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I am so honored to be here sharing some organizing knowledge with you. My name is Jessica and I am The Organized Mama! I love organizing, crafting, decorating, and watching trashy reality television, like The Bachelor!!

As a professional organizer, I have helped numerous families get their pantries in order. But the biggest stumbling block is where to start with the entire process.

So today, I am giving away all my secrets!! I want your pantry to be totally organized so you only have to worry about what you are making for dinner… not where to find it!!

Empty Entire Space

The best way to start any organizing project is to empty the entire space. Clean all the shelves and drawers. Then start with organizing!

I always recommend starting with a clean slate because you might be able to rethink the space, rather than just keep using what you have been doing. I have a methodology that I like to follow when organizing because I have seen how effective it can be in keeping up with the organizational systems you created!

Once you have emptied and cleaned your entire space, start by grouping like items together… but don’t forget to check expiration dates!

organizing pantry

Keep Like Items Together

By keeping shelves with a similar theme, you will be able to find what you are looking for quickly. And, you will be able to meal plan easier, because you will be able to quickly scan the shelves for what you have in the house and get cooking!

Look at your food that you have, and group it together into categories. Then, store those categories together on the same shelf or area of the panty.

For example, if you have a lot of ingredients to make tacos, keep them all together. Pasta sauces, noodles, and spices… keep those together.

Make Stations

I love making stations when it comes to organizing. It is an easy way to keep yourself organized and keep all your items together!

Creating stations is an easy way to categorize your pantry items. For example, creating a coffee station can keep all of your supplies tidy and organized. Not a coffee drinker? Why not a tea station! Display your tea packets in a bin to showcase how pretty they look!

organizing pantry

Use Clear Storage

If you do use storage containers in your pantry, I always recommend using clear or acrylic. I say this because you can see everything inside the container, so you are less likely to let things pile up and get lost in the container. Plus, I think it looks pretty when you can see everything.

organizing pantry

Store Extras Behind Jars

I always suggest keeping flours, sugars, and other baking goods in glass jars or containers. I always get asked the question of what to do if there is anything left over. I typically recommend putting the extra products in a sealed baggie behind the jar. This is an easy way to keep things together, which makes it easy to refill your jar and know what you have!

If it isn’t possible to store the extras behind the jars, then I recommend creating one place for all the extra products. This will help you know that anything that is left over is in this one particular place. If it isn’t in that location, then you don’t have any more product left!

organizing pantry


Finally, you need to label your pantry. I say to label because it looks pretty, but it is also really functional when it comes to finding what you need. Some flours can look alike, so by clearly labeling your pantry, you are able to know what you have.

There are many ways to label a pantry, so really think about what and how you use your containers in your pantry. Then decide on labels. If you have containers that you switch out frequently, then use chalkboard labels. If you have containers that you keep the same every time you use them, then get creative with the labels!

organizing pantry

By emptying your entire space, keeping like items together, creating stations, using clear containers, storing extra products behind jars, and labeling everything, your pantry is sure to stay organized as long as you stick with the system you created!

Thanks so much for letting me share my organizing knowledge with you! For more organizing goodness, hop over to The Organized Mama blog for your daily dose of organizing a handmade home!

A BIG thank you to Jessica for sharing her awesome ideas here today! Please leave her some love in the comment section to make her feel welcome! Maybe she’ll even want to come back again!??

Thanks for stopping by, friends! See you right back here soon! Some lovely Spring inspiration is coming your way soon!

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  • Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living
    March 9, 2017 at 1:36 PM

    Gorgeous pantry organization. I think us moms get so giddy over a labeled and organized pantry. It’s like pantry porn. Lol!

  • Sue Morkel
    March 6, 2017 at 1:57 PM

    Thank you so much for this post!! I am in the planning stages of organizing my pantry and this will help so much!!

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