An Initial Wall in a Big Boy Room

DIY Initial wall in a big boy room - This is our Bliss

With Big Boy Rooms on my mind this month as we create a new space for our middle guy, I realized I had a cute little wall to share from awhile back when we created the biggest’s Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room. When I was picking out wall decor for the biggest’s Big Boy Room, I knew I wanted to incorporate some sort of alphabet art since he has loved letters and numbers for as long as I can remember. In fact, we even had an “ABC & 123” themed party for his third birthday. I picked out this black and white alphabet art print for the reading corner and I loved the idea of having a wall of letters so I decided to create an Initial Wall in his Big Boy Room.

Here is the wall right when you enter the room. A wall full of “H’s” personalizes the space and creates a statement wall. It is sort of an small, odd-angled wall, so I wanted to do something fun with it. Adding a grouping of letters for our “Big Boy” turned out to be a great way to achieve this!

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So I simply started gathering a few H’s and up they went! It’s a small wall so I ended up hanging four H’s. I included the following

H wall! So cute to have the letters of the kid's name in it's own little gallery wall when you walk into their room! | design by This is our Bliss

If you are creating an initial wall in a big boy room you can do as few as 3 pieces or fill an entire wall! I like  to work with odd numbers, but you can do whatever works with your design. Simple or a massive layout! On this initial wall, I used four pieces in different shapes and sizes. Your big boy [or big girl] will feel extra special having his initial all over the wall and it’s also a fun way to help your little one start or continue working on their alphabet.

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An Initial Wall in a Big Boy Room - DIY Letter Wall in kid room - This is our Bliss

I’ve rounded up some initial / letter decor in case you decide to create an initial wall in your little one’s space:

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