Simon's nursery | bright and bold baby boy nursery | navy green and gray little boy room | This is our Bliss | www,

Simon’s Nursery Reveal [A Bright & Bold Room for Baby #2]

Now that Simon has arrived and I have finished taking pictures of the nursery, I am finally ready to show you!

If you’ve been reading over here then you know I have been working on this room for months… back in March I was creating the ever-evolving, never-ending checklist which I am proud to say is completed and I couldn’t be happier with how the room turned out. Simon will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for awhile, but having the room done & ready is such a good feeling.
We change him on the changing pad in his room throughout the night… & T and I have both sat in the glider to rock him to sleep… His little outfits are hung up in the closet & folded in the drawers…And the art and photos are hanging [untouched for now!] on his cute little pegboard gallery wall.
It is definitely a happy place for us (and Simon, too, I hope)!

Simon's nursery | bright and bold baby boy nursery | navy green and gray little boy room | This is our Bliss | www,
The walls were gray to start with & after removing the guest bed, dresser & nightstand, it was go-time!  If you remember my mood / inspiration board for the nursery, I decided to go with navy, green & gray as the color scheme.  I wanted a bright and bold look and achieved this through mixing fun patterns & textures!

Scroll through to view the nursery photos and be sure to check out the bottom of the post for a full source list!

E N J O Y !
Baby boy nursery | little boy room | navy, lime green and gray nursery | This is our Bliss

Baby boy nursery | little boy room | navy, lime green and gray nursery | This is our Bliss
How to DIY nursery mobile | Baby boy nursery | little boy room | navy, lime green and gray nursery | This is our Bliss


nursery glider | Baby boy nursery | little boy room | navy, lime green and gray nursery | This is our BlissIMG_4446IMG_4449




Nursery closet details

Marquee S wall details


Little boy nursery pegboard gallery wall - DIY nursery decor - navy green & gray - This is our Bliss 5 Little boy nursery pegboard gallery wall - DIY nursery decor - navy green & gray - This is our Bliss 6 Little boy nursery pegboard gallery wall - DIY nursery decor - navy green & gray - This is our Bliss 3DIY Nursery Mobile - This is our BlissNursery Word Art - Etsy Printable - This is our BlissGet this nursery printable in my etsy shop here!

Simon's Nursery Reveal

 Source List

[affiliate links were used]

DIY Projects:

  • Striped Curtains – Tutorial here
  • Big Brother Art – DIY Project (post coming soon)
  • Silver Dinosaurs – Tutorial here
  • Lampshade – Tutorial here
  • A to Z Bookends – Tutorial here
  • Mobile – Tutorial here
  • “S” Marquee Sign – Tutorial here
  •  Pegboard Gallery Wall – more info here | full tutorial here

Closet Details:

  • IKEA PAX closet frame – IKEA (***Read more on the closet here & here)
  • 4 Komplement drawers – IKEA
  • 4 Komplement shelves – IKEA
  • IKEA PAX Shelves x 4 (cut to size for above clothing rods) – IKEA
  • Closet clothing rod holders – Amazon
  • Wooden dowel rods x 4 (cut to size) – Lowes
  • Metal Drawer label holders – Amazon
  • Clothing dividers – Amazon [DIY Project: scrapbook paper + modge podge]
  • Baby hangers – Dollar Tree
  • Navy & White Striped plastic bins – Target
  • Teal plastic bins (on floor) – Target
  • Teal plastic cube / milk crate [Target, similar here & here]
  • Navy & white decorative suitcase – Target
  • Teal box w/ chalkboard label – Target
  • Empty white frame – IKEA
  • Bin & crate labels – DIY Project [scrapbook paper + laminator + velcro]
  • Paint – Valspar “Can’t Miss Lime” – more info here

Various Storage & Accessories:




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Simon's nursery | bright and bold baby boy nursery | navy green and gray little boy room | This is our Bliss | www,


Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery closet deatails - navy green gray - This is our BlissCloset DIY Details
Baby boy nursery closet - DIY nursery decor - Nursery closet details - accessories + labels - navy green gray - This is our BlissCloset details: Accessories & labels
Little boy nursery pegboard gallery wall - DIY nursery decor - navy green & gray - This is our BlissNursery Pegboard Gallery Wall
DIY Playroom Reading Nook + no sew Bench seat cushion + DIY shelvesDIY Playroom Reading Nook


Books & BBQ summer birthday bash - DIY summer birthday party - this is our bliss

Summer Books & BBQ Birthday Bash
Welcome to the Jungle - Safari style soiree - 1st birthday party - safari style party - This is our blissSafari Soirée
ABC 123 Party Details - abc 123 birthday party - kid's party - alphabet birthday - this is our blissABC’s & 123’s Party
1st birthday par-tee! - golf-themed birthday party - club sandwiches - yogurt par-fait bar - golf cookies - This is our BlissBirthday Par-Tee!

 If you have any questions about anything you see in this post, please leave a comment on this post or you can email me at  I would love to hear from you!  To see future posts and other areas of our house I am going to be working on, follow my blog by email!

As always, thanks for reading!

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97 thoughts on “Simon’s Nursery Reveal [A Bright & Bold Room for Baby #2]

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  2. Have the clothing rods in the closet remained secure after being screwed into the PAX? I’m always skeptical on the longevity of Ikea. Thanks!

  3. Hey Rachael,
    I love this whole nursery! I especially am in love with your closet! I was looking through your list of IKEA items and was wondering if you could tell me which ones specifically that you used, as I am having a hard time on their website figuring out. Also, what are the dimensions of your closet space, so I can compare to what I am working with? Thanks!

    • Hi Lauren! Unfortunately, we moved last month and I don’t have the closet dimensions! I totally should have saved them somewhere – dang! I used the PAX wardrobe frame and Komplement drawers and shelves. Do you need to know which sizes?

  4. Hey! I am curious what color gray did you use on the wall? I am trying to find one I like that isn’t too light but not too dark and I really like the one you have here

  5. Hi I am trying to find your tutorial on the peg board and it doesn’t seem to be there anymore – do you still have it? Also could you please explain how the plate holders work with the fabric? Thanks so much

  6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how weird would it be that I try and duplicate this entire room? Don’t have a creative bone in my body nor have I done any home decorating before but I love this room. I first noticed the closet while I was looking for ideas but the more I look at this nursery the more I love everything about it. Great job!

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  10. Do you have any dupes for the wall color in Simons nursery or know what color you used specifically? I love it!!

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  16. This nursery is just perfect! It has given me the inspiration for my baby boy’s room – he’s due in December! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us! 🙂

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  18. Is the IKEA dresser white or white stain? On their website the white looks like an off white. So I’m not sure which one will be a “true” white and best match other white items. Also, you did an awesome job on the entire space! Thanks for blogging.

    • Thanks Jack! The dresser is in “white”, which is a glossy white and in my opinion – true white. It matches all other white items in the room including the crib. The photo on their website is a bit deceiving. Alternatively, you can actually see the wood grain in the “white stain” version. I hope it works out for you. We really like ours! Thank you for reading! 🙂

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  21. Hello! What a wonderful nursery! So beautiful! You did an amazing job. Just a quick question. Where did you the small box shoe rack that’s in the bottom right corner of your closet picture?

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  24. Thank you so much for posting this, especially the links for the items in the nursery! This is our inspiration for our son’s nursery and it really helps to know where you got items and how to make the DIY items! Love it!

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  30. Hi there! Ok so loooove this room. Great job! I have a quick question for you. I own a kids decor shop on Etsy and we are all about doing DIY projects for moms who love the look of DIY but can’t do it themselves. We want to do a line called: “As seen on…” basically offering customized version of designs they love and found of blogs like yours and pinterest. Would you mind if we use your pictures as an example? We’d give you full credit for the design on both the pictures and on the listing. Plus we would put your blog URL on our listing as well. We are averaging about 100-160 views a day so it could bring more traffic to your blog. Thanks for your consideration and let me know!

  31. Hi there!! I absolutely love this nursery and doing a similar color scheme for my baby boy. Do you remember the store name on etsy where you got the crib skirt and changing pad cover? I love it!

    • Hi Kathryn – Thanks so much for reading! I am so glad you stopped by 🙂 I am not sure what happened to the etsy shop / link. I can’t seem to pull up any info on the shop? I actually had a rather challenging experience working with them, in all honesty. I have included the fabric details below so hopefully you, someone you know or another etsy shop owner can help you make some great nursery pieces for your baby boy.

      The fabric collection is called “Marine”. If you visit and type “marine” in the search box, 3 pages of patterns should show up. I just saw several of them on the first page (and also spotted a new houndstooth print in the same colors!) If you have any other questions, please reach out again! Thanks so much for reading and I’m glad you found some nursery inspiration – good luck!


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    • Hi there! I couldn’t find it online when I just looked either, so I called the store & had them look up my purchase. It is called the “Peyton” crib in classic white. It is still available, so you should be able to call a store & have it ordered 🙂 thank you for reading! Have a great day ~ Rachael

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  37. Hi Rachael! I also have the Bygel rail to hang on a peg board, but I am not sure how to hang it. The only thing I can think of is to screw it on with short screws and nuts before mounting the peg board to the wall. How did you do it?

    • Hi Stephanie! We drilled a couple of strips of wood (1″x4″) across the back of the pegboard. Then we screwed the rail across the pegboard so the screw would enter in & hit the piece of wood. Does this make sense? I’ve had several people ask about the pegboard, so may end up doing a post on it. I hope that helps! Thanks for reading & I hope to see you back here again 🙂 thanks, Rachael

      • Kinda makes sense. Our pegboard is very thin though, only about 1/8″ I think, so I’m not sure how I’d screw that in, but I might try to put the boards on with wood glue and then drill the rail into the boards behind it. We’ll see how that goes. Thanks for the response! 🙂

        • I think we are saying the same thing! We actually did use wood glue & then drilled thru the front of the pegboard into the back piece of wood. We then screwed the rail into the board behind it. Best of luck!! I’d love to see it when you’re done 🙂

          • That’s reassuring. At least I know I’m on the right track then. I would love to share the finished product with you. Hopefully it will be done soon considering he’s due today, but I’m still tying up some loose ends. I’ll email you some pictures when it’s all wrapped up though. I actually found your blog by searching navy and lime green nursery on pinterest so you’ll see some familiar projects in there for sure but don’t worry I didn’t copy everything, haha! Thanks again for all your help. 🙂

          • I would absolutely love to see all of your projects – please do share!! Projects take some time & there is nothing wrong with finishing up after baby’s arrival 🙂 I hope all is well with you and your family. Take care & thanks so much for reading! ~ Rachael

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  39. Ok there’s probably nothing more to say about your son’s fabulous room that hasn’t already been said! He is one lucky boy. I may have to steal your marquee letter idea, it’s so fun, but I would totally give you props! That’s how we fellow DIYers roll. And thanks for following!

    • Thanks for checking out my post & for your sweet comment! The marquee was so fun to make & looks awesome all lit up in the room 🙂 you should definitely try it… Good luck & thanks again ~ Rachael

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  41. It’s perfect Rachael!!! Love the peg board and how you did his closet! I’m gearing up to fix a nursery too (for a baby girl) so I’m glad to get more inspiration here! Great job!

    • Thanks so much, Vel! I’m so glad to hear you’ve found some inspiration! Thanks for stopping by & best of luck with your baby girl’s nursery 🙂 ~ Rachael

  42. Rachael, this is just the cutest of nurseries!! Love the color scheme (this room can transition with Simon for years!) and all of the little details – the fun mobile, the marquee “S”, the diaper holder, etc. Simon is one lucky little man!

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  44. Rachael, this is just beyond adorable!! The fun colors and mix of pattern is perfect, I would be hanging out in there with your precious little Simon every chance I could! Congrats and enjoy this special time with your newborn!

    • wow! Thanks, Pam! I am so thrilled to hear from you 🙂 I adore your blog… your style is beautiful and I am in love with so many of your projects. I so appreciate you taking the time to check out my post on Mr. Simon’s nursery. It really does mean a lot. Thanks again, Rachael

  45. Oh my gosh, this nursery is SOOOO adorable!! I love love love the navy and white with lots of cheery lime green. That closet!!! The little hanging outfits! Also the curtains are just awesome, and the pegboard for a gallery wall!! Welcome to the world baby Simon. Thanks for sharing his room at Best of the Nest, Rachael!

    • Thank you, Lisa! This was my first time linking up with you lovely gals & I’m so glad I did! I appreciate you checking out my nursery post so much 🙂 it was such a fun space to create… I loved starting with a blank canvas… With an older brother, Simon will never want for an outfit! Thank you again for your sweet note. ~ Rachael

  46. Love the nursery!!! Such a special room for such a sweet baby…Congratulations to all of you

  47. Love this Rach! We’re thinking about the same color scheme for our nursery. It turned out great!

    • Thank you! The colors were fun & easy to work with… There’s a lot of great things out there to pick & choose from to use in a baby’s room in those colors 🙂 good luck with your little guy’s room!

  48. I love his room! I love all the detail you put into it, the colors and the pictures! Great job! It is perfect! Such a fun, happy room filled with love 🙂

  49. Simons room is perfect. Well thought out, both design and function. He’s sure to enjoy it for many years to come.

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