12 Summer Picnic Ideas & Inspiration | DIY Housewives Vol. 14

5 Minute Recipe | Cold Corn Fiesta Dip | Easy Entertaining Ideas! | via www.thisisourbliss.com

Hellllo! I am so super stoked to be joining you today in the company of 11 other wonderfully inspiring bloggers for the June Edition of the DIY Housewives Series! I’ll be hanging out with these ladies on the first Wednesday of each month and today we are sharing our favorite Summer Picnic Ideas by directing you to some of our oldie-but-goodie related posts!

Would you guys believe it if I told you that I’ve *actually* shared a few recipe posts in the past?  I know…it’s been awhile! Although you don’t see many recipes around here, my quest for easy entertaining ideas persists…the simpler, the better! When I was asked to join this series, I was pumped to learn that the theme for my first month was Summer Picnic ideas because this Cold Corn Fiesta Dip Recipe is so delicious and continues to be one of my favorite go-to’s when hosting or taking a dish to share somewhere. It’s served cold which is perfect in the warmer months of summer, but the dip itself brings a little heat which I also welcome! A few ingredients, 5 minutes and a bag of your favorite tortilla chips and you’re ready for your summer get-together!

5 Minute Recipe | Cold Corn Fiesta Dip + 11 other Simple Summer Picnic and Easy Entertaining Ideas! | via www.thisisourbliss.com

You can see the full Cold Corn Fiesta Dip recipe here!

Be sure to check out my friends’ posts for more summer picnic ideas and inspiration! They are all linked below.




Fun round-up of ideas and inspiration, right?! Tomorrow I’ll be back sharing my Summer Home Tour. I hope you’ll come by to take a look inside! I’ll even be sharing a peek at what I’ve been working on out on the back deck since sharing my Outdoor Inspiration post here. Have a great day!

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