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DIY Tree Skirt

Good afternoon, all! I hope you are enjoying this crazy busy month! That almost doesn’t make sense. For me, yes, I am soaking the month of December in little by little each day. It has been a bit hectic, but my philosophy is to crank up the Christmas tunes and sip my coffee or wine (and maybe indulge in a few sweets, too…they always helps) I mentioned last week we would be traveling back to Iowa for my friend’s wedding and we did just that, this past weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and I had the best time seeing old friends and catching up! We got home last night after 4 days at home. Our traveling did put a little damper on my posting schedule, but I hope to squeeze in a few more before Christmas! Today, I am sharing a 5 minute DIY Tree skirt for the Christmas tree, that is!

DIY Tree skirt - round tablecloth - no sew with a tableloth

I have actually never had a tree skirt until this year. After wrapping, the gifts typically sit under the tree for a few days and then they quickly get packed up into boxes and loaded into the car since we usually travel to see family for Christmas. I decided my tree was looking a little naked underneath, so a skirt seemed like an easy solution. I also noticed we still have the price tag on our tree stand, so I wanted the skirt to sit just on top of the tightening pegs of the stand.

IMG_7369 IMG_7370

Don’t mind the random tennis ball behind the tree… boys 🙂

So, I gathered my (very few) materials and got started. I have been picking up (or making my own holiday) décor and gift wrapping materials in reds, golds, black and white, so when I spotted this black and white checkered tablecloth on Amazon, I knew it would be the perfect back-drop for our wrapped gifts. Keep reading for a quick tutorial. It really can’t get any easier!


DIY Tree skirt - round tablecloth - no sew - supplies

round tablecloth
measuring tape
paper cup


Lay tablecloth out in an open area. Measure over halfway across the diameter. My tablecloth was 70″ round, so I measured over 35″. Next, cut across the tablecloth to your half-way point. Then, I placed a paper cup in the middle of the tablecloth so that the end of my previous cut was centered under the cup.

DIY Tree skirt - round tablecloth - no sewIMG_7358 IMG_7360

Trace around the cup with a sharpie and cut around the outside edge of your mark.

IMG_7362 IMG_7366 IMG_7367

That is it! Place your DIY tree skirt under your Christmas tree and load it up with gifts!


This is about the closest thing to a pretty present I’ve got right now!

DIY Tree skirt - round tablecloth - no sew 1 DIY Tree skirt - round tablecloth - no sew 2

 Since I have loads of wrapping to do, ours will sit empty until tomorrow (only tomorrow, I hope!).

I will be back next with a few easy ways to dress up your holiday packages. Off to wrap, I go!
Thanks for reading and goodnight 🙂

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