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Thrifted Finds | Getting “Summer Ready”

You know when you see something and you get this overwhelming feeling like… I just HAVE to have that! Well, I’ve been on a mission lately to do some last minute summer sprucing around the house before we move, but buying new decor for this house just wasn’t in the budget and didn’t really make much sense.

What if it wouldn’t work in the new house? What if it was an impulse buy and I didn’t truly love it?

You know what my answer was?… Just THRIFT it.

Today, I’ll be sharing, not ONE, but TWO madeover thrifted finds for this month’s “It’s So Ugly It’s Cool” Challenge. I’m going to show you how I scooped up my thrifted pieces, worked a little DIY magic and transformed my thrifted finds into beautiful, functional pieces at an affordable price just in time to style our home for summer! Continue reading

DIY color block lamp | gray and gold painted lamp base | create and share challenge | This is our Bliss |

Create & Share Challenge | DIY Color Block Lamp

Hello! And welcome to the Create & Share LAMP-alooza! I am so excited to be joining forces with a group of bloggers to bring you a total of 11 fabulous DIY lighting projects this month! Whether you’re looking to repurpose something INTO a lamp, makeover a thrifted one or simply recover that old-lamp-sitting-in-your-guestroom’s-shade – we are here to help you channel your inner DIY boss and be inspired to create!

Although this is my first time participating, typically the Create & Share Challenges feature a specific product for the month and each blogger has to come up with their own way to create something from that one item. The goal being that everyone will put their own spin on their project and no 2 pieces will come out looking the same! Well, with the amount of talent in the group, there’s no denying the projects are off the charts on the creativity scale. Inspiration for daaaays. Continue reading

Eddie Ross Style Inspired by DIY | Indoor Summer bar styling | Thrifted dresser turned bar | This is our Bliss

Inspired by DIY | Eddie Ross Inspired Indoor Summer Bar

When we kicked off this monthly Inspired by DIY Challenge in February with Kate Spade, I knew I was going to have fun with it — with fabulous designer themes each month, new projects for our home and doing it with such a talented and creatively inspiring group. I mean, how could it not be a blast?!

*affiliate links are used in this post.

This month we are pulling inspiration from Mr. Modern Mix himself — Eddie Ross! He flawlessly combines thrifted antique gems, with chic, classic pieces and then tops it off with a brilliant, modern spin. He style is fearless, fun and exceptionally inspiring! Not to mention, his signature “looks” can be achieved by incorporating frugal, second-hand finds in order to keep styling and accessorizing on budget.

Today I’m going to show you how I styled my Eddie Ross inspired space! Continue reading

Gold Metal Toy Bin + chalkboard label | Basement playroom accessories

So, here is my first (project) post since spilling it all out there for you guys last week. And you know what? It is actually a project that has been on the docket for months after thrifting it back in the summer. $5 later, I had the perfect spot in mind for where use it. That “spot” is one of the areas I wanted to refocus my attention to, so I did!

Remember? Mission: Project – LOCK.IT.UP! Let’s finish up these half-completed/barely-started projects and move on!

Anyone remember this rusted old bin from a past #thriftscorethursday post on Insta?
metal toy bin before - This is our BlissWell, I spiffed it up and have it ready to rock & roll as toy storage in the basement play area. Today, I’m going to share with you how!
play room DIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom striped baskets This is our BlissAs you saw above, it needed some TLC, so here is what I did…

First, I took a damp paper towel and wiped it down to get all of the dust & cobwebs off of it. Yes, there was some serious spider business going on there and I hated every second of cleaning it even though it only took a minute.

Next, I gathered my supplies:
DIY toy bin supplies This is our Bliss

metal toy bin before - diy toy bin - this is our blissThen, I scrubbed down the label area with a wet paper towel and another paper towel dabbed in goo gone. There were probably 10 or more pieces of tape & remnants of adhesive all across the front of the label, so I had to give it some good ol’ elbow grease. After that, the labor-intensive part was over!

Next, I spray-painted the bin with gold, covering all of the metal wiring, but not worrying about the label area (since it was going to get painted later). I thoroughly applied a second coat of spray paint and then let sit overnight.

Now it was time for the label section. First, I poured some chalkboard paint onto the paper plate and dipped my craft brush into it, generously covering the bottom half of the foam brush. From there, I simply applied it to the label area of the bin. I outlined the edges first and then filled in the middle with back-and-forth brush strokes.
metal toy bin gold spray paint one coat of chalkboard paint diy toy bin - this is our blissHere it is after two coats of chalkboard paint (I let the paint dry for 30 – 60 minutes between each coat)…

Next, I applied another coat & let it dry for 24 hours.
DIY toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom This is our BlissAnd since I forgot to take a photo before I wrote on it and filled it with “boy stuff”, here is the finished product!
DIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom striped baskets 2 This is our BlissI just love the detail of the legs…definitely resembling vintage hair-pin legs…
DIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom This is our Bliss DIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom striped baskets 1 This is our BlissI stumbled upon these black and white striped canvas bins in the basket section at Michaels about 3 or 4 months ago. They were 40% off and I thought they would look good in the basement play area acting as toy storage, but I think they look GREAT on either side of the gold metal bin!
If you are new over here, then you are getting your first dose of my black, white and gold obsession. #blackwhiteandgoldalways

I’ve only shared a handful of basement posts, so now that I’m refocusing my time and attention, I’ll be sharing more from this space.

metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint diy toy bin - this is our blissDIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom kid space This is our BlissLet’s take another look at where we started and how we ended. Everyone loves a good before & after shot 😉
gold metal toy bin before This is our Bliss After metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint diy toy bin - this is our blissNot a single trace of dirt, rust, tape or spiders! I’m telling you…gold spray paint is like magic.
Before & after DIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom striped baskets 2 This is our BlissAs a rule, I do love how most of my projects turn out, but I especially love this one. I find it so gratifying to take an old piece of junk and make it over into something pretty and new again. It was an awesome $5 investment! When I take the time to fix up my thrifted finds, I end up falling more in love with the finished products versus how I feel after I stumble upon a great find at HomeGoods. There is something about a DIY project – a sense of pride and ownership… a feeling of accomplishment.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still be trekking it up and down the HG aisles in pursuit of my next great <3!
gold metal toy bin with chalkboard label diy toy storage thrifted find This is our Bliss
So, what do you think? Do you feel the same way after making over or creating something yourself? And I must ask, what is the last thing you used spray paint on?!

My new “about me” post will be coming up later this week, a basement progress report and a Fab Friday Finds post are still to come. Please come back again soon to see what’s going on over here!
This is our Bliss - signatureP.S. I do really appreciate your thoughts & comments from my last post. Sometimes we truly need to take a step back and refocus ourselves. I can tell you, my thoughts & focus were solely dedicated to my little man’s recovery after his surgery on Friday.

Your prayers and well wishes & sweet notes on social media meant the world to us – thank you! He is doing awesome and his “bump is all gone” and stitches are healing right up!

You all are the best! xo

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Great Find + Quick Fix #3 [Guestroom luggage rack]

Hi! Stopping in briefly today (I know, Saturdays are a rare posting day for me) to share another great find + quick fix with you! You may remember that little thrifted luggage rack from that crazy 6 week thing called the One Room Challenge when I was worked on our Guestroom Revamp project. Well, today I am sharing the before & after photos + the few simple steps I took to make it over! See, I told you there were still plenty more guestroom project posts looming over my head that I would finish up and publish!

Better late than never is quite a common theme over here…

So, while out looking for accessories and other goodies to use in the guestroom, I came upon this little luggage rack at a housewares consignment store near my house. I take things there pretty regularly to help clear out space and to make room for new décor and always browse around while I’m waiting to see what items they end up taking from my haul.

When I saw the rack, the first thought that popped into my head was – I’m preeetttty sure, my mom has been telling me to get one of these things for her to use when she visits! I knew she thought I needed one for the guestroom, but didn’t really feel like spending the $30-50+ to get one.
Well, enter $8 luggage rack in excellent condition. I could tell it had recently been made-over by someone else, but I knew if it was going to go home with me, I would be giving it another makeover of my own. I know. It was already gold and I was going to change it. I couldn’t believe it either.

Here is what I did:

I gave the entire piece a couple coats of spray paint, actually spraying right over top of the straps knowing I was going to be covering them with newly purchased black & natural fabric trim later.
IMG_2333Let paint dry for 24 hours.

Next, I roughly measured the length of each existing strap, from end-to-end, to use as a guide and then cut 3 pieces of my striped trim.
Then, I ran the craft glue up and down each of the existing 3 straps and laid my newly cut pieces down and centered it, since the striped wasn’t as wide as the old. On the edges, I simply rolled the striped pieces around to the underside of the rack and glued it down.
Luggage rack makeover - great find + quick fix - new trim straps - diy - This is our BlissYou can see below where mine is just shorter than the old stapled strap. I would’ve went all the way to the old edge if I had bought enough!
Luggage rack makeover - glue new trim or ribbon to underside of old traps - This is our BlissI flipped it over and that was pretty much it.
luggage rack makeover - new trim straps - great find + quick fix - thrifted guestroom luggage rack - This is our Bliss Placed it in the room and it was ready for guests!
Luggage rack makeover - guestroom revamp DIY luggage rack - great find + quick fix - This is our Bliss luggage rack makeover - great find + quick fix - diy guestroom luggage rack - This is our Blissluggage rack makeover - great find + quick fix - guestroom luggage rack - This is our blissIt actually gets used every time someone stays in that room! For a cheap find and a few minutes to paint & glue, I’d say it was worth it! I love me a spray-paint project!!

Let’s take one more look…
Thrifted luggage rack makeover - drab to fab - guestroom luggage rack - this is our blissluggage rack makeover - great find + quick fix - guestroom luggage rack - guestroom revamp - This is our bliss What do you think…Easy enough!? What have you recently thrifted and spray-painted?

We are getting ready to venture out to a Farm & Barn Fest in our town for some good ol’ fashioned Saturday afternoon family fun. I guess fall is really that close already!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, too! I hope to see you back here next week 🙂

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One Room Challenge [Guestroom Revamp Week #3]

Hello out there! Thank you so much for stopping by today! If you are visiting from Calling it Home, then welcome! To my fellow ORC Linking Participants – we are getting there, right?! Oh man – I don’t know about you, but for me it has been a whirlwind! I have spent most of the last week scoping out goodies for the guestroom – art, mirrors, fabric, frames, pillows, bedding, lamps, knobs & pulls. You name it, I shopped for it! The boys were along for the ride during most of the trips, too— scary thought, but we all survived. Even amidst the chaos, I do feel like a scored a few perfect finds for the room.

Target Threshold throw blanket - This is our Bliss Aldi picture frames - This is our Bliss

This Threshold Blanket GW find and an Aldi mirror set debuted on my IG feed earlier in the week. Follow along for more ORC sneak peeks 🙂
I love accessorizing and adding the finishing touches to a space, so this week was a ton of fun for me. I am heading out of town for 5 days soon, so I felt like I needed to GET BUSY & hitting the stores and a few online retailers was the way I went at it.

I mentioned last week that the walls were painted and here is what we went with:
SW Paint selection for Guestroom revamp walls - One Room Challenge - This is our Bliss

It is sort of hard to tell from the image, but the above swatches are all shades of whites. On the wall it appears as a creamy light gray and it is just the look I was going for. Post-paint isn’t as much as a transformation as Simon’s Nursery closet makeover, but it really does make the room look light and fresh.
The room wasn’t the only thing that received a few coats of paint this week….

IMG_9708 lamps before - This is our Bliss IMG_9715The bronze lamp base before…and then after…
freshly painted gold lamp base - This is our BlissSo. much. better.

Here are a few of the glam pieces going in the room – some old & some new. I heart them all.
One Room Challenge - Guestroom Revamp - The golden goodies- gold accesories - gold styling - This is our BlissAside from the painting projects, another big transformation took place. New curtain rods were purchased, hung and dressed with new curtain panels. We raised the rods to the ceiling and oh-my-gosh, it really does make the room look & feel bigger. Not quite sure why in other rooms of the house, we hung some rods just above the trim and others we went all the way to the ceiling with. I am pretty sure I want to raise them in every room now. We obviously weren’t on our game when we were initially finishing the space. We’ll see if that actually happens or if it is just a nice thought 🙂
HomeGoods black satin curtain rod - This is our BlissI found these black satin finish rods at HomeGoods and was thrilled when I first spotted them. I had previously picked out rods that were going to cost $50-$70 each. I found the longer rod at HomeGoods for $19.99 and was bummed when they didn’t have the shorter length I needed for the other window in the room. One of my girlfriends found one a couple of days later and picked it up for me – $16.99 for that one! Saved some serious bucks there. When you are making over an entire room, you truly have to be smart about your budget and save where you can. The rods I have and the ones I was going to purchase are nearly identical. Only you and I know the truth 🙂
Curtains before - Guestroom Revamp - One Room Challenge - This is our Bliss Removing old hardware - Guestroom Revamp - This is our Bliss Curtain & curtain rods after - One Room Challenge - Guestroom Revamp - This is our BlissLet’s see how everything else is coming along, shall we?

Original checklist:
Guestroom Revamp check list - This is our Bliss

And the more recent one (Sorry if it’s confusing I have 2 lists that overlap!)

new bedding
new hardware on bedside tables
new lamps or just new shades
something with the headboard
statement piece above the bed
nightstand styling
change out the bronze hardware
new art / gallery wall
new curtains – lighter in color or a bright print
makeover the mirror
paint dresser
replace hardware
remove hanging clothes rack
replace armoire with something bigger & with a clothing rod inside
insert upholstered chair

new items:

DIY Euro pillows
find side table to go next to chair
buy accessories for the dresser

I probably won’t be done adding things to the list until the end, so please bare with me!
The room is coming together and overall, I am very pleased with the progress. A couple of small changes to the original plan…probably not painting the dresser anymore and the new armoire I picked out wont fit in our space because of the TV that sits on top. The new unit measured nearly 10 inches taller than our current one, so we are going to stick with what we got! On the plus side, I was still able to remove the hanging clothes rack because we are going to be able to put a clothing rod in the piece we have now. So everything will now be hidden behind closed doors – thankfully!
Well, I think that pretty much sums up week 3 and for next week— Paint, shop, sew. Repeat.

 Need to get caught up on my One Room Challenge journey? Check out my previous posts below.
101978205_jpg_rendition_largestWeek #1: Guestroom Before photos + inspiration photos (above via
Guestroom Revamp Design board | One Room Challenge | Spring 2015 | This is our BlissWeek #2: Guestroom Revamp Design Board

Oh and don’t forget to check out the ORC “professionals” here and the ORC “Linking participants” here for everyone’s week 3 treats!

Plenty more coming soon – wish me luck!! Have a great day – the weekend is near!

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2 Gilded DIY Projects for Your Thanksgiving Table {Place cards & a “Thankful” book}

Hello out there! The week is coming to and end which means we are that much closer to Thanksgiving and of course, the countdown is on for Christmas (at least in our house 🙂 ) 32 days and counting, but who’s counting?! HA! Tomorrow we are spending the afternoon and evening at a “Friendsgiving” with friends, obviously and then only a couple days until we pack up and head to my in-laws to spend time for actual Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to getting away for a bit and hanging out with family & friends. Thanks for all of the sweet comments, emails and Instagram likes on my Thanksgiving Table. I can only imagine some of you probably think I am a little cuckoo crazy for setting up a table when I am not even hosting, but I just couldn’t resist after seeing such beautiful ideas all over Blogland and Pinterest. Since I created the table mostly using things I already had, it was a fun little afternoon activity and of course, a few quick DIY projects came out of it as well. Today, I am sharing 2 of the 3 pieces I crafted for the table to give it a personal (and gilded) touch! I will share the last one tomorrow, so please come back to see!

DIY gilded place cards and thankful book for thanksgiving table 2

Project #1:

As I was sorting through my extra fall décor to place on the table and to fill the dome of my cake stand, I found some fake leaves in one of my storage bins and thought they would make great place cards. Sure, I could have left them as-is, but I can’t resist busting out the gold spray paint. It was as simple as this:

DIY Gilded leaf place cards for Thanksgiving table

Lay out your leaves and apply a generous amount of gold spraypaint to ensure full coverage.

DIY Gilded leaf place cards for Thanksgiving table - diy table decor

Let them dry and then write your guests name with a black sharpie.

DIY gilded leaf place cards - thanksgiving table decor - diy gold

I traced over the names a second time to try to darken the lettering, but it was still pretty faint on the leaf. If I did them again, I think I would maybe use black paint, but the sharpie totally did the job.

DIY Gilded leaf place cards for Thanksgiving table - diy gold table decor

Project #2:

DIY gold chipboard thanksful book for thanksgiving table

I came up with the idea to make a “We are thankful for…” book after I picked up a leaf chipboard kit for $.39 at Michaels when their Halloween décor was 80% off.

Leaf chipboard for "thankful" book - DIY Gold thanksgiving table decor

I have seen lots of Thanksgiving tables set using brown kraft paper as placemats or a tablecloth and then a black marker to write “I am thankful for:” to allow family and friends to reflect on and share their thoughts on what is special and important to them at this time of the year. It just so happened to work with my leaf theme, so decided to make it gold, too.

DIY gilded leaf place cards - thanksgiving table decor - diy gold

Same as the leaves…Lay out all of the chipboard pieces and give them a good spray.
These dried extremely fast, so was able to apply the Sharpie to it right away.

DIY gold thanksful book for thanksgiving table

This time, I did decide to go over the marker letters with a fine point paintbrush and black craft paint because I really wanted the “Thankful” to be bold and stand out on the table.

DIY gold chipboard thanksful book for thanksgiving table 3

much better!

DIY gold thanksful book for thanksgiving table 2

I didn’t draw any lines in the pages to write on, but thought it would be neat to just have words randomly throughout.  I may add “2014” to the back of the book after we all write what we are thankful for. Clearly, Henry & Simon will need a little help with their pages, but I think it will be cute to see what Henry actually says when we ask him haha.
Next, I stacked the pages and attached the metal ring clip it came with to hold them all together.

DIY gold thanksful book for thanksgiving table

Set it on the table and it’s ready to go!

DIY gold thanksful book for thanksgiving table

Tomorrow, I will be sharing the super easy instructions for making a less messy alternative to the ever-so-trendy chalkboard art. You can create your own with just 2 materials and neither one is chalkboard paint or chalk!

DIY faux chalkboard art - gather here with thankful hearts - thanksgiving tablescape - fall decor

See you then and thanks for reading. Now, off to start a nice and relaxing Friday night at home – those are the best ones in my book.

What are your favorite Friday night plans? Are you celebrating an early Thanksgiving this weekend?!

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DIY Pretty Porch Pumpkins

Hello again! Crazy busy day over here with the kiddos and Halloween festivities!  My 2-year old had a Halloween parade at school today and then we took the boys to my husband’s office to show off both of the boys’ costumes. I will say we have a pretty cool lion and an ultra-cute monkey on our hands for the next 2 days 🙂 Luckily their gear is nice & warm because it is supposed to be 40 degrees with 45 mph winds and a chance of rain. Yay for our first year taking out the kids!!

I wanted to pop in and give a quick “how to” on the DIY pumpkins in the Fall Front Porch photos from yesterday. They were meant to be quick & easy & basically cost $0. The only supplies needed are pumpkins, spray paint, craft paint & Q-tips.

DIY painted pumpkins for the porch craft paint & spray paint

The rest is easy to follow. Take a look:

DIY painted pumpkins for the porch DIY painted pumpkins for the porch 1 DIY painted pumpkins for the porch 2

I did the other 2 DIY pumpkins with dots. One, I dabbed the Q-tip up and down the indented lines & the other pumpkin, I dotted heavily at the top and then more sparse lower down for a confetti-look.  All were done with my trusty Q-tips!

DIY painted pumpkins for the porch 4 DIY painted pumpkins for the porch 3Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 1

5 minute project with a big impact! I always love a little flare, especially if it involves GOLD.

Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - pom pom burlap ribbon Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 4The other bit of flare I added to the porch is this adorable black pom-pom burlap ribbon I featured on my 5 Fab Friday Finds post. You should totally scoop it up while it is still 40% off & free shipping! I tied a strand around each of the cornstalks and then a smaller piece on the handle of the large lantern (and I have the 11″ lantern on the opposite side of the porch – you may remember them from my Outdoor Oasis series this summer). I think the ribbon is my favorite detail of the entire porch. It goes along with the natural feel of the porch, but has a cute little pom-pom pizzazz on the edge. 🙂

Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY

I hope you have all the details you need to get this look on your porch or at least a little inspiration! I mentioned this was my first year decorating the porch for fall & after picking up the supplies, a little set-up and a quick paint job, I think I’ll be doing it again next year. Do you do any outdoor fall decorating? What do you do on your porch? Please share your fall decorating ideas in the comments section on this post. I would love, love, love to hear from you!

Coming soon – playroom bench seat (I am determined to finish it this weekend 🙂 ) and some new projects I have been working on too!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join me back here again soon.

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Fall Front Porch

Hump day is here and so is my Fall Front Porch post!

Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY

I finished it up this weekend and luckily, we had beautiful weather to be able to take pictures of it.  It is the first year I did any fall porch decorating and I have to say, I love pulling in the driveway or playing in they yard with the boys and seeing it! I didn’t do a whole lot of fall decorating INSIDE this year, but it was enough to get into the fall & Halloween spirit. I incorporated several classic fall elements into the porch – bales of hay, cornstalks, pumpkins, gourds & mums and then added a tiny bit of flare with a little paint, some pom pom burlap ribbon and black lanterns.

Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 8Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 1 Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 2 Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 5 Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 4 Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 6Fall front porch - a touch of gold - painted pumpkins & lanterns & hay & cornstalks - DIY 7And, thought I would mention… we basically bought our home because we fell in love with the front door.  I am still just as in love with it <3

Now, I am off to have lunch and shop with my mom! Yesterday we spent the day cleaning, organizing and purging the house and now we are treating ourselves for a girl’s afternoon 🙂

Check back tomorrow for full source list and the DIY details for the pumpkins!

Thanks for reading and please come by again.

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How to: DIY Wood Shelves {& Gold Brackets}

My favorite day of the week is here and I am happy to say this is my 3rd post this week!  I decided to start making some goals around my projects and blogging about them.  I am a lover of any kind of to-do list, so creating a few goals and checklists related to my project posts only makes sense!  In order to try to be more consistent with what is actually going on around here on a daily / weekly basis, I set a goal of 3 posts minimum per week.  They won’t be fabulous room reveals or finished spaces every time, but more posts on progress, ideas, family stuff, etc.  After all, that is the stuff that is real and real is why I enjoy blogging.  The content I post is what is really going on around THIS place and THIS is our bliss, remember? 🙂  The good, the bad, the ugly, the “whoops that project didn’t turn out how I planned” type of stuff. You know what I mean!

So for today, I am sharing a quick a tutorial on the DIY Wooden Shelves we put up in our main floor Powder Room.  If you missed the reveal post, you can check it out here.

DIY Wood Shelves

We had some dark espresso floating shelves up before, but they were not holding up very well.  The were actually starting to come loose.  They were the kind where you screw a shelf-type bracket to the wall and then the back of shelf itself slides on top of the metal piece and that’s how its attached to the wall.  It wasn’t too sturdy, plus I wanted the chance to create the wood color of my choosing!

I started with 2 of these IKEA shelves4 brackets (both in birch)

ekby-tryggve-shelf__30681_PE119360_S4 ekby-valter-bracket__28988_PE115900_S4

The shelf is untreated wood & can be cut to size.  I had my favorite DIY helper cut them both to 27″ to fit the space on the wall.

IMG_4826Next, I did some light sanding on the sides & edges to make sure the surface was smooth before staining them.

IMG_4832The next step was kind of a headache.  I originally started with Rustoleum Mahagony stain and decided it looked a little too orangey-red, so after 3 or 4 coats, I picked up some Rustoleum Special Walnut stain and put on a few more coats with a cloth.  I do like the finished shelf, but if I could go back, I would redo it with the special walnut from the start 🙂

IMG_4868 IMG_4872

While they shelves dried overnight, I took out my gold spray paint and gave the brackets 2 nice coats of paint (letting the first coat dry for about an hour before applying the 2nd).

Here is how they look in the bathroom.  I tried to match (sort of) the little wood piece we use for toilet paper storage.

IMG_4894 IMG_4895

After that, it was hanging time!  All we used were 2 screws in each bracket.  They have predrilled holes at the top and bottom of each bracket. You could then drill under the bracket into the shelf to secure them, but we simply placed the shelf on top of the bracket so they just rest on it.

Here is how they look on the walls!

IMG_5875IMG_5874 IMG_5853 IMG_5832IMG_5884

And here they are with the rest of the gold glory in the room!


 There you have it.  My 2nd staining project after I took on a Pallet Sign project.  I think I like doing it!!

Will you be taking on any DIY projects this weekend?

See you back here next week where I’ll feature some of the photo gallery walls in our home and a plan for some playroom organization & decorating!  Have a great weekend!!

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