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How to DIY Geometric Art That Looks High-End

Sometimes it all comes together in a cinch. You have a DIY idea or are inspired by something, in my case an idea for a DIY geometric art piece, already have the supplies on-hand, sit down to work on it and the entire process only takes about 15 minutes. Want to know what’s even better than that?

A Sharpie was all I needed to put the finishing touches on it! Shhh don’t tell!

It’s no secret my signature colors are black, white and gold and you won’t be hard-pressed to find bold patterns and LOTS of them around the house! In some of our spaces, I pull in an accent color or two, but the foundation will always be neutral. I originally came up with this DIY geometric art idea when I was on the hunt for wall art for the basement bathroom. Something bold with a bit of a “wow factor” to hang on the wall in the light and bright space. The space was very light and neutral, so a bold patterned art piece would really pop on the walls! After forking over a chunk of change to finish the basement, I wasn’t exactly in a big hurry to come up with the funds to buy something really awesome.

Decorating on a budget IS totally doable—it just takes a little bit of time to plan, shop around and execute, and by execute, I mean DIY in many instances!

So that’s what I did. I DIY’d myself a piece [actually 2 pieces] of geometric art! Bold, abstract pieces that complement each other, but aren’t identical. They have just enough gold glam to give a high-end look, but the secret weapon really is the sharpie!

Here is what I did…


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black craft paint
liquid leaf
fine point black marker
white cardstock paper
small paint brush
1 inch foam craft brush
poster board as a work surface and a paper plate to hold your paint
11″ x 14″ frame matted with an 8″ x 10″ opening


You guys, this was so simple, but the design was SO UNPLANNED! I’ll give you a quick run-down of what I did to create these two pieces.DIY Geometric Art | How to create Chic, Bold Art on Budget | This is our Bliss

First, lay your piece of cardstock paper down on a hard, flat surface. I placed it on a large piece of posterboard to protect my floors and rug from paint spillage, but you could also use newspaper or an old towel or sheet.

Next, I squeezed some black craft paint out onto the paper plate and dipped my paint brush in it.

DIY Black, White and Gold Geometric Art | How to create Chic, Bold Art on Budget | This is our Bliss

For the first piece, I decided to create some random lines, pressing down and using the widest part of the brush.

diy-black-white-gold-geometric-art-tutorial This is our Bliss

Then, I poured some liquid leaf out onto the plate, dipped my foam brush in it and began to fill in the areas between the black lines. I didn’t allow the gold to touch any of the black lines which ended up leaving a white border in between the black and gold.

DIY Black, White and Gold Geometric Art | How to create Chic, Bold Art on Budget | This is our Bliss

Lastly, I grabbed my black fine point marker and began making small dots in the open, white spaces.

DIY Black, White and Gold Geometric Art | How to create Chic, Bold Art on Budget | This is our Bliss

I set it aside to dry.

For the 2nd piece…

I wanted to create a similar piece, but instead of creating linear shapes, I went with multiple circular shapes.

You can see that the black circles aren’t perfectly filled in, but look more like the actual brush strokes I made when applying the black paint.

Just like before, I took the liquid leaf and applied it to various spaces around the circles with the foam brush.

DIY Black, White and Gold Geometric Art | How to create Chic, Bold Art on Budget | This is our Bliss

I actually went back and added a fourth circle to the top left, and finally, made my black dots with the marker!

DIY Black, White and Gold Geometric Art | How to create Chic, Bold Art on Budget | This is our Bliss

After I was satisfied with the look of it, I set it aside to dry.

DIY Black, White and Gold Geometric Art | How to create Chic, Bold Art on Budget | This is our Bliss

After both pieces were completely dry, [I think I waited an hour or 2] I opened up the backing of the frame, placed the piece behind the mat and applied a small piece of tape to hold the cardstock paper to the mat. Since the paper was a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece and the frame was an 11″ x 14″, the cardstock might float around behind the mat if it wasn’t secured. You could create your own art piece on any size of paper or canvas, but it was nice to be able to use a piece of standard cardstock paper that I already had on-hand sitting next to our printer. By using a frame slightly bigger than the paper, with a mat opening slightly smaller than the paper, I didn’t have to cut the paper down to fit inside. The tiny piece of tape did the trick!

Here the pieces are hanging in our basement bathroom in the old house…

Basement bathroom reveal Marble shower hexagon shower tile | neutral bathroom decor | black, white gold and gray | glam bathroom || This is our Bliss

And you might remember this shot of one of the pieces hanging on the wall more recently from the Bold, Graphic, Glam Dining Room Reveal.

stacked-frames-under-sconces-dining-room-art-display This is our BlissOne Room Challenge Dining Room Reveal | Fall 2016 ORC | This is our Bliss

dining-bench-bold-graphic-glam-dining-room-reveal-one-room-challenge-pattern-play This is our Bliss

I sandwiched the DIY geometric art piece between a simple, modern floral print and another DIY piece. I’ll share the details on the top piece in the next couple of weeks!

And just this weekend, I grabbed the other DIY geometric art piece and propped it up in our family room bookcase while restyling the shelves.


The pieces are so versatile and really do fit the decor in any room of the house!

Bookcase-shelf-styling-with-DIY-abstract-art This is our Bliss

And I love the rich, medium-toned wood color of the frames I found at HomeGoods earlier last year. I’ll be taking more photos of these shelves soon and sharing my tips for styling a bookcase or any shelf in your home!

Don’t forget to pin for later!

How to DIY Geometric Art that Looks High-end using Supplies you OWN | This is our Bliss

I know I’ve been MIA here on the blog over the last couple of weeks, but I am finally caught up around the house and with all of my mom-duties [like Kindergarten registration for the biggest…don’t even get me started ha!] after being away in Cancun the week before last on T’s work trip. I’ll be sharing a few details from that week, including my birthday celebrations and more. Be sure to stop back by this week because I have a super exciting announcement coming your way! I can’t wait to spill!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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  • Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living
    February 28, 2017 at 11:54 AM

    Gorgeous!! Love the frame your chose too. Goes so well with the colors!

    • Rachael @ This is our Bliss
      March 3, 2017 at 7:40 AM

      Thanks, Steph!! I *finally* sat down to write the post! It had been on the to do list for longer than I care to admit ha!

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