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How to Update your Gallery Wall on a Budget

Gallery walls are one of my absolute favorite things to create in a space. I have one in every single one of the rooms in our home. I love mixing frames of all shapes and sizes and typically, go with a mix of black, white and gold frames or all black as seen below. As the holidays were approaching, I decided my monochromatic gallery wall needed an update. A budget-friendly update that would add a pop of color seemed the way to go! Continue reading

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Gallery Wall Wednesday #2 [3 stacked frames in the playroom]

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It’s so crazy how this playroom has suddenly come to life again! It was a project I started and just never quite finished up. After sharing the 4th installment of the playroom reading nook series [the light], I heard from several readers asking to share the details of the 3 stacked frames hanging to the right of the nook. I thought today would be a good time to share the scoop on this mini, or as I refer to it, small wall + big statement gallery wall. Continue reading

Basement Bar Mood Board [Rustic Industrial Glam]

The basement is moving right along, quite quickly, I might add. Almost too fast for me! I feel like this project is a crazy, twisted 4 room challenge, but in the same timeframe as I completed the ONE room challenge! There aren’t really 4 rooms, per se, but I consider there to be several (or 4) division of spaces…the family / TV room, bar area, kid play area and the bathroom. It will be interesting to see how difficult it is to keep the feel cohesive, given that it kind of is one open space.

Today, I am sharing a mood board I designed for the bar area. It is really just an extension off of the back of the couch / seating area in what we are calling the family room. Since we have a walk-out basement, we tiled the entryway to the backyard and this is where our “bar” will be.  We just finished up with the final approvals for the custom cabinetry and will be selecting our granite slab next week. Yes, granite! We have laminate countertops in our kitchen, so I am thrilled to have this new look downstairs!

Take a peek at the look I am going to try to achieve. I am hoping this so-called Rustic Industrial Glam look will be easy to pull off because I have been eyeing some really great décor finds this past week. #letthefunbegin

stacked stone || granite || gray porcelain tile || wine lattice || glass shelves || gold ampersand || marquee arrow || “let’s pop bottles” print || pendant light || wood butler’s tray || bar glasses || gold polka dot cocktail glass || gold double old-fashioned glasses || artificial grass || ice bucket

We have already purchased very similar stacked stone to use up the wall at the back of a small nook in this bar space and I am currently hunting for glass shelves to hang on the stone wall. To be honest, I actually think I am most excited about all of the little gems I have been collecting to accessorize the shelves I don’t even own yet! pretty standard for me, though. I just can’t pass up a good find…especially with all of the amazing shelves and bookcases I have been going ga-ga over on Pinterest.
See my board solely dedicated to shelf & bookcase styling here!

Did you miss my basement bar inspiration photos? Check it out if you want to see where I crafted up some of my vision from.

The other fantastic part about decorating the basement will be digging out all sorts of frames, books, etc. that I’ve been hoarding bought in the past without knowing where they would end up. Well, I have a whole new level of our house that is calling out for help! Who knows? I may even have side tables, bookcases, chairs…the list could go on and on!

In other #TIOBbasementproject news, the tile is completely installed in the bathroom and I went with very similar choices as in my basement bathroom mood board. And I am still dreaming ours will be as lovely as any of these, too. The vanity is getting set tomorrow, shower fixtures and plumbing later this week and then, I guess that means I get to start decorating & styling – woo hoo!!

1st birthday party details and more on the basement still to come this week. I hope you aren’t getting tired of this project yet…we are just getting to the good stuff 🙂 Thank you for being here today!

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Baby Boy Nursery Closet DIY Details | How to DIY a Custom Nursery Closet | This is our Bliss |

Nursery Closet Details: Part I [DIY shelves + drawers + rods]

As my blog’s traffic has started to increase, so have the number of emails I receive. Although it is coming up on one year since I revealed Simon’s Nursery, it is still by far, the main attraction. The Pegboard Gallery wall and the nursery closet have created most of the buzz, thanks to Pinterest and a feature at IHeart Organizing last month. Both sites have really given my blog a boost and I am so very thankful.
The readers I hear from sometimes write in with super sweet notes telling me how his nursery is the inspiration for their soon-to-be little one’s sleeping quarters. Talk about humbling! Many other readers have questions about something they have seen and need more information and quite often, it is pertaining to the closet details…

…”How did you hang your large shelves?” “Where did you find that shoe storage organizer on the bottom right?!” “Do you still like the PAX unit today?”…

After realizing I probably need to get some more info out there, I decided it might be a good idea to revisit the closet in a 2 (possibly 3) part mini series, where I will dish on some of the closet components – How we painted it, installed the DIY closet system and the deets on the accessories and labels. I do my very best to reply back to the emails in a timely fashion and I DO love hearing from all of you, but I am hoping to cover enough content in this series so you all don’t have to go searching everywhere, scouring all of my posts and then end up having to email me because you can’t find something. My apologies!

Let’s start from the beginning. Here is what the closet looked like before:

closet before

The first thing we did was empty the closet and remove the old wire shelving. The next step was patching the screw holes in the drywall. We waited 24 hours and then sanded down the patches to try to create a flat, smooth surface for painting.

closet before 3closet before - taking doors off

Oh and then we removed the doors in hopes that the closet would come out looking so good we wouldn’t need to hide anything away! Next, we tested a couple of paint samples and then selected “Can’t Miss Lime” by Valspar and applied 2 coats.

Can't Miss LIme - valspar paint - DIY nursery closet - navy green gray - This is our Bliss

DIY lime green nursery closet - Can't Miss LIme - valspar paint - DIY nursery closet - navy green gray - This is our Bliss

The entire closet was built around the IKEA PAX Wardrobe frame. What we loved about the PAX system is the ability to pick and choose what interior organizers would work best for our needs. I knew I wanted to store bibs, burp cloths, swaddle blankets, etc. in the closet and then have shelving for storage bins and decorative accessories, too. The frame size we chose is the 19 5/8″ x 13 3/4″ x 93 1/8″ and we purchased 4 KOMPLEMENT drawers and 3 KOMPLEMENT shelves to fit inside the frame.


After this middle unit was assembled and installed, we built out to the left & right of it. We determined we wanted 4 shelves (longer version of IKEA KOMPLEMENT shelves) and 4 clothing rods outside of the middle unit, so we needed support blocks to hold them securely in place. We bought 1″ x 3.5″ pieces of plywood and cut them down to measure 23 1/4″ long. They were painted to match the walls and then were drilled into the sides of the closet – 2 on the left and 2 on the right.

Lime green closet - DIY nursery closet - dowel rods + rod holders + plywood support blocks - Little boy nursery closet - This is our Bliss

We purchased the 39 3/8″ x 13 3/4″ shelves which we cut down to be 35″ in length. These shelves rest on top of the plywood support blocks on the “wall” side and on the frame side, we inserted the white clip / pegs that came with the shelves, which fit into the pre-cut holes on the underside of the shelf. Then we drilled the screw into the outer side of the frame.

DIY nursery closet - dowel rods + rod holders + plywood support blocks - Little boy nursery closet - This is our Bliss 1

The clothing bars are actually 1″ dowel rods from Lowes which we spray painted white and cut down to fit in between the side of the PAX frame and the wall itself. They are held up by these rod holders, which we drilled into the frame and support blocks on the wall.

closet rod holders - Simon's Nursery Closet - DIY nursery closet - This is our Bliss DIY nursery closet - dowel rods + rod holders + plywood support blocks - Little boy nursery closet - This is our Bliss

This is what it looked like after all of the parts were assembled and installed.

IKEA PAX closet system - Can't Miss LIme - valspar paint - DIY nursery closet - navy green gray - This is our BlissYou’ll notice the trim – ick! It has since been painted and is now white, bright and wonderful :)
After the main components / foundation of the closet was successfully assembled and installed, then the fun began. Since the “after” has already been revealed in other posts, I will leave you with some shots of the closet in all of its bright & cheery glory.

Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - navy green gray - This is our Bliss Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - navy green gray - This is our Bliss 5 Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - navy green gray - This is our Bliss 8 Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - navy green gray - This is our Bliss 3 Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - navy green gray - This is our Bliss

If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a note! I do have to say, Simon’s closet, our recently spruced up linen closet and our pantry are the only three closets that actually stay clean & organized.

Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - navy green gray - This is our Bliss

It might have something to do with the fact I put forth the time and effort on the front-end to purge, design, create and organize the space, so I know just how it is supposed to look like when it is in tip-top shape. So even if it does get a little messy, it is a quick fix to get it back to an eye-pleasing and organized state. Give it a try. You’ll be surprised how a little bit of work in an itty bitty space can make such a big impact.

Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery closet deatails - navy green gray - This is our Bliss

Part 2 of the Nursery Closet Details mini series focuses on the organization & labels you see in the photos above. Every little thing has a home [and a label :)] and that’s just the way I like it.

Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - Nursery closet details - accessories + labels - navy green gray - This is our Bliss

Have you tackled any closets lately? What are your tips and tricks for keeping them neat & tidy?

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Holiday Gift Wrapping {The Necessities}

Hello out there! Can you believe we are exactly 3 weeks out from Christmas Day?! If you are traveling for the holidays this year like us, then your countdown for hitting the road may be even shorter! There is always so much to do this time of the year, but I am really trying to keep a smile on my face and enjoy the days with my boys. We are pretty much homebodies except for when we HAVE to go out. Henry is still in his MDO program on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we do get together with friends for an occasional playdate, but for the most part, we are home playing and hanging out. Bundling up 2 little ones is definitely more of a task than it was last year with just Henry. I get through the week with my double-C’s – coffee and Christmas music, that is. Other than the normal day-to-day stuff, we do have a few adult holiday get-togethers in the mix. One holiday party down and 2 more to go! Oh and one of my dearest childhood friends is getting married next weekend back in Iowa, so we have a wedding this season too! #bringitondecember

Speaking of holiday par-tays, check out my hostess gift guide from earlier this week if you missed it. I just may have added a few of those items to my own personal wish list this year. Now on to today’s post…Since most of us are in high-holiday-shopping-mode (I am toggling between a few retail websites and my blog’s dashboard as we speak 🙂 ) I thought it made sense to share a some holiday gift wrapping necessities I have been scoping out. Unfortunately, these boxes that have been arriving daily on my doorstep are not going to wrap themselves! So if you are like me and need to get on it, here is some gear to get you going!

 Holiday gift wrapping favorites

Brown Kraft paper | Red Stripe | HO HO HO | red & black | Kraft Stripe | gold chevron | plaid

Holiday gift wrapping embellishments - pretty things for your gifts and packages - ribbon and twine

twine | gold foil stickers | red tulle | festive washi tape | gold bows | red white bakers twine | metallic sharpies | gold bells | scalloped tags | gold washi tape

Holiday gift wrapping supplies and storage - wrapping essentialsgold scissors | acrylic tape dispenser | gold dot boxes | supply storage

I am sort of into the “kraft paper” and twine look this year, but naturally <3 to add a bit of gold and glam. And the scissors, btw, are obviously not an essential, but I have a pair and they are actually kind of heavy duty, but oh so chic at the same time. Another thing to note, if you spend $50 on holiday merchandise, you get a free $10 Target gift card! That includes lights, ornaments, etc., not just wrapping supplies.

Now that you have all of these great holiday wrapping supply ideas, be on the lookout for a round-up of some super creative holiday gift wrapping & packaging ideas I have been eyeing, as well as a couple DIY projects by yours truly.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here again soon!

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How to Create A Modern & Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape {the simple way}

Hey there! Cold weather…blah. Feeling cooped up (already), but am enjoying warm fires and cozy blankets while snuggling my boys. That never gets old 🙂 I am back today with some tips and how-to details, and of course the sources, for my Black & White & Gold Thanksgiving Tablescape I shared with you earlier this week. I will break down the simple steps I took to create this look so you can do the same if you are hosting Thanksgiving or any other holiday this year. To be perfectly honest, I am not even hosting this year, but since it was my first upcoming Thanksgiving as a new blogger, I had to join in on all of the decorating fun!!

Modern Thanksgiving Tablescape--Black white & gold---modern with natural touches

The items you set your table with do not have to be super fancy or expensive. I will show you how I used everyday pieces, most of which I already had, to set mine. Read on for the scoop – tips, where to purchase & MORE!

How to create a modern & elegant thanksgiving table1 – Find your inspiration & decide on a look & / or color scheme {Pinterest & blogs are great resources :)}

I knew I wanted to do something simple and elegant for my Thanksgiving table, so black and white seemed like the route to go. I pulled inspiration from the black and white striped table runner I made last year and took it from there. Classic patterns, neutral colors and pops of metallic sums up my style, so decided to use this as the basis for my table. Gold was my main accent, but I chose to mix and match the metals for extra glam and a slightly more modern look! After I made and hung my Burlap “Give Thanks” Banner, I knew I wanted to incorporate a few natural elements on my table to play off of the burlap – acorns, mini pumpkins, pinecones and leaves. The leaves received the golden touch, as do most things I come into contact with, but more on that later.

Modern Thanksgiving Tablescape--Black white & gold---modern with natural touches - Modern & ElegantHow to create a Modern & Elegant Thanksgiving Table-- black white & gold---natural touches -- This is our Bliss 4

2 – Start with pieces you already own.

Scour your kitchen cabinets, drawers, pantry and other storage places to pull out the things you have – very basic pieces are great because they will work well with other things. You may not even remember you own some of the things you find! I wanted this table to be pretty, but did not want to spend a fortune. Many of the staple items on the table were things we received as wedding gifts and use them regularly. Keeping things simple by using what you have is the best place to begin!

I started with the following:

 black & white striped table runner {I plan to post a tutorial on this sometime soon!}
gold plate chargers
 white circular dinner plates
black side plates
water glasses (Homegoods) & wine glasses
everyday silverware (similar)
cake stand (similar)
wine carafe – used for water (similar)
fall décor – faux pinecones, acorns, white pumpkins, leaves {DIY gold leaf namecards tutorial coming soon}
brass candleholders & taper candles
picture frame (Homegoods)
burlap ribbon (look familiar?)

How to create a modern & elegant thanksgiving table 2 IMG_7148 How to create a Modern & Elegant Thanksgiving Table-- black white & gold---natural touches -- This is our Bliss 5

3 – Find items on sale post-season or after a holiday to use for the next year or next holiday.

I scooped up some great deals earlier this month right after Halloween and was able to use a couple of things on my table, but I also stashed a ton for next fall and Halloween at crazy low prices. The chipboard I mention below was only thirty nine cents.

Unfortunately, my table wasn’t complete using only what I had on hand, so I determined what was missing and bought the rest.

New items:

cloth napkins (website says “not sold in stores”, but I found them & on sale)
mercury glass votive holders (mine was a pack of 6)
leaf chipboard (similar) {DIY tutorial coming soon}

metallic linen napkins from Target

4 – Create something to make it personal.

IMG_7121 How to create a modern & elegant thanksgiving table 4

DIY faux chalkboard art - gather here with thankful hearts - thanksgiving tablescape - fall decor

You can see from the photos, I added a few DIY pieces to my table – Gold leaf namecards, a “Thankful” book and super simple faux chalkboard art. Celebrating Thanksgiving by gathering around the table with the ones you love is a wonderful and oftentimes, rare occasion. Creating a little something to add to the table, gives a warm welcome and that extra special touch. It could be something as simple as hand-writing each guest’s name on a piece of cardstock, paper punch a hole through it and then use a piece of ribbon or twine to wrap it around your silverware. Easy peasy!

Apply any of these 4 tips and I promise you can put together a beautiful Thanksgiving table without breaking the bank. Decorating is more fun when you shop your own house anyways!

Thanks for stopping by today and don’t forget, I will be sharing the tutorials for my 3 simple Thanksgiving Table DIY projects later this week, so stay tuned.

Happy Hump Day!

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Playroom Reading Nook: Part 3 {The Bench Cushion}

Hi everyone! I am happy to report I had 2 awesome nappers today and was able to knock out the playroom bench cushion! Woo hoo! If you are new to This is our Bliss, then you probably have no idea how long this room & the Reading Nook series has been dragging on…like forever. Well, now I can say that one corner of the room is absolutely & completely finished.  There really isn’t a whole lot more I am going to do to the room, but will share more photos soon. Continue reading

DIY Pretty Porch Pumpkins

Hello again! Crazy busy day over here with the kiddos and Halloween festivities!  My 2-year old had a Halloween parade at school today and then we took the boys to my husband’s office to show off both of the boys’ costumes. I will say we have a pretty cool lion and an ultra-cute monkey on our hands for the next 2 days 🙂 Luckily their gear is nice & warm because it is supposed to be 40 degrees with 45 mph winds and a chance of rain. Yay for our first year taking out the kids!!

I wanted to pop in and give a quick “how to” on the DIY pumpkins in the Fall Front Porch photos from yesterday. They were meant to be quick & easy & basically cost $0. The only supplies needed are pumpkins, spray paint, craft paint & Q-tips.

DIY painted pumpkins for the porch craft paint & spray paint

The rest is easy to follow. Take a look:

DIY painted pumpkins for the porch DIY painted pumpkins for the porch 1 DIY painted pumpkins for the porch 2

I did the other 2 DIY pumpkins with dots. One, I dabbed the Q-tip up and down the indented lines & the other pumpkin, I dotted heavily at the top and then more sparse lower down for a confetti-look.  All were done with my trusty Q-tips!

DIY painted pumpkins for the porch 4 DIY painted pumpkins for the porch 3Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 1

5 minute project with a big impact! I always love a little flare, especially if it involves GOLD.

Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - pom pom burlap ribbon Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 4The other bit of flare I added to the porch is this adorable black pom-pom burlap ribbon I featured on my 5 Fab Friday Finds post. You should totally scoop it up while it is still 40% off & free shipping! I tied a strand around each of the cornstalks and then a smaller piece on the handle of the large lantern (and I have the 11″ lantern on the opposite side of the porch – you may remember them from my Outdoor Oasis series this summer). I think the ribbon is my favorite detail of the entire porch. It goes along with the natural feel of the porch, but has a cute little pom-pom pizzazz on the edge. 🙂

Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY

I hope you have all the details you need to get this look on your porch or at least a little inspiration! I mentioned this was my first year decorating the porch for fall & after picking up the supplies, a little set-up and a quick paint job, I think I’ll be doing it again next year. Do you do any outdoor fall decorating? What do you do on your porch? Please share your fall decorating ideas in the comments section on this post. I would love, love, love to hear from you!

Coming soon – playroom bench seat (I am determined to finish it this weekend 🙂 ) and some new projects I have been working on too!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join me back here again soon.

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Playroom Reading Nook: Part 2 {IKEA Spice Rack Bookshelves}

Happy Monday!  It’s a rainy & dreary day today, but I am actually ok with that. Since we’ve been on vacation and have lots to do around the house after being gone for nearly 2 weeks, the weather is keeping us inside & productive!  One sleeping, one playing and me running around trying to unpack and chip away at my to do list.  There are too many unfinished projects around here to even count, but I was able to finish a couple last week, one of which I am sharing today.

So I picked up these IKEA spice racks about 6 months ago and brought them home to spray paint, which I did that same day…well 1 coat of paint and then I ran out 🙂 So, needless to say, they have been sitting in my garage collecting dirt and dust until last week.  I bought more glossy white spray paint and got these little guys up on the wall!  I didn’t come up with the idea to use spice racks as bookshelves, but am so thankful someone did! At $3.99 a piece, I was able to buy 6 of them for next to nothing,when compared to other floating front-facing book display shelves. We have a cute little “nook” in the playroom where the wall insets and where I recently finished up the “I love to Read” wall.  These shelves completed the other half of the nook so well.

Here is what it looks like so far.

DIY Reading Nook w/ bookshelves DIY Reading Nook w/ bookshelves DIY Reading Nook w/ bookshelves DIY Reading Nook w/ bookshelvesMarquee heart from MichaelsReading Nook w IKEA spice rack bookshelves

Last up in the Reading Nook series is a DIY cushion for the reading bench / toy chest.  If I could just hurry up and find the right fabric… I know of a little someone who would love to climb up here & read!

Thank you SO much for reading & I promise to be back soon with some fall décor posts and then to wrap up the playroom, of course! Have a great rest of your day!

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Playroom Gallery Wall >>> Bold & Gold

Hello, all! Welcome back to This is our Bliss on this lovely Tuesday evening!  If this is your first time here, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back and visit again. As most of you know, I have been working project-by-project on our playroom and have one of the projects finished and ready to share!  The next couple of projects are very close to completion and the reveal is not too far out either 🙂

Take a look at the newest decorated wall in our house!

{I will be sharing the sources at the bottom of the post.}

playroom gallery wall playroom gallery wall playroom gallery wall

IMG_6227 IMG_6218playroom gallery gold details IMG_6238IMG_6222

Ticket stub poster & frame {IKEA – no longer available} | small gray frame | small black frame | Gold frames {Goodwill} | Brave canvas {local boutique} | Watercolor art {Waterlogue app – follow-up post to come} | black sunburst mirror {Homegoods} | small car prints {similar here} | Blue “S” & “H” | Play More & Enjoy the Ride art {DIY} | “fun” arrow {DIY project}

Playroom Gallery wall

Are you a fan of the “gallery wall”?  Do you have a wall that you can see yourself creating one on?  Please leave your thoughts & feedback – I would love to hear it!

More updates coming soon! Goodnight 🙂

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