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4 Days of Festive & Frugal 4th of July of Ideas | Free Patriotic Pineapple Printable

Instead of sharing another tutorial or recipe for Day 3 of 4 Days of Festive & Frugal 4th of July Ideas, I thought I would save you a little bit of time and effort and give you a freebie! Yep, I’m doing the work and all you need to do is print it, grab a frame and pop this Patriotic Pineapple Printable inside! Continue reading

How to style a nightstand - bedside table styling essentials - back to basics - This is our Bliss

Love the look? Shop My Nightstand! [Sources + Free Printable]

Hi, friends! Soooo, what did you think of the Back to Basics series so far? Some pretty great tips, huh?

I’m so excited for next week….1 – because I get to share more goodies with you all and 2 – because I can’t WAIT to see what my co-hosts have to share! I know its going to be good. so good!

I received several emails yesterday asking about the sources for a few of the items seen on my nightstand, so instead of just going back and editing Monday’s post, I thought I would talk more about everything here today. I mean, there’s a good chance more of you are curious, too, right? Continue reading

I Took the Plunge | New Etsy Shop Adventure

Well, I finally decided to do it! I opened my very own etsy shop featuring my near & dear nursery word art printable! If you remember back to last year, I initially created the piece for Simon’s Nursery as a focal point on his pegboard gallery wall. It was just one of those sayings, that I would see and read and get choked up over! I actually still do ha!
Nursery word art - Etsy printable - navy lime aqua - gallery wall - pegboard gallery wall - This is our Bliss

“No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”

The only words I can come up with to depict the feeling I get when I hear or read those words is…an indescribable, immeasurable amount of emotion you feel & attachment you have to your baby during pregnancy & after giving birth. It’s that unwavering bond and lifelong connection you have with your child, because truly, they are the only ones on the planet who have actually been a part of your being. Life inside of life…

Not too get too sappy & sentimental, but I really do LOVE this beautiful quote! After many, many email inquiries & requests to make the print available, I decided to open the shop and offer it! Right now I have it listed in its original form – navy, green & aqua, but do offer custom colors – just leave your color choices in the “notes to the seller” section when you are checking out and we will work together to ensure the shades & coloring are exactly what you are looking for. Easy enough 🙂

The best part – its an instant digital file, so you simply purchase it, then you have access to download it and print it yourself ASAP (or have it professionally printed at your local office supply / copy shop). I personally like to use FedEx / Kinkos. its close to my house and they charge $1.50 for colored printing on cardstock. That is exactly where I went to have mine printed for Simon’s room. Total bargain!

I do plan to expand the shop by creating & offering additional nursery & playroom word art in the near future. I think typography / word art should be in every home & a part of every gallery wall – well, maybe not every one, but a special saying or quote that holds special meaning to you or your family can really make a beautiful statement. Your home should be reflective of you – your style, beliefs, moods, joys & passions – and word art is a visually impactful way to achieve this.
Little boy nursery pegboard gallery wall - DIY nursery decor - navy green & gray - This is our Bliss 3 Nursery word art - displayed on nursery pegboard - gallery wall - This is our Bliss Baby boy nursery | nursery pegboard gallery wall | diy nursery decor | navy green gray nursery | nursery inspiration | This is our BlissSo…the shop is still small with a handful of sales, but I am really excited about its potential in the future! Please check it out & help me spread the word! If you are not in the market for your own little one, you could always make it a gift!

Thank you, thank you for your love & support of this little old blog and the shop so far, too! You guys, my dear readers, mean so much to me! You give me inspiration & motivation to keep working hard, creating, practicing & improving. I love, love doing this!


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