DIY Wood frame for a Canvas | New Year New Room Refresh Challenge | week 3 | This is our Bliss

DIY Wood Frame for a Canvas | Stylish and Bold Modern Playroom | New Year New Room Refresh Challenge Week 3

The playroom has sort of stayed under cover over the last couple of weeks. Would you agree?! I haven’t posted much on social media and I only shared a couple shots of the 90% assembled wall unit last week with a teeny tiny sneak peek of the new rug, light and couch. I know. You want more, right?!! I promise you’ll get to see it ALL next week when I reveal the space!  For week 3, the rest of the New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge participants and I decided to share a DIY decor tutorial of some sort. I’m going to share how I saved some big bucks by creating a DIY Wood Frame for an old canvas piece that we’ve had hanging in the playroom. Continue reading

Big Boy Room | Bold, colorful and graphic plus a dresser update! |

DIY Geometric Dresser Makeover [Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room Project]

Phew! Now that the Fall ORC has concluded, I can finally come up for some air! Right now is most certainly the calm before the storm around here. The calm being the couple of weeks I’m trying to lay low, catch up on sleep, get organized around the house after a 6-week dining room makeover that created a tornado-like aftermath in every other room in our home and then enjoy Thanksgiving next week with family. The storm being… the holidays! I mean that only in a way that a fellow blogger might understand. But looking back at pre-blog life, I would say the holidays can get a little cray cray anyways!

Well, today I’m taking a few minutes to post one of the promised follow-up posts from both the Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room. I realize I owe you probably close to 10 for the biggest’s room and most recently my One Room Challenge Dining Room Reveal and while I’ll work to get them out to you soon, I am going to have to put a few holiday posts in the mix as well. It’s just that time of year now, don’t you agree?! Continue reading

Its so Ugly Its cool Thrift challenge brass container turned planter This is our Bliss

Thrifted Finds | Getting “Summer Ready”

You know when you see something and you get this overwhelming feeling like… I just HAVE to have that! Well, I’ve been on a mission lately to do some last minute summer sprucing around the house before we move, but buying new decor for this house just wasn’t in the budget and didn’t really make much sense.

What if it wouldn’t work in the new house? What if it was an impulse buy and I didn’t truly love it?

You know what my answer was?… Just THRIFT it.

Today, I’ll be sharing, not ONE, but TWO madeover thrifted finds for this month’s “It’s So Ugly It’s Cool” Challenge. I’m going to show you how I scooped up my thrifted pieces, worked a little DIY magic and transformed my thrifted finds into beautiful, functional pieces at an affordable price just in time to style our home for summer! Continue reading

DIY color block lamp | gray and gold painted lamp base | create and share challenge | This is our Bliss |

Create & Share Challenge | DIY Color Block Lamp

Hello! And welcome to the Create & Share LAMP-alooza! I am so excited to be joining forces with a group of bloggers to bring you a total of 11 fabulous DIY lighting projects this month! Whether you’re looking to repurpose something INTO a lamp, makeover a thrifted one or simply recover that old-lamp-sitting-in-your-guestroom’s-shade – we are here to help you channel your inner DIY boss and be inspired to create!

Although this is my first time participating, typically the Create & Share Challenges feature a specific product for the month and each blogger has to come up with their own way to create something from that one item. The goal being that everyone will put their own spin on their project and no 2 pieces will come out looking the same! Well, with the amount of talent in the group, there’s no denying the projects are off the charts on the creativity scale. Inspiration for daaaays. Continue reading

Eddie Ross Style Inspired by DIY | Indoor Summer bar styling | Thrifted dresser turned bar | This is our Bliss

Inspired by DIY | Eddie Ross Inspired Indoor Summer Bar

When we kicked off this monthly Inspired by DIY Challenge in February with Kate Spade, I knew I was going to have fun with it — with fabulous designer themes each month, new projects for our home and doing it with such a talented and creatively inspiring group. I mean, how could it not be a blast?!

*affiliate links are used in this post.

This month we are pulling inspiration from Mr. Modern Mix himself — Eddie Ross! He flawlessly combines thrifted antique gems, with chic, classic pieces and then tops it off with a brilliant, modern spin. He style is fearless, fun and exceptionally inspiring! Not to mention, his signature “looks” can be achieved by incorporating frugal, second-hand finds in order to keep styling and accessorizing on budget.

Today I’m going to show you how I styled my Eddie Ross inspired space! Continue reading

The Best Basement Paint and Carpet Choices | Basement Remodel Finishing Touches | This is our Bliss Basement Project | This is our Bliss ||

Basement Carpet + Paint sources | TIOB Basement Project Update V

I know it’s not the most glamorous blog post ever written, but carpet & paint selection are such key decisions for a space! Today I’m taking you back a couple of steps in this whole basement project to share our carpet and wall color sources [and the sconces at the end too!]!
this is our bliss basement project - paint & carpet sources - Sherwin Williams & Shaw Floors This is our BlissI shared our Basement Bar progress last week and will have the tile sourcing for that space soon! I decided I will do a full basement reveal, with the exception of the bathroom, that will probably be separate….it is a completely separate space, after all. The rest of the basement functions as 3 spaces in one: family room, bar & play space, so it was important to choose a flooring and wall color we wanted to be carried throughout and would serve as a backdrop for the furniture & décor in each of the spaces.

This is our Bliss - TIOB basement project - paint & carpet selection


We selected Shaw Travel With Me OC191 in Sugar Cube (T) 00100 and purchased it locally at Sherlock’s Carpet and Tile.
this is our bliss basement project - paint & carpet sources - This is our Bliss


Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray (SW 7016)

How we chose + a few tips:

For the carpet, we knew we wanted a neutral color, with flecks of cool & warm tones. We figured we would go with a gray wall, but had a chocolate brown couch that was going to be moved into the space and I had my eyes set on a stacked stone tile to be used as a feature wall in the bar area that had shades of copper & honey as well as cool grays. We also knew we wanted a soft, plushy carpet that would be good for playing around on the floor with the boys (plus a good carpet pad underneath). Soooo, we brought home 10 – 15 carpet samples and let them sit down in the space near the bar tile floor for about a week, making sure we went down to take a look at different times of the day – when the sun was shining in and when it was dark out and all of the lights were turned on. From there, we narrowed it down to our top 3. I then asked the carpet store for larger samples to lay out for another couple of days and after that, we arrived at our decision!

As far as the paint goes, we came to our decision rather easily. After repainting our bedroom earlier this year, we fell in love with our choice – Sherwin Williams Repose Gray (SW 7015). We wanted to stay close to that color, but preferred the basement walls to be slightly darker than our master. So we opted to go down one level, which brought us to Mindful Gray. Simple as that!

Tip: I do recommend picking up a few samples of the paint colors you are looking and putting a couple coats of each sample up on the wall to look at for at least 24 hours. We were quite comfortable with our choice, so we skipped the sample step this time around. But trust me! We have definitely regretted a paint color decision before. For just a couple of dollars per sample, it is well worth the extra time to make sure you are happy with what is going up on the wall!

Tip: If you have Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color options selected, take them to your local Lowes store and ask them to match the brand and mix a sample. I think it is $2.99 for a small sample. If you ask for a sample at Sherwin Williams, you pay $5.99 and the smallest sample they will mix is 1 quart. You are left with extra paint of colors you don’t end up choosing and spending more money than necessary.

Lastly, if you are painting multiple rooms in your home, don’t feel like you have to start from square 1 by picking a new color for each space. If you like a color, I see nothing wrong with painting multiple rooms in the very same color!

Paint color selections in other areas of our home…

Little boy nursery pegboard gallery wall - DIY nursery decor - navy green & gray - This is our BlissWe painted Simon’s Nursery, the same color as our upstairs guest bathroom (Sherwin Williams Passive Gray – SW 7064)…
DIY Playroom Reading Nook + no sew Bench seat cushion + DIY shelvesWe painted our dining-room-turned-playroom…
Formal LIving room gallery wall with all black frames This is our Blissthe same color as our formal living room (Sherwin Williams Versatile Gray – SW 6072)…
Henry's room - wall coming in - Kilim Beigeand our very first nursery (Henry’s room) was painted the same as our family room & kitchen (Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige – SW 6106)

Guestroom revamp - Gallery wall - picture ledge - floating frame - DIY cane chair - Floral pattern - This is our BlissOur guestroom was also SW Kilim Beige before we painted it SW Nuance – 7049 as part of the Spring 2015 One Room Challenge! It is the lightest color (almost white) I have ever painted a room, but it has the most calm & soothing vibe and couldn’t be happier with it. Everything you put next to it or on it just “pops”.

Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - navy green gray - This is our BlissAnd if you are really looking to go all out – think about painting the inside of a closet like we did in Simon’s nursery [see paint info here & the DIY closet details here] By FAR, the boldest paint choice we’ve made in the entire house!

And now, we basically circled our way back to the basement!
The perfect basement wall color - This is our Bliss - TIOB basement project - paint & carpet selectionBasement bar rustic industrial barstools stacked stone wall & bar shelves 5 oclock bar clock neutral decor basement project progress This is our BlissI really am happy with the Mindful Gray on these walls and really love how it looks with the stone bar wall…
Basement bar industrial barstools modern industrial lights neutral decor baement project progress 1 This is our Blissand the tile floor. I’ll be sharing the tile & stone sources plus our rug selections after mulling over these rug options!
TIOB basement project industrial sconces - This is our bliss - Sherwin Williams wall colorAnd here is a sneak peek of the family room area…these lovely sconces flank the TV/gallery wall & the mixed metals and black and white frames look great against the medium gray paint, too…. We STILL need to find a media console, but other than that, the space is basically ready to photograph and share… soon, I hope!

And just to be clear, this is not a Sherwin Williams-sponsored post. I’ve just been a fan for a long time!

What is your favorite brand of paint? Favorite go-to color?!

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Great Find + Quick Fix #3 [Guestroom luggage rack]

Hi! Stopping in briefly today (I know, Saturdays are a rare posting day for me) to share another great find + quick fix with you! You may remember that little thrifted luggage rack from that crazy 6 week thing called the One Room Challenge when I was worked on our Guestroom Revamp project. Well, today I am sharing the before & after photos + the few simple steps I took to make it over! See, I told you there were still plenty more guestroom project posts looming over my head that I would finish up and publish!

Better late than never is quite a common theme over here…

So, while out looking for accessories and other goodies to use in the guestroom, I came upon this little luggage rack at a housewares consignment store near my house. I take things there pretty regularly to help clear out space and to make room for new décor and always browse around while I’m waiting to see what items they end up taking from my haul.

When I saw the rack, the first thought that popped into my head was – I’m preeetttty sure, my mom has been telling me to get one of these things for her to use when she visits! I knew she thought I needed one for the guestroom, but didn’t really feel like spending the $30-50+ to get one.
Well, enter $8 luggage rack in excellent condition. I could tell it had recently been made-over by someone else, but I knew if it was going to go home with me, I would be giving it another makeover of my own. I know. It was already gold and I was going to change it. I couldn’t believe it either.

Here is what I did:

I gave the entire piece a couple coats of spray paint, actually spraying right over top of the straps knowing I was going to be covering them with newly purchased black & natural fabric trim later.
IMG_2333Let paint dry for 24 hours.

Next, I roughly measured the length of each existing strap, from end-to-end, to use as a guide and then cut 3 pieces of my striped trim.
Then, I ran the craft glue up and down each of the existing 3 straps and laid my newly cut pieces down and centered it, since the striped wasn’t as wide as the old. On the edges, I simply rolled the striped pieces around to the underside of the rack and glued it down.
Luggage rack makeover - great find + quick fix - new trim straps - diy - This is our BlissYou can see below where mine is just shorter than the old stapled strap. I would’ve went all the way to the old edge if I had bought enough!
Luggage rack makeover - glue new trim or ribbon to underside of old traps - This is our BlissI flipped it over and that was pretty much it.
luggage rack makeover - new trim straps - great find + quick fix - thrifted guestroom luggage rack - This is our Bliss Placed it in the room and it was ready for guests!
Luggage rack makeover - guestroom revamp DIY luggage rack - great find + quick fix - This is our Bliss luggage rack makeover - great find + quick fix - diy guestroom luggage rack - This is our Blissluggage rack makeover - great find + quick fix - guestroom luggage rack - This is our blissIt actually gets used every time someone stays in that room! For a cheap find and a few minutes to paint & glue, I’d say it was worth it! I love me a spray-paint project!!

Let’s take one more look…
Thrifted luggage rack makeover - drab to fab - guestroom luggage rack - this is our blissluggage rack makeover - great find + quick fix - guestroom luggage rack - guestroom revamp - This is our bliss What do you think…Easy enough!? What have you recently thrifted and spray-painted?

We are getting ready to venture out to a Farm & Barn Fest in our town for some good ol’ fashioned Saturday afternoon family fun. I guess fall is really that close already!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, too! I hope to see you back here next week 🙂

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acrylic + brass knobs - bathroom vanity hardware - this is our bliss

Painted bathroom vanity + knob selection

For some reason, I feel like it is my duty to say Happy Friday every time I post on, well, a Friday.


I do sincerely wish you a happy day today and a wonderful weekend ahead! I am just popping in to show you my newly painted bathroom vanity. I loooove the color and I am crazy about the knobs I found to go in there, too. If you’ve been following along with the crazy 6 week design challenge {AKA the One Room Challenge} I embarked upon here, then you know I have my hands full right now! Therefore, I will keep this short and sweet 🙂

Here is how these puppies progressed:

IMG_9332 IMG_9340 IMG_9344This is one coat of Annie Sloan paint in Graphite and the start of the 2nd coat.

painted bathroom vanity - Annie Sloan graphite - This is our Bliss

Above is 3 coats of paint. Below is paint + 2 coats of clear wax.

painted bathroom vanity - Annie sloan graphite + wax - this is our bliss

Soon to be adorning these drawers & cabinets…

acrylic + brass knobs - bathroom vanity hardware - this is our bliss Hobby lobby hardware - acrylic + brass knobs - bathroom vanity - this is our bliss

I mean, seriously?! I got them for 50% off, too 🙂 Now, to just get them on…

This was definitely the week of hardware!
new dresser knobs - antique brass - This is our BlissYesterday, I shared these drop ring pulls for the dresser in week #5’s post of Guestroom Revamp for the ORC and here is a sneak peek of the bedside table beauties…

bedside table pulls - Guestroom revamp - one room challenge - this is our bliss

hardware overload?! I actually still have one more piece of furniture in the guestroom that needs a hardware update, but I’m planning to just paint them. Gold, of course.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back here again next week! SOOOO much to catch you all up on!

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Thrifted find | Pretty Welcoming vase | gold pineapple vase 6 | Its so ugly its cool thrift challenge || This is our Bliss

One Room Challenge [Guestroom Revamp Week #4]

I guess it is that time again! Thursday is here which means it is week 4 over at Calling it Home‘s One Room Challenge for the Linking Participants.


If you are just visiting today for the first time and need to get-in-the-know about what has been going on, you can do it here [week 1, week 2, week 3]! Also, welcome! I mentioned before how it has been a little cray cray over here ever since I made the commitment to have this guestroom finished in 6 weeks, but in a good way! It has really been a fun challenge for me personally to learn how to manage my time, prioritize and bargain shop. There are quite a few things needed to fill a space, so I have been trying to watch the dreaded b-word (you know, budget) so it doesn’t get out of hand. It is easy to create a design board and forget there are limitations in the cashflow HA!

Last week, I shared photos of a few purchases as well as some things I drowned in gold spray paint. Well, add in seeeeveral more shopping hauls and a few stacks of cardboard boxes on the doorstep and I would say we are really getting somewhere now. Instead of sharing more piles of my finds, I thought I would give you a glimpse of my latest treasure…finally done!!!

floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss 1 floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss 3and a little reminder of where what we were workin’ with before…

floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss - before and after

I reupholstered the chair in an upholstery class that I took. The chair did take me quite awhile given that I only devoted a couple of hours per week and I was at the mercy of the instructor. When she was with other students, I had to patiently wait for my next set of directions. There was a lot of downtime, but it was really a great experience. I will definitely be sharing more on the chair and more of the in-between photos in the next couple of weeks. This room is all happened because of that little find 🙂

floral and houndstooth cane chair makeover - HGTV fabric - This is our Bliss 4

You can learn more about this little chair’s journey here and here.

And that is what I’ve got for today! I was visiting my parents for 5 days last week, so I didn’t have much time to photograph actual progress in the room. Don’t worry, I promise to have plenty to share next week and then week 6 will be LOADED with pictures in the reveal post. Like, a ton.

You can see the entire transformation below:
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Sources

*Update: Here is the after of the chair in the finished space.
Thrifted find | Pretty Welcoming vase | gold pineapple vase 6 | Its so ugly its cool thrift challenge || This is our Bliss

Don’t forget to pin for later!
Cane chair makeover | One Room Challenge DIY project | This is our Bliss

Have a great day!!

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One Room Challenge [Guestroom Revamp Week #3]

Hello out there! Thank you so much for stopping by today! If you are visiting from Calling it Home, then welcome! To my fellow ORC Linking Participants – we are getting there, right?! Oh man – I don’t know about you, but for me it has been a whirlwind! I have spent most of the last week scoping out goodies for the guestroom – art, mirrors, fabric, frames, pillows, bedding, lamps, knobs & pulls. You name it, I shopped for it! The boys were along for the ride during most of the trips, too— scary thought, but we all survived. Even amidst the chaos, I do feel like a scored a few perfect finds for the room.

Target Threshold throw blanket - This is our Bliss Aldi picture frames - This is our Bliss

This Threshold Blanket GW find and an Aldi mirror set debuted on my IG feed earlier in the week. Follow along for more ORC sneak peeks 🙂
I love accessorizing and adding the finishing touches to a space, so this week was a ton of fun for me. I am heading out of town for 5 days soon, so I felt like I needed to GET BUSY & hitting the stores and a few online retailers was the way I went at it.

I mentioned last week that the walls were painted and here is what we went with:
SW Paint selection for Guestroom revamp walls - One Room Challenge - This is our Bliss

It is sort of hard to tell from the image, but the above swatches are all shades of whites. On the wall it appears as a creamy light gray and it is just the look I was going for. Post-paint isn’t as much as a transformation as Simon’s Nursery closet makeover, but it really does make the room look light and fresh.
The room wasn’t the only thing that received a few coats of paint this week….

IMG_9708 lamps before - This is our Bliss IMG_9715The bronze lamp base before…and then after…
freshly painted gold lamp base - This is our BlissSo. much. better.

Here are a few of the glam pieces going in the room – some old & some new. I heart them all.
One Room Challenge - Guestroom Revamp - The golden goodies- gold accesories - gold styling - This is our BlissAside from the painting projects, another big transformation took place. New curtain rods were purchased, hung and dressed with new curtain panels. We raised the rods to the ceiling and oh-my-gosh, it really does make the room look & feel bigger. Not quite sure why in other rooms of the house, we hung some rods just above the trim and others we went all the way to the ceiling with. I am pretty sure I want to raise them in every room now. We obviously weren’t on our game when we were initially finishing the space. We’ll see if that actually happens or if it is just a nice thought 🙂
HomeGoods black satin curtain rod - This is our BlissI found these black satin finish rods at HomeGoods and was thrilled when I first spotted them. I had previously picked out rods that were going to cost $50-$70 each. I found the longer rod at HomeGoods for $19.99 and was bummed when they didn’t have the shorter length I needed for the other window in the room. One of my girlfriends found one a couple of days later and picked it up for me – $16.99 for that one! Saved some serious bucks there. When you are making over an entire room, you truly have to be smart about your budget and save where you can. The rods I have and the ones I was going to purchase are nearly identical. Only you and I know the truth 🙂
Curtains before - Guestroom Revamp - One Room Challenge - This is our Bliss Removing old hardware - Guestroom Revamp - This is our Bliss Curtain & curtain rods after - One Room Challenge - Guestroom Revamp - This is our BlissLet’s see how everything else is coming along, shall we?

Original checklist:
Guestroom Revamp check list - This is our Bliss

And the more recent one (Sorry if it’s confusing I have 2 lists that overlap!)

new bedding
new hardware on bedside tables
new lamps or just new shades
something with the headboard
statement piece above the bed
nightstand styling
change out the bronze hardware
new art / gallery wall
new curtains – lighter in color or a bright print
makeover the mirror
paint dresser
replace hardware
remove hanging clothes rack
replace armoire with something bigger & with a clothing rod inside
insert upholstered chair

new items:

DIY Euro pillows
find side table to go next to chair
buy accessories for the dresser

I probably won’t be done adding things to the list until the end, so please bare with me!
The room is coming together and overall, I am very pleased with the progress. A couple of small changes to the original plan…probably not painting the dresser anymore and the new armoire I picked out wont fit in our space because of the TV that sits on top. The new unit measured nearly 10 inches taller than our current one, so we are going to stick with what we got! On the plus side, I was still able to remove the hanging clothes rack because we are going to be able to put a clothing rod in the piece we have now. So everything will now be hidden behind closed doors – thankfully!
Well, I think that pretty much sums up week 3 and for next week— Paint, shop, sew. Repeat.

 Need to get caught up on my One Room Challenge journey? Check out my previous posts below.
101978205_jpg_rendition_largestWeek #1: Guestroom Before photos + inspiration photos (above via
Guestroom Revamp Design board | One Room Challenge | Spring 2015 | This is our BlissWeek #2: Guestroom Revamp Design Board

Oh and don’t forget to check out the ORC “professionals” here and the ORC “Linking participants” here for everyone’s week 3 treats!

Plenty more coming soon – wish me luck!! Have a great day – the weekend is near!

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