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Gallery Wall Wednesday #2 [3 stacked frames in the playroom]

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It’s so crazy how this playroom has suddenly come to life again! It was a project I started and just never quite finished up. After sharing the 4th installment of the playroom reading nook series [the light], I heard from several readers asking to share the details of the 3 stacked frames hanging to the right of the nook. I thought today would be a good time to share the scoop on this mini, or as I refer to it, small wall + big statement gallery wall. Continue reading

How to: DIY Oversized [Fall] Word Art

My obsession continues. My love for word art is deep. I took a shot at creating my own version of an oversized word art piece to use in my fall entryway versus buying a ridiculously expensive one. I’ve made smaller pieces before, but I wanted a BIG one this time around! A statement piece…

Do you know how much money a 24″x36″ framed piece of anything costs?! or a even a canvas?! Way more than I wanted to throw down. Especially since its all about fall. I mean, I would have loved to order a custom something or other for above my entryway table, but the truth is… my entryway mirror will probably end up going right back in its spot after this season is over. Unless I decide to make a new piece for each season or holiday to put in the frame! I could totally do that. #dontgetaheadofyourself
How to DIY oversized word ART -Fall entryway - fall vignette - DIY word art - fall decor - This is our BlissI decided to create a DIY version and ended up spending less than $20! Yep – 20 bucks.


24″x36″ frame
MS Word or other document creation software
Flash Drive (to save your file & take to copy/print shop)
24″x36″ black & white print
3-Inch Flat Corner Brace (4-Pack)
Rub ‘n Buff Wax

Fullscreen capture 9172015 84159 PMSo let’s start from the beginning. A couple of weeks ago, I found large, 24″x36″ frames on mega sale at Michaels for $14.99, regularly priced $49.99. Such a steal! I bought one white and one grayish-brown. After calling my local FedEx/Kinko’s to check to make sure they could print that size, I sat down to work on my piece.
Fullscreen capture 9172015 90501 PM
I came up with a list of fall-related words and typed them out in MS Word with one space in between each word or group of words. I then started playing around with the fonts and point size of each word or phrase until it was sized just right and I was happy with how it looked. I ended up moving some of the words onto different lines in order to make the sizing work out. I wanted to take up as much of the full line as I could without the words being too small or the phrase running over to the next line. Each font is sized differently as well. I get download my fonts from

[Some of the fonts I used in this piece were: Bernardo Moda, Jenna Sue, Fascii Scraggly BRK, Architect’s Hand, AR DELANEY. You can enter these into the search box on the site and then download the file to your computer. They will be automatically added to the drop down list of fonts in MS Word.]

Next, I saved it as a PDF file, loaded it onto my flash drive and headed down the street to FedEx/Kinkos. I asked them to print my piece in black and white on a 24″x36″ sheet of paper. It cost me $4.67 to do it.
fedex receipt*[Important step!: you must save your .doc file as a .pdf because of the specialty fonts. If your copy / print shop does not have the exact same fonts on their computers, then they won’t show up. I didn’t know this when I went in to have another piece printed awhile back. They didn’t clue me in on the pdf secret. They told me I needed to go back home and load all of the different font files onto my flash drive so they could download them to their computer. so that is what I did! uggghhh]

Next, after opening up the back of the frame and slipping my piece of paper inside, I realized I needed to trim about 1/4″ off the side and top so it laid flat and didn’t bubble underneath the plexiglass. Once it was smoothed out, I fastened the back on and admired my work.
It was missing something though.

I ran upstairs to check my craft & décor stash for some flat corner braces. I was pretty sure I had an extra package left after making these frames. It was just what my new frame needed. Mine were silver, so I used a little Rub ‘n Buff Wax in Antique Gold on them before attaching to the frame.
DIY oversized word art - flat corner braces - This is our BlissAfter a couple minutes to let the wax set, I placed the “L” on the corner, then drilled in each of the 4 screws into the predrilled holes, until I was all the way through the surface of the frame. I did this on each of the 4 corners.
DIY oversized word art - flat corner braces 1 - This is our BlissVoila! Large & in charge DIY Fall word art! I love.
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - fall word art 1 - This is our BlissFall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - DIY fall word art - leaves - open frame - This is our BlissIt’s white and bright and allows  my fall décor to “pop” around it. A wonderful backdrop for my entryway!
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - view from the stairs - fall word art - This is our BlissI love reading bits and pieces on it as I walk by. All of the words are things that remind me of the fall season, now and as a child.
fall decor - fall entry way - fall vignette - open framed gourd - DIY fall word art - this is our blissI especially love how my little thrifted gold open frame outlines “mom’s pumpkin cookies”. Such a warm and special memory of making and decorating pumpkin cookies with my mom and sister growing up (and eating too much cream cheese frosting along with the chocolate chips & candy corn that made up the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin 🙂 )!
DIY oversized fall word art - flat corner braces - DIY wall decor - fall entryway - This is our BlissFall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor -staircase view - fall word art 1 - This is our BlissI did have the corner braces and rub’n’buff on hand, so the project would have totaled around $35 normally… and if the frame wouldn’t have been on sale, well…thats a whole lot more. If you ever see huge frames like that on sale – grab a couple!

This was so unbelievable easy to make. I promise…if you can open up and type in Microsoft Word, then you can do this! If you don’t feel like making your own and like mine, get it below!:
Free fall word art printable - fall printable - fall decor - word art - wall decor - fall decorating - This is our BlissGet your Free PDF here:  FALL Word Art
Fall entryway - fall vignette - entryway table styling - fall decor - neutral fall decor - DIY fall word art - leaves - This is our BlissI think it would be really cute to do something similar in a kid’s room or playroom with funny & cute kid phrases!
How to DIY Oversized Fall Word art - DIY wall decor - word art - This is our BlissWant more fall inspiration?! Visit my Fall Entryway post to see the rest of the shots!

What are your DIY secrets for creating large, oversized art? Please do share!
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How to Thrift Picture Frames [tips for finding pieces for a Gallery Wall]

First, let me apologize for the, not one, but two random, incomplete posts that were blasted out earlier this week! Minor technical difficulties, my apologies! Now on to a post with some actual content 🙂
How to thrift picture frames & use them in a gallery wall - thrifted finds - tips & tricks - This is our blissToday, I am dropping in to share a few of my personal tips for buying those unique, one-of-a-kind frames to use in gallery walls or in other areas throughout your home. Vintage and second-hand picture frames are everywhere! I mean some of the places I pop into have aisles of them! You might not know exactly what you are looking for and you may not know where and when you will use them. But, when you can score a frame for as little as $.49, I say grab it now and figure out the rest later!

If you like the look of a gallery wall, but are worried that purchasing 4,5,6 or even 20+ frames can be costly, you are right. Store-bought picture frames can range from $10 – 100+ per frame. I highly recommend starting with a few frames from your local Goodwill or thrift stores in your area and then building your wall out from there. An eclectic gallery wall is so simple to achieve using frames of all different shapes, sizes and colors, so a thrifted collection is an ideal way to go. You can also incorporate a few thrifted frames when going for a more streamlined, balanced or monochromatic look. Start looking and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find!

Below, are my tips for thrifting picture frames and the key things I look for to help me spot the true gems (in my book!)

1 | Pairs or multiples

If you find a frame you like and there are more than 1, take them all! Using several of the same frames in a gallery wall give it that put together feel. You can use them next to each other or space them apart. For example, I found this pair of gold frames at Goodwill last year and had been hanging onto them for just the right use. They did not come with mats.
Pair of thrifted gold frames - goodwill frame find - this is our blissThey first appeared with a white mat on the playroom gallery wall.
playroom gallery wall with pair of gold goodwill frames - this is our blissAfter shopping my house for frames for the Guestroom Revamp project I completed for the One Room Challenge, I swiped them off the playroom wall, took the mats out and replaced the kid art with my two 8″x10″ Minted prints [top & bottom]. I then hung one below the other and placed a large, open frame around it. It now acts one, larger piece of art.
Guestroom revamp - Minted art - open frame - luggage rack - - dresser - fresh flowers - This is our Bliss

2 | Unique metal detail / hanging mechanisms

I don’t know how else to put it. If the frame has a great little metal hoop or ring attached to it, its coming home with me. You can use the ring to actually hang the frame by or there might be a sawtooth or something else and then the ring can just rest on the wall.

Round wood frame with unique metal detail - hoop or ring hanger - thrifted frames - this is our bliss

After removing the glass & art, I included it on another wall in the guestroom and left it as an open frame. If you look to the far left, there is a gold frame with a metal ring hanger as well. I loooove that one and I bought it for $.99.

Guestroom revamp - gallery wall - picture ledge - minted - This is our Bliss Guestroom revamp - picture ledge - gallery wall - This is our Bliss

3 | Interesting shape

or basically, any shape OTHER than a rectangle! I am quite a sucker for a round frame – I just love them! Breaking up the monotony of rectangular frames on your wall adds visual interest to your space. The eye is drawn to the piece that is slightly different and using a round frame or mirror is a great way to work some depth & dimension to your gallery wall.

Here you can see the 2 round frames on Simon’s pegboard gallery wall in his nursery. They actually started as wooden plate holders (similar to the one above, but without the metal hanger), but after applying several coats of white spray paint and adding some fabric, I added them to the wall along with various other frames & objects.
Nursery pegboard gallery wall - round frames with fabric - thrifted frames - this is our blissBaby Boy Nursery DIY Pegboard Gallery Wall + Navy, green & grayAs rare as it might, I would always say yes to any other shape out there! The gold octagon frame was a thrifted diamond in the rough – I haven’t found any others like it, but you can bet I would be first in line if I happened to come across another one. Like I said, I love to pick up frames that have a unique shape and this one definitely stands out amongst the others on the wall.
octagon thrifted frame - gallery wall - black white and gold - this is our bliss

The above shot is our stairway gallery wall. Although it took months to prepare for, the stairway gallery wall was not as big of an undertaking as one might think. I mean, I had frames stacked up and spread out our upstairs loft for quite.some.time. But the act of hanging it – I actually put it up one day while Ted was at work. He came home and said, “Ummm. How did you do that?” I actually don’t know the answer to this question and I am not sure if I could replicate this again. HA! I started at the bottom of the staircase, placed a few larger frames throughout, working my way up, and then started hammering away and filling in the gaps. This is NOT good advice to follow, but that is how I did it! It’s definitely the largest, craziest and most time-consuming gallery wall I have created to-date, but also my favorite.

 4 | Rounded edges

I found a few of these round-edge frames and really love how they are just so subtly different than an ordinary frame. The rounded edge gives the frame a slightly unique look. One might not even notice at first glance, which is what I like about it.
round edge frame - thrifted frames - this is our bliss(Maybe those edges were a trend of the 80’s???)

I painted one of these rounded edge frames white and used it on our stairway gallery wall, so I still have the 2 pictured above to use somewhere else. Again, buy in multiples!

5 | Don’t pay attention to what’s inside the frame

There might not be anything at all! I have scooped up a number of picture frames without glass or any backing. I have also bought frames with not so glamorous art inside. Although there could be an entire blog series written on super cool thriftstore art.

Exhibit A…

thrift store art in gold frameI simply removed the backing, popped out the glass and took out the matted art. I decided to leave it as an open frame again and hung it on the outside of a canvas for a slightly different look. Gotta love that gold + the simple detail on the inner edge of the frame. <3
Guestroom revamp - life doesn't have to be perfect - open gold thrifted frame - This is our BlissKind of like, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’… don’t judge a frame, but its art!

Tips for thrifting frames has been a topic I have wanted to write about for awhile now. People always ask where I find my frames and how much I spend on some of my gallery walls in total. Well, to be honest, I haven’t ever added up the total cost, but I can tell you I have saved quite a few pennies by hunting for unique frames around town. I plan to do a post somewhat related to gallery walls a couple of times per month, perhaps an occasional #gallerywallwednesday post. I will share some shots of the stairwell and several other gallery walls in our home and you might even see some walls from the past. I tend to switch things up every now & then! However, some of the walls in our home have yet to make their internet debut, so I will get workin’ on that STAT 🙂

Thrifting frames and beginning gallery walls can be quite intimidating, but once you get out there and start searching, it becomes a really fun hunt to see what you can score! It also helps to save some cash and maybe be able to put it towards more expensive frames or pieces of art to include in the gallery wall as well. A mix of art, photographs and other unique objects can result in a totally unique & artsy looking wall.

Have you attempted to put together a gallery wall in your home? Any good tips & tricks? Please share!


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Nursery Project: Pegboard Gallery Wall

Hello! So I mentioned last week that I am working on some plans for our little playroom just off the family room.  I spent a couple hours last week going through toys – sorting them, pitching them, searching for them.  Lets just say we needed to do some organizing in there or I was going to lose my mind!  I know it is not going to be a room that stays clean, but as long as everything in it has a home, it will eventually make it back there someday 🙂 Along with some organizational strategizing, I began to do some decorative strategizing!  A shelf we had in the room with some art and books on it…well… came crashing down a couple of weeks ago and I am not going to be putting the shelf back up.  In its place, I am thinking I will put together a little gallery wall with a mix of art, photos and typography.  While pondering the design today, it got me thinking… I have had quite a few people ask me about the pegboard gallery wall I did in Simon’s nursery and I never really did a follow-up post with the deets, so thought it might be a good idea to revisit the nursery and give everyone some info on one of my favorite walls in the house.

The photo of this wall has been my most popular pin on Pinterest so far!


So, here we go…

I first went to Lowes & picked up a 4′ x 4′ pegboard.  I think it was about $8. I also bought a small foam roller and a few paint samples.  I went with shades of dark gray to test out.


I ended up mixing all 3 of the paints together until I got the color I was aiming for.  It took about 3 – 4 coats of paint for complete coverage.

IMG_3731 IMG_3735

Next we cut 2 pieces of plywood (1″ x 4″) and laid them across the back horizontally.  We placed a couple of screws in each piece of wood to secure them to the pegboard.  We then measured our wall, found our studs and marked the wall where we wanted to drill.  We were able to drill into the plywood pieces from the front with long extra long screws, enter the wall and catch the stud.  The plywood allowed us to secure the pegboard firmly to the wall and also act as a spacer between the pegboard and the wall in order to be able to hang things on it from the front.


We used screws to hang the Bygel rail & basket and we placed them so they hit the lower piece of plywood. Everything else was hung with pegboard hooks (see link in source list below)

IMG_5892 IMG_5895 IMG_5896IMG_5894IMG_5889 IMG_5897IMG_5889

There it is!  We hung the pegboard on the wall before attaching any of the frames, etc.  I am not one to lay out my frames on the floor beforehand and I definitely don’t take the time to trace out the frames and tape them on the wall in order to determine my placement.  I guess you could say I just wing it.  I need to get better about my planning when nailing into the wall, but the nice thing about working with a pegboard as your backdrop is you don’t have to worry about random nail holes in the wall! Not that I ever put 2 or 3 holes behind each picture before I get it where I want it or anything 🙂

Here is my source list from the original nursery post:


Pegboard Gallery wall

Please let me know if you have any questions or want more info on this project!  I would love your comments and feedback so please leave me some love (or whatever you are feeling) on this post!

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Thanks so much!

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Giving my Silhouette a shot

I am always so happy when Friday rolls around.  I wouldn’t trade the weekdays with Henry for anything, but the days can become tiring, especially now.  Friday nights are typically “hang out at home family nights” and Saturday night we make occasional plans with friends when we are in town & don’t have family visiting.  Tonight was just that!  We even ended the night catching up on the new episode of 24 from Monday.  Gotta love DVR.

This post will be short and sweet or should I say, simple.  I finally busted out my Silhouette Cameo a few weeks ago.  It was a Christmas gift and I felt so intimidated by it all of these months, so I had to find the courage to open the box, read the instructions and dive in.  I have a TON to learn when it comes to the ins and outs of the tool, but for now, I am having fun just playing around with it… designing a few things and cutting them!  The possibilities are seriously endless though.  This week, I attempted my 2nd and 3rd projects on it.  One is for the nursery, which I will share upon completion and the other is the Word Art I mentioned yesterday.

Here is how this little thing turned out:





So I opened a MS Word doc, typed out “Keep it” in AR Julian font, point size 80 and printed it on white cardstock paper.  I then opened up the Silhouette Studio on my computer, typed out “Simple” in Scriptina font and fed the gold vinyl adhesive paper in the machine and told it to “cut”. From there, I simply peeled the letters off the sheet and placed them on my cardstock.  Popped it in this black and gold 8.5″ x 11″ Goodwill frame I’ve had for a while and BAM!  New piece of word art in my entryway. I <3 it!

It might seem like gold overkill in the pictures, but if you know me, you know I have been obsessing over all things gold / brass / sparkle / you name it.  A little bling never hurt nobody! 🙂

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mamas out there!

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HomeGoods Finds

This morning, my little man and I got up and hit the road.  With the forecast set for 55 degrees today, there was no way we were going to be hibernating (at least not until nap time).  We left the house with a few errands in mind:  Target (obviously), Starbucks, Lowe’s and HomeGoods.  The only thing that would have made these 4 stops more pleasurable is if I would have been solo.  He did, however, do really well 🙂  I was in and out of every store relatively fast, except I took my time at HomeGoods.  I didn’t stop to browse up and down the aisles at Target per usual and Lowe’s was a quick stop since I just needed to schedule a measurement appointment for window shades.  So HomeGoods it was for my leisurely stroll today.

I have a few plans in mind for the walls in the nursery, so I knew I wanted to check out the picture frame section.  I recently came across these gorgeous Pottery Barn frames and have been swooning over them since first sight, but just couldn’t see myself splurging on 2, 3 or 4 of these @ either $89 or $129 a pop for the 2 styles I like.  I knew I could find a better bang for my buck!

Pottery Barn framePottery Barn frames

Enter my finds at HomeGoods!  I picked up 3 of these frames @ $14.99/each and am super excited to get them hung up in the nursery.  They are 16″x20″ frames matted to fit an 8″x10″ photo.  The mats aren’t quite as “oversized” as the PB look, but they are still larger mats than standard for this size of frame.  They also had 11″x14″ frames matted to fit a 5″x7″ photo. I picked up the shiny silver finish, but I saw this type of frame in black and white too.  There will be more pictures to come once these frames make it into their new home.  The future pictures will look much, much better than the one below.  Sorry, its getting late and I wanted to just snap a quick pic with my phone!

HG frame 1

I also picked up a couple copper-colored wire bins which will be receiving a nice spray-paint job and will fit perfectly inside a few cubbies in the white Expedit shelving unit we are using as a book / toy shelf in the nursery. I thought it would be cool to mix some metal / industrial looking pieces into the room to mix with the classic look of the navy & white stripes.  Definitely going for a classic look with modern and funky accessories.  I am hoping it all comes together the way I am envisioning it.  Fingers crossed.


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How to: DIY Playroom Word Art

It’s been a busy couple days around here!  Doctor’s appointment, snow, errands, snow, Henry’s swim class, snow, friends visiting from out of town and did I mention it snowed?  All of the white junk outside had started to melt on Monday and then what happened Tuesday night and Wednesday morning?  Freezing rain, wind and another 5+ inches of snow.  What the heck is going on here?!  Today is supposed to reach 50 degrees, so we’ll see if that takes care of clearing out this white winter not-so-much-wonderland.  Enough complaining for today, as I am feeling optimistic and excited about getting outside!

I finished up the curtains for the baby’s room on Wednesday, so after I get them hung up and take a few pictures, I will post the sewing tutorial.  I am so, so happy with how they turned out!  I can’t wait to show you 🙂

For today, I am sharing a quick and easy DIY word art piece I made the other night.  We recently turned our formal dining room into a playroom in order to give Henry some more room to roam about and store his toys.  It sits right off of the family room and I can still view part of the room from the kitchen.  It was one of the best decisions we have made to make the switch.  We occasionally host dinner parties, but for as little as that particular room was used, it made so much more sense to utilize it for play space.  The kid plays with toys and reads books far often than our friends and family dined in that room!  We have a decent size kitchen table we are still able to use when guests come over, so it was a win-win for all. Now back to my project… We painted the room and hung a floating shelf, but am still determining what photos and wall art pieces I want to hang.  I purchased materials to create floating bookshelves for a reading nook, but haven’t quite gotten to that project yet.  My spray painting days are over for a little while longer until the baby comes and the playroom hasn’t been priority amongst the things we need to do in other areas of the house.  Ok, again, back to this project… I wanted to create something to lean on the floating shelf, but not just a photograph.  I thought about framing some scrapbook paper or fabric or buying a piece of art, but then decided I would whip something up on my own using fabric or patterned paper.  I am a sucker for word art/typography pieces to decorate, so decided on a cute saying, printed it out in a fun font and framed it.  Easy enough, right?  The only twist on this piece is that I used clear transparency paper to print the words on instead of regular paper.

How to: DIY Playroom Word Art

Here is my supply list:

  • pack of computer-printable transparent plastic sheets (6 pack found here)
  • sheet of scrapbook paper
  • frame (I used 11″x14″ matted to fit an 8’x10″ picture, purchased at Michaels)
  • scissors

playroom art 3 playroom art

1 – I simply designed my word art in MS Word and chose the saying, “What a Beautiful Mess”.  I selected a different font for each of the 3 lines of words and put each line in a separate text box so I could easily move the words around until they were placed / spaced just right.

2 – Insert clear paper into printer and click print.  I printed a test page on regular printer paper to make sure I liked how it looked.

3 – Trim the scrapbook paper to fit in frame.

4 – Allow clear sheet an hour or so to dry.  Place in frame with scrapbook paper behind it.  Voila.  That is it!

playroom art 2

My original plan was to use fabric behind the transparency, but changed my mind and switched to scrapbook paper.  If you opt for patterned paper, you could print directly on it and skip the transparency paper.  If you want more specific instructions on creating the Word doc (fonts, etc.) just leave me a comment and I will do my best to explain!

playroom art 4

playroom art 5

Have a great day and thanks again for stopping by!


DIY: Fast & fancy St. Patrick’s Day Word Art


Before an upcoming holiday, I like to create a quick DIY word art piece to sit in a frame on our front entryway table. It usually takes about 10 minutes to make on the computer.  After playing around with the layout a bit, I click “print” and pop it into the frame.  My frame happens to be 8.5″ x 11″, so I don’t even have to trim it after printing it on a standard piece of card stock paper.  I use, where I can customize the wording, size, font, layout & colors to match the specific holiday or theme of my diy art piece.  It’s fun, simple and best of all, FREE, especially because I can easily swap a new one in when the next holiday arrives. {here is my old Valentine’s Day one}


Visit to create your own customized St.Patrick’s Day word art! The Help / FAQ section is quite useful if you want to learn how to make certain words larger than others, group words of a phrase together, etc.


The small framed word art piece below was created in MS Word from an old Irish blessing I found in a Google search.  I printed it on white card stock paper & cut it to fit in the gold frame.


Both are pictured below sitting side by side on my entryway table.


Did you do anything fun or crafty to decorate for St. Paddy’s?


~ Rachael

DIY: Campaign style Frame {a touch of bling}

image As promised, today I am going to share a brief rundown on 2 ways I added some flare to a few frames in our Stairway gallery wall. My first frame project was inspired by the image below.  (I originally discovered IHeart Organizing on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with Jen’s blog.  Check it out for some fabulous tips on organizing and design!) BathroomMakeoverCollage3

campaign style frame inspiration

I knew I wanted to do a little something to jazz up a few of the frames on the wall, so decided to take a stab at it.


picture frame – (mine was a 16″ x 20″ wooden frame – wood works best since you’ll be drilling into it) – Goodwill – $2.99

can of white spray paint (already had on hand, but can be purchased at Michaels or Lowes for around $6) – mine – $0

package of Stanley Flat Corner Braces in solid brass (I purchased the 3″ size), aka “L” brackets – Lowes – $6.99 similar here

handheld electric drill


First, remove the glass and any mat from the frame. You’ll keep them off until after you are done drilling.

Apply 2 – 3 coats of spray paint to the frame.  I usually like to allow 1-2 hours in between coats and then 24 hours before adding hardware braces.

Next, lay the L Brackets out on the first corner of your frame.  I decided I wasn’t going to do any measuring, so just eyeballed it.

L bracket frame 2

Drill each of the 4 screws in the bracket and repeat on the remaining 3 corners.

Lastly, place it on the wall and admire!

And thaaaaat’s it!  It really wasn’t too complicated, but thought I would tackle something simple for my first DIY step-by-step instruction post 🙂  I still have to put a picture in it, but it does look pretty on my wall even empty.  Not too bad for under 10 bucks.


I made a 2nd campaign style frame a bit smaller and with a black frame & 1.5″ L brackets/Flat Corner Braces instead of 3″.  I like the way this one turned out just as well!

black L frame black L frame 2

Read on for 2nd quick frame project details…


picture frame (mine was 12″ x 16″) – Goodwill – $4.99

pkg of black hemp cord – Michaels – $1.99 similar here

mini clothespins – Amazon – $3.80/50 pack

gold spray paint (find at your local craft or hardware store)

hot glue gun



Remove glass & mat from your frame

Cut 2 pieces of hemp cord to loosely hang between the 2 sides of the frame with about an 1/2″ extra per side to hot glue to back of frame

Flip frame over with the backside face-up and glue one end of cord to the side of the frame.  Loosely drape the piece of cord to the other side and attach with hot glue as well.  I spaced out the cord so the first piece was 1/3 of the way down the frame and the 2nd cord was 2/3 down the frame.

Attach 2nd piece of cord so it looks like this after both are glued.

cord on frame back

Lay out several mini clothespins on paperplate or papertowel and apply a coat of gold spray paint. Let dry for an hour and flip/rotate clothespins and apply another coat.


Wait 24 hours for frame and pins to dry.

Select favorite photos and clip them to the cord with the clothespins.

unnamed IMG_2856-001

This is a great way to be able to easily swap photos in & out and you can definitely hang more than 2 pictures in a frame this size.  Again, a quick project for less than $10, including the frame and all! Thanks for stopping by… I hope you’ll visit again… ~Rachael

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