: Guestroom Revamp Design Board

Oh and don’t forget to check out the ORC “professionals” here and the ORC “Linking participants” here for everyone’s week 3 treats!

Plenty more coming soon – wish me luck!! Have a great day – the weekend is near!

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5 Fab Friday Finds [Pillow collabs]

Since I have been focusing so much of my time & effort on the One Room Challenge, I thought it was only appropriate to tie in this week’s 5 Fab Finds with an aspect of the guestroom I have been working on recently—pillow collaborations for the bed. Mixing and matching [and not matching] pillows around the house is one of my favorite things to do. Hoarding throw pillows and pulling them out of the depths of the closets every now and then has become a favorite pastime of mine 🙂
Pillows are a great way to finish a space by adding texture, color or just a little pop of fun! Some people talk about a special formula when arranging pillows, but I tend to just stick with the rule of odd numbers and go with what I like…typically, neutral colors, but in bold prints or that have some sort of texture. Small embellishments, hints of metallic or unique piping / cording can add a unique twist to an otherwise ordinary pillow, too. I am definitely striving to be more brave with the patterns & especially color, but either way, its a lot of fun to play around with.

Today, I am sharing a few of my favorite pillow collaborations right now. These gals totally nailed the styling here. Their pillow combinations are spot-on. #pillowenvy

Have a look!

alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-jenn-gaudreau-sofa-2(1)| source |
Reduced - IMG_8985| source |Rugs_USA_LR_Cuckoo4Design_2| source |
0cbc6094f8b7f7d5c4edfd3d2092cf1e| source |
diy-designer-pillow-knockoff-6| source |

From sofas to beds, the looks above appear so effortless. Anyone can mix and match those prints, right?! I’d like to think so. For me, it isn’t even necessarily about the appeal of a certain décor style, but more about sensing the fearlessness in the design. Instant spark of decorating energy ignited! I’m for sure going to refer back to these, my inspiration looks & my design board while working away on our Guestroom Revamp project!
Please do check out the source noted underneath each photo to see more beautifully styled spaces, learn where to shop the looks and even how to DIY some of those great pillows!

5 fab friday finds  - pillow collabs  - pillow combos - pillow styling - This is our Bliss 1

Have a wonderful weekend, all! No plans for us, so here’s to hoping we can enjoy some springtime weather finally. My oldest begs to go outside and blow bubbles all day long, so there will probably be some of that in my future 🙂

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One Room Challenge [Guestroom Revamp Week #2]

HELLO! Wow! Where did this last week go?! I will admit I was starting to question my sanity when thinking of the work [and let’s not forget this room redo isn’t free ;(] that is going to be involved in pulling this whole thing off! Then I reeled myself back in and was reminded that I had been hunting for accessories for a little while before I decided to participate in the challenge AND if I can do a few tasks each week, I should be able to stay on track! Its not like we are doing any demo or renovation of any sort. There are some super talented & courageous bloggers taking on a TON more than I am! So, deep breath. Week 2 is looking good so far. As of this morning, I surprisingly feel great about my progress. Last night, one BIG change took place, but I won’t be sharing photos of it until next week. I am talking wall color. The room is painted and it already feels like you’ve stepped into a completely different space altogether. Painting wasn’t necessarily on my initial punch list, but I knew if I didn’t lighten & brighten the walls, I would still be dealing with those tan walls. Trying to cover them / hide them / pretend they’re not there type of thing.

So with all of that said, today I am sharing my design board [sometimes referred to as a mood board or vision board]. The last mood board I made that I actually put into action was for Simon’s Nursery. I feel they are a great tool to consolidate your vision in one space and also to look back on as a reference & source of motivation.
A few of these “looks” are actually going to happen, but you’ll have to wait and see which ones I am talking about!

Guestroom Revamp Design board | One Room Challenge | Spring 2015 | This is our Bliss


If you follow me on instagram, you’ll recognize that teal throw – serious score this week. The hunt for art and accessories is ON and I will say, the gold is rushing in, although it’s probably no surprise there.
During Week #3, I will be revealing everything that is or is going to be painted and more progress sneak peaks. I really hope you will come back to see all of the fun stuff still to come!


If you missed my before pics & inspiration photos from week #1, you can see them all here.

Aside from the ORC, the plan is to get some non-ORC posts published ASAP. I have a few craft projects to share, a guest bathroom underway, our master bedroom is slowly, but surely transforming and our contractor is scheduling work to start in our basement sometime during the week of the 20th. EEEK! There is a lot going on, but there always is and I’ve come to terms with that. I guess that’s just the way we roll. My husband may argue and say it’s how I roll. Oh well, I guess I can’t entirely disagree 🙂

Have a great afternoon and be sure to check out the One Room Challenge participants’ Week 2 updates from yesterday and the Linking Participants’ Week 2 posts today! There are some crazy talented ideas brewing and serious progress taking place – I love it!

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Chicago Dream Home 2015

Last week, I had a wonderful opportunity to preview the 2015 Dream Home at the Merchandise Mart with the Windy City Blogger Collective. Talk about some serious eye candy! 6 of Chicago’s top designers individually transformed one room in the Design Center showcasing their unique styles and flare. All 6 of these stunning spaces will be on display from April 17-December 6. The Grand Opening celebration will be held on April 16th from 6-8 pm. You can purchase tickets here, for $75 each.

dream home 11

2015 Designers

John Cannon & Cary Frank
Anne Coyle
Marshall Erb
Frank Fontana
David Kaufman & Tom Segal
Eva Quateman

I will leave you with a few of my favorite moments.

Dream Home at the Merchandise Mart 1

#wallpaperwaseverything !!

I seriously wanted to go home that night and start wallpapering every room in my entire house. I still might.

Dream Home at the Merchandise Mart 2

…and the finer details…

Dream Home at the Merchandise MartAnd this chair… As Rachel Zoe would say, “I die.”…

If you tour the Dream Home on your own, I promise there is plenty more to gush over. The rooms are absolutely incredible!

I’ll be back with an update & progress report on Thursday during Week #2 of the One Room Challenge and have a few other posts in the works of things I’ve been working on on the side 🙂

How do you feel about wallpaper?! I must find a spot to work some magic!

Have a super day!

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Sassy Brass Knobs

There are a few painting projects on the horizon over here and I am getting super antsy to get started with any of the three. Now that my energy level is on the rise [finally] I am thinking I might be able to begin on one of them this week. Speaking of painting, the entire upstairs trim is finished and I could not be happier with the end-result. I love it so much! While our painter was here, I had him paint our master bedroom. It was maybe one of the top 5 decisions we’ve made regarding changes or tweaks to the house. It is the perfect shade of light gray and it gives the room a whole new look and feel. More details on that to come. Oh and yes, I am all about DIY, but with the amount of time and energy it was going to take for the trim project, it made more sense for us to hire it done. Ted did take on the formal living room last May, in an attempt to tackle the entire main level, while he was home on parental leave after Simon was born. After 2 full days of taping, priming and painting, he came out with one room done [which does look fabulous, btw] and no time left to finish the rest. We hired the remaining main floor rooms to be done and then waited until this year to do the upstairs. We just didn’t think it made sense for us to devote that many nights and weekends to the trim, especially with a brand new baby we wanted to give our time and attention to! There is a time and a place for DIY and then there are times when you are better off bringing in a professional.

One little refresh project I am pretty sure I mentioned awhile back, like a looong while back, is our upstairs guest bath / boys’ bathroom. For now, we bathe the boys in our master because the layout in “their” bathroom is a little dysfunctional, especially for trying to position yourself to scrub-a-dub 2 little guys. The 3 main issues are: the toilet sits directly next to the faucet side of the shower/tub, which makes for reaching in or crouching down to be at their level nearly impossible, it has a sliding glass door, so only 1/2 can be open at a time and thirdly, you can’t even get in the shower without having to close the door to the bathroom itself. Needless to say, it is easier to use our bathtub for the boys, but our frequent guests still have to use this itty bitty little space. Without taking on a complete reno, we are definitely making it work. I have slowly been doing things to give it a fresh new look. We took out the builder-grade mirror and put in a more decorative one over the vanity. Yesterday, we made a few tweaks to the light fixture and I’ll be sharing the before and after photos very soon. A new piece of art is hung on the wall and a new rug sits on the floor and you can probably bet I will be picking up a few new accessories to spice up the space as well. 😉

My point to all of this back-story, although most of it was irrelevant, is I am going to paint the vanity! I found a great color and am anxiously anticipating how awesome it is going to look. But what is even more exciting [in my little world] is after the painting project is completed, I will be dressing the vanity cabinets and drawers with new hardware! Oh the thrill! There aren’t any pulls or knobs on there now, so since I am starting with a blank slate, I’ve been doing a little browsing to get the wheels spinning. Today I am going to share some of the sassy brass eye candy I was relishing over this past weekend.

sassy brass knob options - guestbath vanity options - This is our Bliss

Sources from left to right:

crystal brass | mineral | mercury glass

rectangular bargold geo lines | stacked hexagon

gilded round | straight-edge round | beaded detail

Some of these beauties are on the pricier side. Like I’m talking close to $30 per knob, but I always like to scour the internet to get my vision and then can always find more reasonably priced options down the road. At this point, I am not sure which knob I am going to choose, but I will soon have 2 other pieces which will need new hardware, too 🙂 If I don’t select any of these for the bathroom vanity, you just might see one of them pop up somewhere else. Next item on the list is to go out and buy the paint and then bust out my brush and get after it.

Bathroom vanity inspiration:

vanity and knob inspiration| via |

 Have you ever switched out the hardware on a piece of furniture, bathroom vanity or kitchen for an instant facelift? Where have you scored fun and unique hardware finds?
I hope you are having a great start to your week and thank you for stopping by today!

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Great Find + Quick Fix #1 [Copper tray]

Today is one of those doom and gloom days here in Chicagoland. The snow is nearly all melted, but the temperature is hovering just at or above freezing. A little sunshine would definitely boost my spirits! I promise I have lots of nifty things in the works around here… more projects underway than I can count! So instead of being completely MIA while projects and spaces are “under construction” I am planning to share not only progress posts with you, but also little tid bits of other things – newly acquired finds from shopping trips, helpful hints and tips, etc. I don’t want to post for the sake of just posting, but want to do so if I find something really cool or have something to share that I think my readers might benefit from. Which brings me to today’s post. While this little DIY isn’t rocket science and won’t completely blow your mind, I still thought I would share. Lemme know if you’d rather I didn’t! 🙂

great find + quick fix copper tray - This is our Bliss

While out perusing the aisles of Homegoods, I stumbled upon this gorgeous copper tray [similar tray here]. I wasn’t sure where it was going to go in our house, but it didn’t matter. It was coming home with me either way. It was on clearance for $22 and for the material and quality, I thought it was a steal. It’s pretty heavy, maybe even copper coated cast iron?


Once I got it home, I realized I have slowly been bringing copper-hued things into the kitchen and decided the tray should go in there. I then looked over at a sad & lonely vase of flowers on my kitchen table. They looked nice and all, but the table was missing a little something and the copper tray was just what it needed.

When I bought the tray, I didn’t realize there weren’t any feet on the bottom or protective pads, so I went searching and found a pack of these ez bumpers in the junk drawer.

ez bumpers - table protectors

I will put some on myself!

IMG_8396 IMG_8398

I equally spaced out 8 mini clear bumper pads and flipped it over on the table. Now, the copper tray doesn’t slide around and if it needs to be pushed aside, it won’t scratch our table.
The copper is such a pretty contrast on the dark, black table. Instant update!

copper tray - this is our bliss - instant table update copper tray This is our Bliss - instant table update copper tray find - instant table update - This is our Bliss pink flowers - copper tray - this is our bliss

What quick fixes have you had to come up with to make purchases work better for you & your home? What cool copper things have you spotted around lately?!
I sort of love {slightly} switching things up from my go-to gold with copper + fresh flowers always make me smile!

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Art Inspired Guest Room

Hi everyone! Thanksgiving week has finally arrived and since I am not going to be home cracking away at any projects, my mind has started to dream and wander…designing new spaces around the house. I have several rooms in mind to tackle, but one of the first ones I hope to hit is a slight revamp of our main guest room. This room is a bit on the dark and drab side and have been wanting to spruce it up for a little while now. It is full of dark brown and burgundy and neither appeals to me much anymore if they are the sole colors in the room. I am looking to give the room an industrial spin and one of the first components I prefer to pull inspiration from is art!
A piece of art instantly sets the tone for a room and is a fabulous jumping off point for determining colors, textures and design. I found this piece while browsing the fine art section at The painting pictured below is an original acrylic painted on canvas and when I spotted it, I knew it was just what I needed to start crafting this space. Since there were so many amazing pieces of art to choose from, I narrowed my search to the contemporary pieces and still ended up searching for quite awhile because I was having trouble picking just one “favorite”! The piece I selected for my mood board is available for auction at a starting price of $300, but there is art available at every price point, which is the cool part; some as low as $60 and others will probably sell for several thousands.
Check out my inspiration below!
Art Inspired Bold & Industrial Bedroom
I love that the reds & browns in the painting are paired with golds & grays, allowing for a ton of versatility. I love accenting with gold & the wood gives the room a warm & natural feel. What do you think? Would you feel comfortable and cozy in a room like this? I love this room so much, I would even consider a similar look and feel in our master…someday, I suppose 🙂
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope to see you back here again real soon because I will be sharing several holiday gift guides for various occasions & special people in your life. I think I’ve landed some great finds!
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