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$1 DIY Desk Drawer Organizer | My Dollar Store DIY

DIY Dollar Store Desk Drawer Organization | My Dollar Store DIY |

After taking December off from our monthly series, we are back with January’s edition of My Dollar Store DIY! Today we’re taking that ever-so-popular “O” word head-on as most people strive to do after the holidays. Organization, that is! So many people set new year’s resolutions around de-cluttering, simplifying and overall life organizing. Well, we are going to show you five ways to help you stay organized with items from the Dollar Store!

Here’s what I tackled this month..

I don’t share many organizational posts on the blog because I really need all the help I can get. I always tell myself once the kids are older, our house will be more put together. We have basic systems set-up in our closets, mudroom, etc. but nearly all of our spaces [big and small] could really use some help. My philosophy has always been to “start small”. If you manage to clean out and de-clutter even the smallest of spaces, it feels really great! It then gives you the confidence to take on those larger, more time-consuming spaces that are looming overhead and staring down at you day in and day out.

So…I went for my desk drawer! I’m not going to show you much of a tutorial, but more of a simple solution I came up with.

My desk drawer is a drawer I pull open at least 5 times per day and it has always been a hot MESS…nearly impossible to grab what I need without having to dig around! And when you need something, you usually need it in a hurry!

After realizing this little space needed a simple system in place, I decided it would be best if I had one tray or organizer versus several little bins like what I was currently using. I didn’t have enough in there and they didn’t fit properly.

Here is the before:

DIY Dollar Store Desk Drawer Organization | My Dollar Store DIY |

And while strolling the aisles at Dollar Tree, a lightbulb went off. I picked up this muffin tin, took it home and gave it my typical treatment [a quick gold makeover makes everything better!]…

DIY Dollar Store Desk Drawer Organization | My Dollar Store DIY |

…and then put it into action. It fit perfectly across the width of my desk drawer, but I may also use it the long way and lean some note pads along the side.

Here it is in the drawer!

DIY Dollar Store Desk Drawer Organization | My Dollar Store DIY |

It’s pretty dark in my office so here are a few shots I took before inserting it into it’s new home…

DIY Dollar Store Desk Drawer Organization | My Dollar Store DIY | DIY Dollar Store Desk Drawer Organization | My Dollar Store DIY |

A few things I did to get started. [You can see the full drawer organization post I wrote here when I was working on my nightstand drawers.]

  • emptied everything out 
  • wiped out the drawer
  • pitched what I didn’t need
  • put items that didn’t belong there back in it’s proper place
  • grouped like things together
  • filled my organizer
  • placed back in the drawer

That’s it! And it took all of 5-10 minutes!

I’m definitely a sucker for the dreamy bins and baskets you see in the perfectly styled spaces like linen closets and pantries, but I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with a muffin tin in my desk drawer. In fact, I think it looks pretty darn cute!

10+ Other ways you can use a muffin tin to help you get organized:

  • sewing supplies
  • jewelry [earrings, statement rings, bracelets]
  • cosmetics
  • hair accessories [hair ties, bobby pins, clips]
  • toiletry items [q-tips, cotton swabs, sponges]
  • batteries
  • trinket toys
  • crayons and chalk
  • little girl’s hair bows and barrettes
  • miscellaneous kitchen junk drawer items – you can decide what’s necessary & works for you and your family!

Thanks for hanging out here today! Before you go, please be sure to stop by the other participants’ DIY dollar store organization tips, tricks and hacks! Trust me…I’m taking notes!!

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See you back here soon!


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  • Jessica :: The Organized Mama
    January 27, 2018 at 11:50 AM

    That is such a great idea! Muffin tins come in handy for so many things, and I love how you used them for drawer organizing!!

    • Rachael @ This is our Bliss
      January 30, 2018 at 8:42 AM

      Thanks! I agree – I’ve already been planning a few other drawers I can use them in!

  • kim jones
    January 26, 2018 at 7:50 PM

    I have some little muffin tins I need to put to work, love the gold. It always feels good to organize!!!