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DIY Geometric Dresser Makeover [Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room Project]

Big Boy Room | Bold, colorful and graphic plus a dresser update! |

Phew! Now that the Fall ORC has concluded, I can finally come up for some air! Right now is most certainly the calm before the storm around here. The calm being the couple of weeks I’m trying to lay low, catch up on sleep, get organized around the house after a 6-week dining room makeover that created a tornado-like aftermath in every other room in our home and then enjoy Thanksgiving next week with family. The storm being… the holidays! I mean that only in a way that a fellow blogger might understand. But looking back at pre-blog life, I would say the holidays can get a little cray cray anyways!

Well, today I’m taking a few minutes to post one of the promised follow-up posts from both the Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room. I realize I owe you probably close to 10 for the biggest’s room and most recently my One Room Challenge Dining Room Reveal and while I’ll work to get them out to you soon, I am going to have to put a few holiday posts in the mix as well. It’s just that time of year now, don’t you agree?!

Speaking of blog life… it is SO easy to whip up a few DIY projects to complete a space, then you reveal it and realize you need to go back and share the all the goodie DIY details! And more times than not, you realize you didn’t properly capture your before or during photos, which makes the whole “follow-up post” concept even more daunting.

Today, you’re in luck! I have a before shot, a few during and plenty of after photos of the DIY Geometric Dresser Makeover I completed for the biggest’s Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room!

Come check out how I took his old nursery dresser and gave it a sleek, simple modern update to coordinate with the rest of the room’s decor and accessories!


DIY dresser update before | This is our Bliss |


Big Boy Room | Bold, colorful and graphic plus a dresser update! |

Here is what I did to achieve this look…


painter’s tape
paint brush or small roller brush
plastic sheets [to cover area / floor nearby]

*I also chose to add new knobs to complete the updated look! [mine are were on clearance from here, but these are similar!]


These knobs were pretty much as plain Jane as knobs can be!


I knew I wanted to create a geometric shape of some sort, and since measuring out multiple diamonds or arrows, etc. I decided on one statement triangle across the front. First, I simply picked my starting center point at the top and eyeballed the left side of the triangle with 3 separate pieces of tape – one for each drawer.

Big Boy Room DIY Geometric Dresser update | This is our Bliss |

After carefully measuring equal distance across the drawer from the center point of each, I put 3 more pieces of tape down the right side. After checking my angles with the level, I did have to pick up and move the tape on the right a couple of times, which truly was no big deal.

Big Boy Room DIY Geometric Dresser update | This is our Bliss |

From there, I simply applied one coat of paint and let dry. I ended up painting 4 generous coats since I was trying to cover such a dark piece of furniture and didn’t do any sanding or priming. Also, something to note…I started out using a paint brush and then for coats 2-4, I used a small roller brush as I found it was giving me a more smooth finish.

Big Boy Room DIY Geometric Dresser update | This is our Bliss |

The other thing to note here, is that I am by no means, a pro furniture painter. I will claim to be the queen of gold spray paint, but as far as taking a brush or roller to a piece of furniture, nope, not me. I did take on a simple painting project in our upstairs guest / boys’ bathroom at our last house, but that is literally the only time!

dresser update to give a graphic, modern twist! so cute for a little boy's room | This is our BlissI am thrilled with how it turned out, but I will offer a warning. Be sure to press your painter’s tape down firmly to try to avoid seepage. I had to do a bit of minimal touch-ups to the edges of the triangle to clean them up a bit, but nothing too crazy. Just take your time when you are getting started as it will save you time in the end!

big-boy-room-diy-tribal-geometric-dresser-this-is-our-bliss dresser update to give a graphic, modern twist! so cute for a little boy's room | This is our Bliss big-boy-room-diy-dresser-makeover-this-is-our-bliss

The best part about this update was how much I saved keeping the biggest’s first dresser from his nursery and giving it a quick makeover versus buying a brand new one. For less than $20, I was able to bring this dresser from brown and boring to sleek, masculine and modern! I always say how much paint can transform a room when a fresh coat is applied to the walls. The same is true with a piece of furniture, except you don’t have to paint the ENTIRE thing!

Now off to keep working on cranking out a few more follow-up posts for you guys as well as begin some holiday planning! I can tell you I have a very packed blog calendar as soon as Thanksgiving hits, so I’m going to try to rest up this next week in preparation for the most wonderful time of the year!!

Don’t forget to pin for later…

How to update an old nursery dresser | Modern Big Boy Room Dresser update | This is our Bliss |

Is there anything in particular you’d like to see from This is our Bliss over the holidays? What type of inspiration are you looking for?!Β 

See you back here soon! xo

*DecoArt provided me with the paint to help me transform this piece of furniture, but all thoughts, opinions, ideas and images are my own!

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  • Office 365 crack
    November 18, 2016 at 7:33 PM

    Turned out great! Now it’s a fun piece.

    • Rachael @ This is our Bliss
      November 22, 2016 at 12:25 PM

      Thanks so much! I’m happy I kept the dresser and tried something new instead of buying a whole new piece of furniture πŸ˜‰

  • Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living
    November 18, 2016 at 6:56 PM

    Love it Rachael!!! This dresser makeover was perfect for this room. Super easy and super fun.

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