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We’re almost there! | TIOB Basement Project Update II

Last week, I wrote about my upcoming trip to Haven in Atlanta and now its only a couple of days away!  Getting the boys packed up for a week away at their grandparents’ was bittersweet yesterday. First of all, the house was sooooo quiet that it felt super strange & a tad bit of awful, but then I realized I could relax orrrrr attack my ongoing list of to-do’s for around the house and get ready for our trip. Then, my girlfriend texted to see if I wanted to join her for an impromptu afternoon shopping trip. Let’s just say I didn’t get anything checked off my list, buuuut I was able to enjoy a little retail therapy and not have to check in with a babysitter! Spontaneity is oftentimes taken for granted, but it’s truly a wonderful thing 🙂

Back to Haven… so the Haven conference team has an IG account and a couple of weeks ago, they scheduled out fun #photoaday topics as a countdown to #havenconf. Today’s topic is “What I’m working on” so as I sit here getting ready to blast out a few insta pics of projects I have in queue or am mid-way through, I realized I have been doing an awful lot of talking about our basement project, but not a lotta progress shots (other than the basement bar & basement bathroom inspiration photos, as well as the bar & bathroom design boards). So, today, I thought it was appropriate to show you where things stand and what we have knocked out on our basement punch list so far.

It’s getting really close to completion!!

Here are how things have progressed over the last couple of months…

basememt insulation 1After Day 1 – insulation
basement bathroom studsFraming…
basement progress - drywall and taping - This is our BlissAfter drywall & taping…
basement progress - paint & can lights - This is our Blisspost paint!
Basement progress - carpet - This is our BlissAnd carpet was just installed at the end of June!

That is basically just one angle of the basement, after you come down the stairs and turn right, which is the open area and then play space at the back (where you see the 2 closets) The bathroom is the dark room with the door open behind the post.

I will plan to share progress of the rest of the basement next week, especially the bar area because I think the countertops will be in by then – YAY! As for now, the entire basement is wide open playspace for the boys and they run around wild & free…A couch and eventually a media console will be in the main family area space, while I am hoping to leave a good chunk open & free of large furniture in their play space, aside from a few things to corral all of their toys. So far, we are loving the added living & hang out space and are thrilled we decided to pull the trigger on this project.

In case you’re curious, here is a general idea of what’s done & what’s left to complete:

  • Insulation / studs / drywall
  • tape + trim & doors
  • paint
  • electrical + plumbing
  • tile install (bar & bathroom)
  • cabinetry install
  • carpet
  • sconces
  • bar pendant lights
  • bathroom vanity light
  • find bathroom mirror
  • order custom shower door + bar shelves
  • install shower door + bar shelves
  • stacked stone feature wall
  • granite install
  • order beverage cooler
  • order bar stools
  • mount TV
  • move couch down from family room & other piece from storage
  • find media console
  • wall design + décor
  • purchase bookcase / shelving unit for play area
  • determine shelving system for storage closet
  • misc. accessories & furniture

Busy week packing up, traveling and then the conference, but a couple more posts are still coming your way, so be sure to sign up to follow by email (at the bottom of this page or on the right!) so you don’t miss out. And, if you want even more, be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of the other side projects I’m trying to work in yet this summer, too!
Like this piece of furniture I swooped up on Sunday. This + a little TLC = new outdoor bar. yes, please.
thrifted find - future outdoor bar - upcoming project - this is our blissStay tuned…

Coming soon to this is our bliss

– more basement progress + design & decorating will begin
– my fave bathroom mirror options
– an unseen gallery wall & room in our house!
– a fun spin on framing your art

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you right back here again soon!

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