Gold Metal Toy Bin + chalkboard label | Basement playroom accessories

So, here is my first (project) post since spilling it all out there for you guys last week. And you know what? It is actually a project that has been on the docket for months after thrifting it back in the summer. $5 later, I had the perfect spot in mind for where use it. That “spot” is one of the areas I wanted to refocus my attention to, so I did!

Remember? Mission: Project – LOCK.IT.UP! Let’s finish up these half-completed/barely-started projects and move on!

Anyone remember this rusted old bin from a past #thriftscorethursday post on Insta?
metal toy bin before - This is our BlissWell, I spiffed it up and have it ready to rock & roll as toy storage in the basement play area. Today, I’m going to share with you how!
play room DIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom striped baskets This is our BlissAs you saw above, it needed some TLC, so here is what I did…

First, I took a damp paper towel and wiped it down to get all of the dust & cobwebs off of it. Yes, there was some serious spider business going on there and I hated every second of cleaning it even though it only took a minute.

Next, I gathered my supplies:
DIY toy bin supplies This is our Bliss

metal toy bin before - diy toy bin - this is our blissThen, I scrubbed down the label area with a wet paper towel and another paper towel dabbed in goo gone. There were probably 10 or more pieces of tape & remnants of adhesive all across the front of the label, so I had to give it some good ol’ elbow grease. After that, the labor-intensive part was over!

Next, I spray-painted the bin with gold, covering all of the metal wiring, but not worrying about the label area (since it was going to get painted later). I thoroughly applied a second coat of spray paint and then let sit overnight.

Now it was time for the label section. First, I poured some chalkboard paint onto the paper plate and dipped my craft brush into it, generously covering the bottom half of the foam brush. From there, I simply applied it to the label area of the bin. I outlined the edges first and then filled in the middle with back-and-forth brush strokes.
metal toy bin gold spray paint one coat of chalkboard paint diy toy bin - this is our blissHere it is after two coats of chalkboard paint (I let the paint dry for 30 – 60 minutes between each coat)…

Next, I applied another coat & let it dry for 24 hours.
DIY toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom This is our BlissAnd since I forgot to take a photo before I wrote on it and filled it with “boy stuff”, here is the finished product!
DIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom striped baskets 2 This is our BlissI just love the detail of the legs…definitely resembling vintage hair-pin legs…
DIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom This is our Bliss DIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom striped baskets 1 This is our BlissI stumbled upon these black and white striped canvas bins in the basket section at Michaels about 3 or 4 months ago. They were 40% off and I thought they would look good in the basement play area acting as toy storage, but I think they look GREAT on either side of the gold metal bin!
If you are new over here, then you are getting your first dose of my black, white and gold obsession. #blackwhiteandgoldalways

I’ve only shared a handful of basement posts, so now that I’m refocusing my time and attention, I’ll be sharing more from this space.

metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint diy toy bin - this is our blissDIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom kid space This is our BlissLet’s take another look at where we started and how we ended. Everyone loves a good before & after shot 😉
gold metal toy bin before This is our Bliss After metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint diy toy bin - this is our blissNot a single trace of dirt, rust, tape or spiders! I’m telling you…gold spray paint is like magic.
Before & after DIY metal toy bin gold spray paint & chalkboard paint boy stuff playroom striped baskets 2 This is our BlissAs a rule, I do love how most of my projects turn out, but I especially love this one. I find it so gratifying to take an old piece of junk and make it over into something pretty and new again. It was an awesome $5 investment! When I take the time to fix up my thrifted finds, I end up falling more in love with the finished products versus how I feel after I stumble upon a great find at HomeGoods. There is something about a DIY project – a sense of pride and ownership… a feeling of accomplishment.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still be trekking it up and down the HG aisles in pursuit of my next great <3!
gold metal toy bin with chalkboard label diy toy storage thrifted find This is our Bliss
So, what do you think? Do you feel the same way after making over or creating something yourself? And I must ask, what is the last thing you used spray paint on?!

My new “about me” post will be coming up later this week, a basement progress report and a Fab Friday Finds post are still to come. Please come back again soon to see what’s going on over here!
This is our Bliss - signatureP.S. I do really appreciate your thoughts & comments from my last post. Sometimes we truly need to take a step back and refocus ourselves. I can tell you, my thoughts & focus were solely dedicated to my little man’s recovery after his surgery on Friday.

Your prayers and well wishes & sweet notes on social media meant the world to us – thank you! He is doing awesome and his “bump is all gone” and stitches are healing right up!

You all are the best! xo

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Basement Project Checklist + Basement Bathroom Progress | TIOB Basement Project Update III

The basement is done, as in, the contractors are done working. But my work is just beginning! Everything (construction & installations) wrapped up the 2nd week of August. The bar countertops were actually installed the day before Henry’s 3rd birthday party, the stacked stone wall went up the first week of August and the glass bar shelves & frameless shower door were installed the 2nd week of August. Things would have definitely wrapped up in June or July had we not decided to extend the bar cabinetry out another 18″ from the wall after the original cabinets were set. We didn’t think it looked right, so decided if we wanted to make a change, we needed to do it now versus look at it every day and not be happy with it. Soooo, that pushed everything back a bit – the countertops had to wait on the last piece of cabinetry, the stacked stone wall had to wait on the counter tops and the glass shelves had to wait on the stone.

Now that everything is set and everyone is outta here, its all on me now! Well, Ted, too. Sort of 😉

Here is what we’ve checked off the original list:

  • Insulation / studs / drywall
  • tape + trim & doors
  • paint
  • electrical + plumbing
  • tile install (bar & bathroom)
  • cabinetry install
  • carpet
  • sconces
  • bar pendant lights
  • bathroom vanity light
  • find bathroom mirror
  • order custom shower door + bar shelves
  • install shower door + bar shelves
  • stacked stone feature wall
  • granite install
  • order beverage cooler
  • order bar stools
  • mount TV
  • move couch down from family room & other piece from storage
  • find media console
  • wall design + décor
  • purchase bookcase / shelving unit for play area
  • determine shelving system for storage closet
  • misc. accessories & furniture

Aaand here are the remaining aspects I’ve been planning & designing over the last 3-4 weeks:

1 | Basement Bar Area:

Order Bar stools
Buy accessories & style bar shelves
find rug (see my options here)
decide on hardware on cabinetry or not
order beverage cooler
wall décor

2 | Family Room:

Hang canvas over couch
find plant
Mount TV
hang frames around TV
Order prints / put photos in
hang floating mirrors
ottoman / coffee table

find / buy media console

3 | Play space/Open area :

find bench
determine what to put between windows (bookcase, etc.?)
buy floor storage / accessories
buy / put together storage unit for open area
bins for storage unit
chairs for seating area
floating shelf
gallery wall
buy / DIY wall art
Dad’s art
mount TV?
determine closet storage & shelving

4 | Bathroom:

hang vanity light (see my top choices here)
buy mirror (see my top choices here)
guest towels
wall art
bathroom hardware
vanity accessories

See how my list grew?… a ridiculous amount…. Why do I do this to myself?!

It was actually easier to break it down into sections & add more detail as the  other list was pretty general. I’ve really gotta get crackin’ or this basement is going to take me until 2016! Since I have been leading you all on for months now and only shared the a couple of progress posts with PICTURES, I owe you one today!

Here is the current state of the basement bathroom. I so love how it looks so far 😉

TIOB basement project - basement bathroom - vanity light fixture - This is our Bliss TIOB basement project - basement bathroom - vanity - This is our Bliss TIOB basement project - basement bathroom - tile - This is our Bliss TIOB basement project - basement bathroom - marble tile & marble hexagon niche - This is our Bliss TIOB basement project - basement bathroom - marble tile & marble hexagon marble floor - This is our Bliss TIOB basement project - basement bathroom - marble tile & gray tile floor - This is our Bliss TIOB basement project - basement bathroom - carrera marble tile & marble hexago tile file - This is our Bliss

So, that’s where we’re at! We went with a modern look with the marble and kept it super light with shades of white & gray – neutral, of course 😉 I plan to add some natural touches throughout – some baskets, greenery, wood shelving & a little bit of gold – a vase, frames, maybe new hardware on the vanity?
I’ve recently picked up a few things for the walls and plan to get them up ASAP!

If you missed any of the past basement bathroom posts, you can get caught up below:
Beginning of the basement project
Basement bathroom inspiration
Basement bathroom design board

And don’t worry, a full reveal post + sources is still on the way!

With school starting next week, we are getting ready to be back on a schedule and figuring out our daily routine. I, too, am working on getting organized & coming up with a schedule for the blog & projects around the house. Henry is starting preschool, so I will have a tiny itty bit more flexibility with just having 1 at home, but that ONE is the busy one! While I am super excited for all that is in store for the blog over the next few months, I am going to make sure I still make plenty of time for my little guy!

I have several collaborations & projects coming up, including a new series kicking off next Monday with a group of amazingly talented bloggers! To say I am thrilled to be a part of this series is an understatement. I can’t WAIT for you all to see what we have coming, so please stay tuned!!

H A P P Y   S E P T E M B E R!
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5 Fab Friday Finds [Natural Fiber Rugs]

Heeeello! You know what day it is, right?! Time for my 5 Fab Finds!
5 Fab Friday finds - natural fiber rugs - This is our BlissToday I am sharing some natural fiber rugs I am obsessing over right now. They are called natural fiber because of the natural elements they are made with – jute, sisal, sea grass, a combination of these or some may even be mixed with other materials such as silk or cotton. They give a beachy, earthy feel to a space and comfy, cozy & earthy is just the look I am aiming for in our newly finished basement. We have kind of a rustic, earthy, industrial vibe going on down there and this type of rug will fit in perfectly in the bar area / by the walk-out door. The rug will sit on tile, is near the stacked stone wall and lots of pretty wood tones surround the space as well.

I’m super bummed because I found the greatest natural woven rug at HomeGoods, but after bringing it home & setting it down, I realized it was too small for the doorway. It couldn’t be centered because it didn’t cover enough ground and if it were to be placed right in front of the side of the double door that opens, several inches hung over in front of the other side. It probably sounds confusing, but I returned that one and determined I need a 3′ x 5′ rug.

So, I have narrowed down my top natural fiber rug choices to share with you today! You will have to help me out and leave your fave in the comments section. I am hoping to pull the trigger on one of them sometime next week. Hoping for one of them to go on major sale, too – HA!

Natural fiber rugs - beachy, earthy vibe rugs - This is our Bliss1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

All 5 of these rugs are at slightly different price points, but are all relatively reasonable in the 3′ x 5′ size – yay for me! I love a good bargain and nice rugs are hard to come by at a decent price, but I feel these ones fall in line with where I want to be.
917PFpypCEL__SL1500_This rug is from Amazon (I know, right?!) They never cease to amaze me with their wide range of selection! They actually offer a ton of great home décor items and I buy the bulk of my DIY supplies here, too. You just can’t beat the convenience of free 2-day shipping as a prime member. This rug runs $52 for the 3’x5′, so definitely fits in my budget. I love the fringe on the ends and also that it isn’t gray – I have a lllllot of gray in the basement, so this would be a nice contrast on the dark tile flooring
122KEN0375I know, this one IS gray, but I really love it. It looks soft, but still has that natural, jute look. I am big into geometrics & playing around with pattern, so this subtly bold design would be fun to incorporate into our space.
Home DecoratorsI am drawn to this Home Decorators Collection rug because of the zig-zag/chevron pattern. Part of me is over that trend, but the other part of me still loves it. And in the natural fiber, it isn’t quite so bold, but still has a modern edge.
46979_XXX_v1This gem is from World Market and I have to say, I really like the contrast of the natural tan with the black. It is a nice geometric pattern, but not too trendy. It has a slight Aztec-look to, which I like.
122KEN0401Last, but not least, is this one from Rugs USA. They frequently run sales and there is always free shipping in the US – bonus. I love the tan & white color, but the design is also unique & sort of eye-catching. I’m not even sure what the pattern is, but it reminds me of knotted ropes. Decisions, decisions!
Natural fiber rugs - beachy, earthy vibe rugs - This is our BlissSo, please HELP! I could really use your thoughts on what to do! Which is your favorite natural fiber rug?

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5 Fab Friday Finds [Round Mirrors]

Its here! Friday! Woo hoo!
These last few weeks have been a bit crazy with my trip to Haven and our mini-vacay in Savannah, then home for Henry’s 3rd birthday and then I left a week later to help my mom decorate their new house in Arizona and just got back this last Tuesday!! I am so looking forward to the weekend at home and hopefully a little normalcy next week. Posts are in progress right now for everything I have been up to! I have so much to share and don’t want you to miss a thing, so please check back soon for new goodies 🙂

As you may know, we’ve been working on our finishing our basement since April! We hired a general contractor to do the construction and his subs did most everything else. I love to DIY, but not in that sort of complex-complicated-putting-up-walls-type-of-way. My kind of DIY consists of an upholstery project (hopefully more to come!), an occasional crafty décor piece (I did a ton of them in Simon’s Nursery) and then lots of lots decorating & accessorizing! 🙂 Maybe someday I will become more advanced. Maybe.
After a couple breaks on their end and a couple trips on our end, the space is really shaping up! I shared a few sneak peaks on instagram recently of our new lights and the stacked stone feature wall in the bar area. I’m trying to crank away at designing the layout for the wall décor, buying things as I see them and then a couple of larger purchases to chip away at, too – bar stools, wine fridge / beverage cooler, media center, play space bookcase or shelving unit and the bathroom mirror. I have an idea of what I want each of these pieces to look like, but haven’t completely narrowed down my findings yet.

I’m sharing my top picks for round mirrors today and would so love & appreciate your opinion!!

Here they are:

Round mirror options - This is our Bliss

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

I’m leaning towards a gold or black mirror between 25″-30″. I probably will stay on the minimalistic side, but couldn’t help but fall in love with #1. Sunburst mirrors are literally everywhere right now and all with their own unique traits. This gold one is from Amazon – can you believe it? I have always been a huge Amazon fan, but still can not get over the variety of items they carry. I mean, isn’t Amazon everyone’s one-stop-shop, especially with the convenience of free 2-day shipping as an Amazon prime member??! ok.. back to mirrors.

I must admit, right now my number one pick is actually mirror #4.

West Elm round gold mirrorI’ve seen it in person in the store and love its simplicity and color, too, of course. It is 30″ round and would fit nicely above our new vanity and under the new vanity lights!
f261edb0-9f6b-4279-a0ba-182497385a35_400Hayes Contemporary Vanity
61USBn7z2QL__SL1000_Troy Menlo Park 3-Light

I really love how love how the vanity & lights look so far in the space. All it needs, is a mirror + a some wall art. Easy enough! Our shower door was installed this week along with glass shelves on the stone wall in the bar. I will have plenty more photos coming as the basement spaces finish up!

I’ll be working down there this weekend, so be sure to follow me on instagram for more sneak peaks!

Have the B E S T weekend!!

What do you think? Go with #4 or one of the others?

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We’re almost there! | TIOB Basement Project Update II

Last week, I wrote about my upcoming trip to Haven in Atlanta and now its only a couple of days away!  Getting the boys packed up for a week away at their grandparents’ was bittersweet yesterday. First of all, the house was sooooo quiet that it felt super strange & a tad bit of awful, but then I realized I could relax orrrrr attack my ongoing list of to-do’s for around the house and get ready for our trip. Then, my girlfriend texted to see if I wanted to join her for an impromptu afternoon shopping trip. Let’s just say I didn’t get anything checked off my list, buuuut I was able to enjoy a little retail therapy and not have to check in with a babysitter! Spontaneity is oftentimes taken for granted, but it’s truly a wonderful thing 🙂

Back to Haven… so the Haven conference team has an IG account and a couple of weeks ago, they scheduled out fun #photoaday topics as a countdown to #havenconf. Today’s topic is “What I’m working on” so as I sit here getting ready to blast out a few insta pics of projects I have in queue or am mid-way through, I realized I have been doing an awful lot of talking about our basement project, but not a lotta progress shots (other than the basement bar & basement bathroom inspiration photos, as well as the bar & bathroom design boards). So, today, I thought it was appropriate to show you where things stand and what we have knocked out on our basement punch list so far.

It’s getting really close to completion!!

Here are how things have progressed over the last couple of months…

basememt insulation 1After Day 1 – insulation
basement bathroom studsFraming…
basement progress - drywall and taping - This is our BlissAfter drywall & taping…
basement progress - paint & can lights - This is our Blisspost paint!
Basement progress - carpet - This is our BlissAnd carpet was just installed at the end of June!

That is basically just one angle of the basement, after you come down the stairs and turn right, which is the open area and then play space at the back (where you see the 2 closets) The bathroom is the dark room with the door open behind the post.

I will plan to share progress of the rest of the basement next week, especially the bar area because I think the countertops will be in by then – YAY! As for now, the entire basement is wide open playspace for the boys and they run around wild & free…A couch and eventually a media console will be in the main family area space, while I am hoping to leave a good chunk open & free of large furniture in their play space, aside from a few things to corral all of their toys. So far, we are loving the added living & hang out space and are thrilled we decided to pull the trigger on this project.

In case you’re curious, here is a general idea of what’s done & what’s left to complete:

  • Insulation / studs / drywall
  • tape + trim & doors
  • paint
  • electrical + plumbing
  • tile install (bar & bathroom)
  • cabinetry install
  • carpet
  • sconces
  • bar pendant lights
  • bathroom vanity light
  • find bathroom mirror
  • order custom shower door + bar shelves
  • install shower door + bar shelves
  • stacked stone feature wall
  • granite install
  • order beverage cooler
  • order bar stools
  • mount TV
  • move couch down from family room & other piece from storage
  • find media console
  • wall design + décor
  • purchase bookcase / shelving unit for play area
  • determine shelving system for storage closet
  • misc. accessories & furniture

Busy week packing up, traveling and then the conference, but a couple more posts are still coming your way, so be sure to sign up to follow by email (at the bottom of this page or on the right!) so you don’t miss out. And, if you want even more, be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of the other side projects I’m trying to work in yet this summer, too!
Like this piece of furniture I swooped up on Sunday. This + a little TLC = new outdoor bar. yes, please.
thrifted find - future outdoor bar - upcoming project - this is our blissStay tuned…

Coming soon to this is our bliss

– more basement progress + design & decorating will begin
– my fave bathroom mirror options
– an unseen gallery wall & room in our house!
– a fun spin on framing your art

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you right back here again soon!

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5 Fab Friday Finds [Vanity lighting w/ an industrial edge]

The weekend has arrived and I am sure most of us are busy prepping for travel to be with family & friends or prepping to host 4th of July festivities! In order to keep all of this basement business / posts moving along, I wanted to share my top 5 Basement bathroom vanity light options with you. I actually did order one of the 5, but the other 4 were very close contenders. I didn’t want to go too far down the industrial path because we went fairly modern with the shower, using gorgeous 12″ x 24″ Carrera marble on the shower walls and 2″ marble hexagon tile on the shower floor. The bathroom floor tile is a slate gray porcelain tile, also done in 12″x24″ slabs with coordinating gray grout. I so love this bathroom and can’t wait until it is ready for use! The shower door has been ordered and after the vanity light gets hung, all that is left is to add a few decorative touches throughout.

Sooo…back to my point about modern vs. industrial – I like the look of mixing old with new, so I thought a vanity light with an industrial edge, but not full-out like single Edison bulb hardwired into industrial piping or a mason jar tied by wire or rope to a vintage pipe, would be acceptable, or at least a better alternative for us.

Here are the top 5 vanity light options I sourced over the last couple of months – do you remember which one we went with?!
Industrial Vanity Light options - This is our Bliss[From left to right]
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I did share a sneak peak of #3 – the Menlo Park 20 1/2″ Wide Deep Bronze Bath Light a couple of weeks ago and I did pull the trigger and order. Believe it or not, I am sort of DONE with all of these decisions. There have been so many to make with our basement project! I am happy with everything we have done & picked out, but you seriously start to question yourself and second-guess it ALL! I am definitely looking forward to a much needed 4th of July weekend relaxing & spending time with family and friends! What are your plans?

You can see more basement design planning & sourcing below:

Basement Bathroom Inspiration
Basement Bathroom Design Board
Basement Bar Inspiration
Basement Bar Design Board
TIOB Basement Project Beginning

Industrial edge bathroom vanity lights - This is our Bliss
Thanks for reading!

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5 Fab Friday Finds [basement bar gear/Dad’s Day gift ideas]

Well, we made it! Friday is here, so is the crummy weather, but I’ll deal because the weekend has arrived! I have been up to my ears in projects & random to-do’s for the basement. If you need to get caught up on the basement biz, you can check it all out here! One of these days, I will be able to blog about something else! Thankfully, I really enjoy working with our contractor because I feel like I talk, text & email with him and his sub-contractors on a daily basis. I knew it was going to be a busy 6 – 8 weeks, but I guess I didn’t realize how much I would be doing throughout the day and then discussions at night once Ted gets home from work about finishes – size, style, color for everything! Its hard to believe we might actually be nearing the home-stretch now. Cabinetry & carpet is next week, which means all that is left is granite installation, as far as major items / installations go. I am probably kidding myself to think the next couple of weeks will be a breeze, but that is what I am hoping for. The bathroom fixtures are installed, so we have a sort-of-fully-functioning bathroom now! I mean a working / flushing toilet & faucet – ha! We are still on the hunt for the vanity light & mirror, so I will be sharing my lighting finds next week!

Menlo vanity light - This is our BlissI really like this one so far…but we’ll see…

Moving on…

One of my greatest most recent discoveries was a Crate & Barrel outlet located about 45 minutes from me. It is like a warehouse of super-reduced Crate & Barrel gems! I have been 3x in the last week or so. I just couldn’t pass up the deals on their kitchen & dining and bar accessories. I even lucked out with a few finds purchased as gifts, too. The next best thing…the Land of Nod outlet is next door. It could be a full-day outing if time would allow 😉
So today, I am sharing a quick round-up of 5 Fab Finds…keeping it simple, they are all from Crate & Barrel (& available online)… and all are priced oh-so-right. Pick a couple of these things up for yourself, but I strongly suggest you consider them as Father’s Day gifts – they would be an excellent idea for any man in your life as well!

5 fab friday finds - basement bar gear - bar accessories -under $8 - father's day gift ideas - crate & barrel - this is our bliss

cocktail glass | cider book | leather whiskey decanter tags | slate bottle labels | double-old fashioned

I bought, ahem, 4 out of 5 of the above items to use as bar accessories in the basement, but we’ll pretend I saved them to wrap up & give to Ted next weekend. I mean, those leather tags to hang from a liquor decanter are $1.57 each! And those glitzy glasses? They’re like a glammed-up version of a masculine double old-fashioned…yes, please 🙂 This is not a sponsored post by any means, I just wanted to pass on the amazing deals & show you what I found!

What are your must-have bar accessories?  What are your go-to Father’s day gift ideas? Any good ones?! – Please share!

Happy shopping & happy weekend!

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Basement Bar Mood Board [Rustic Industrial Glam]

The basement is moving right along, quite quickly, I might add. Almost too fast for me! I feel like this project is a crazy, twisted 4 room challenge, but in the same timeframe as I completed the ONE room challenge! There aren’t really 4 rooms, per se, but I consider there to be several (or 4) division of spaces…the family / TV room, bar area, kid play area and the bathroom. It will be interesting to see how difficult it is to keep the feel cohesive, given that it kind of is one open space.

Today, I am sharing a mood board I designed for the bar area. It is really just an extension off of the back of the couch / seating area in what we are calling the family room. Since we have a walk-out basement, we tiled the entryway to the backyard and this is where our “bar” will be.  We just finished up with the final approvals for the custom cabinetry and will be selecting our granite slab next week. Yes, granite! We have laminate countertops in our kitchen, so I am thrilled to have this new look downstairs!

Take a peek at the look I am going to try to achieve. I am hoping this so-called Rustic Industrial Glam look will be easy to pull off because I have been eyeing some really great décor finds this past week. #letthefunbegin

stacked stone || granite || gray porcelain tile || wine lattice || glass shelves || gold ampersand || marquee arrow || “let’s pop bottles” print || pendant light || wood butler’s tray || bar glasses || gold polka dot cocktail glass || gold double old-fashioned glasses || artificial grass || ice bucket

We have already purchased very similar stacked stone to use up the wall at the back of a small nook in this bar space and I am currently hunting for glass shelves to hang on the stone wall. To be honest, I actually think I am most excited about all of the little gems I have been collecting to accessorize the shelves I don’t even own yet! pretty standard for me, though. I just can’t pass up a good find…especially with all of the amazing shelves and bookcases I have been going ga-ga over on Pinterest.
See my board solely dedicated to shelf & bookcase styling here!

Did you miss my basement bar inspiration photos? Check it out if you want to see where I crafted up some of my vision from.

The other fantastic part about decorating the basement will be digging out all sorts of frames, books, etc. that I’ve been hoarding bought in the past without knowing where they would end up. Well, I have a whole new level of our house that is calling out for help! Who knows? I may even have side tables, bookcases, chairs…the list could go on and on!

In other #TIOBbasementproject news, the tile is completely installed in the bathroom and I went with very similar choices as in my basement bathroom mood board. And I am still dreaming ours will be as lovely as any of these, too. The vanity is getting set tomorrow, shower fixtures and plumbing later this week and then, I guess that means I get to start decorating & styling – woo hoo!!

1st birthday party details and more on the basement still to come this week. I hope you aren’t getting tired of this project yet…we are just getting to the good stuff 🙂 Thank you for being here today!

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Basement Bar Area Inspiration

I am back with more basement talk today and thankfully, some appealing shots of beautifully finished spaces (not mine, quite yet!).

Yesterday, I shared a few not-so-glamorous progress photos to give you a glimpse into our current basement situation. After the tile is completed this week and are painter wraps up on Sunday, it is going to be a whole new look down there! To me, anything beyond concrete floors and walls is a vast improvement. Am I right?!

Since I haven’t fully described or even slightly illustrated what our basement layout is going to be, I will try to sum it up for you. To keep it simple, the main open area is going to function as a family room / TV space, a small bar / hang out nook (off of the walk-out door entryway), as well as play area for the boys. We have also created a full bathroom and a storage closet in the play area, which will be stocked with toys and other bins and totes stacked on long, open shelves. We framed off (& put a door on) the laundry room, but aren’t finishing that space right now… maybe someday. For now, I am dreaming of a luxurious laundry room that includes an automated system in which will wash, dry and fold my clothes without having to lift a finger. Until that day comes, I am going to enjoy being able to bring the kids downstairs with me to play and hangout while I shuffle a few loads around! It will be so nice to not have to corral and confine them while I go up and down the stairs to the basement to switch loads and then leash them again to haul laundry baskets of clean clothes up to the 2nd floor to be put away. We can all be together down there now when I am working on my lovely laundry tasks 😉

So to get to it, today I am sharing several photos I have pulled inspiration from when designing our bar / entertaining area.

dark wood - wine bar | source |
industrial stacked stone dark wood bar| sourcekitchen bar before and after | source |
open shelves - stone backwall| source | Rustic bar| source |

We don’t have quite as much space to dedicate to our little basement “bar” as seen in the inspiration photos above, but I am going to do what I can to make it a cool place to hang out and have a drink.
Basement bar inspiration - rustic industrial glam - stacked stone - This is our Bliss
Totally loving the stacked stone look and rustic / industrial feel, but also want to add a touch of glam. Would you feel like cozying up with a cocktail in any of these spaces?
More details to come in the basement bar design board post. You’ll see what else I have planned to go in this little hot spot!

Tomorrow, guestroom headboard details…huge transformation for a very small budget! Come back and see how I created this backdrop for the mixed patterned pillows in our new guestroom – so many bright & bold prints!
Guestroom revamp - pattern play pillows - floral - dalmation - hexago - This is our BlissAnd finally, your last chance to enter the Giveaway with Place in Progress is tonight! Enter, enter, enter! Fingers crossed for you all! The good news is, even if you don’t win the FREE custom state watercolor, you can pick one up for 20% off in Samantha’s shop – see the details + coupon code here.

Thank you, all & G’night…

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The Beginnings of a Basement | TIOB Basement Project Update: I

Well, our little man turned one and with his party being held late Saturday afternoon, it made for a crazy & fun-filled Memorial Day weekend! The festivities began when our families arrived in on Friday, which was my mother-in-law’s birthday. We cooked dinner at home and then spent all day Saturday prepping for his little / big event! I will be posting party pics at some point this week to show you how we celebrated safari-style 🙂

I have shared my basement bathroom inspiration and my basement bathroom design board, but realized I haven’t posted any actual progress photos yet! If you follow me on instagram then you saw that the tile installation began today – woo hoo! I thought drywall made a difference, but man…once you have a little something on the floor besides cement, it really starts to feel like a livable space.

Here is a bit of the transformation that has taken place over the last few weeks.

Week 1: Insulation

basememt insulation 1

basement insulation 2basement insulation 3

Week 2: Framing / Electrical / Plumbing

basement bathroom studs IMG_9950 IMG_9959 IMG_9958Week 3: Drywall & taping

IMG_0145 IMG_0143 IMG_0150 I still have to finish taking photos of last week’s progress of the trim & door installation, but wanted to give you a glimpse of what has been going on behind the scenes. It doesn’t look like much and of course, you don’t know the layout yet, but I will be sure to give you the full scoop soon.
We are still a loooong ways off from looking anything like the gorgeous spaces I used as design models, but since tile & painting will be completed this week, I think next week’s progress pics will look dramatically different and much prettier 🙂

Tomorrow there will be plenty of more eye candy to feast your eyes on when I share the look I am going for in the basement bar area – come back and check it out! Thursday, we’ll rewind back to my guestroom revamp project and I will dish on the headboard makeover. You’ll never guess what I used to upholster it with!!

Oh and have you entered to win a custom 8″x10″ state watercolor by Samantha Reineke yet?!?
custom state watercolor giveaway - Place in progress etsy shop - This is our BlissYou DO NOT want to miss out, so pop back to the giveaway details post and enter. It is super easy…All you have to do is follow This is our Bliss by email and leave your “state” in the comments. Good luck to all of you who have entered so far! It has been so fun to see where some of my readers live or hear who they plan to gift it to if they win!

That is all for today… I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and thanks so much for being here!

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