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The Sweet and Salty Valentine’s Day Treat Mix You Need to Make

Valentine's Day Treat Mix - Sweets-Strawberry-board-for-Wine-Tasting-Party-Galentines-Day-party-treats-This-is-our-Bliss-1

I don’t know about you, but the amount of sweets consumed in February equals or even possibly outweighs the amount consumed during the month of December! Valentine’s Day is pretty much celebrated all month long [along with my birthday ;)] around here! And yummy treats and chocolate are what make up the majority of the celebrations, right? If you saw my post on How to Host a Fuss-free Galentine’s Day Party, then you know a party staple is definitely the snacks! Chocolate consumption goes without saying, but if you crave some savory, too, then this is definitely The Sweet and Salty Valentine’s Day Treat Mix You Need to Make. I promise you [and your guests or recipients] will thank me!!

Vanilla Chex Mix treats - sweet and salty Valentine's Day treat mix - Sweets and strawberries board - This is our Bliss


1/2 box Rice Chex cereal
1/2 bag of pretzel sticks
1/2 container of dry roasted peanuts
1 pkg vanilla candy coating [or pkg of almond bark]
1/2 bag of M&M’s [Valentine’s Day edition]
1/2 bag of Peanut M&M’s [Valentine’s Day edition]
1/2 bag of Carmel M&M’s [Valentine’s Day edition]
*optional: 1/2 tsp almond extract

**I double this recipe to have extra! A double batch fills 3 gallon size freezer bags! If you do decide to make a double batch, this mix freezes really well. Even just for a week or so to keep it fresh before serving or delivering!


Combine rice chex, pretzels and peanuts in large mixing bowl and lightly mix.

Vanilla Chex mix treat recipe - Valentine's Day chex treat mix - This is our Bliss

In the microwave, heat package of vanilla candy coating or almond bark squares in microwave safe bowl until melted. Follow the melting instructions on the package, but I set microwave for 1.5 minutes, stirred and then put back in for another 1.5 minutes. After I took it out of the microwave, I stirred in the almond extract into the melted vanilla.

Valentine's Day treat mix recipe - rice chex pretzels peanuts with vanilla coating - This is our Bliss

Next, pour the melted vanilla coating over your Chex, pretzel and peanut mixture and begin to mix thoroughly with spatula. The longer the melted vanilla coating sits and cools, the harder it is to get good coverage on your mixture. Once the mixture is fully coated, then let sit for 5-10 minutes to slightly cool, but not completely dry. 

Then, pour in your various M&M’s and mix thoroughly again. I always wait a few minutes before adding the chocolate coated candies because if the mixture is too hot, they will melt! It’s a much prettier Valentine’s Day treat mix when the pink, red and white candies are intact!!

Vanilla Almond Valentine's Day Chex Mix Treats - red pink white M&M's - This is our Bliss

Lastly, spread the mixture out onto sheets of wax paper to cool and dry completely. You can place in refrigerator or freezer to help set the mixture more quickly, but 30-60 minutes on the paper is plenty of time!

Red Pink and white Vanilla Almond Valentine's Day chex mix Treat - Sweet and Salty Valentine's Day Treat mix - This is our Bliss

*Secret tip: I tend to save a handful of colored candies back and sprinkle them on while the treats are cooling on the wax paper. They won’t all end up sticking, but it keeps the mix looking bright and festive for Valentine’s Day. The red and pink really pop this way!

Sweet and salty Valentine's Day Treat Mix - Galentine's Day party snack mix to serve for Girls night in - This is our Bliss


Sweets & Strawberry board for Wine Tasting Party - Galentine's Day party treats - This is our Bliss

Finally, break into smaller clumps and place in large serving bowl with a scoop or spoon. You could also put into individual bowls or fill treat bags for neighbors, friends, teachers and the kiddo’s classmates! You can omit the peanuts if the school is nut-free.

Chocolate and Fruit board for Girl's Night in - Galentine's Day Sweets & Strawberries - Galentine's Day Party - Girl's night in ideas with chocolate and treats - This is our BlAs you can see from the photos above and in the Galentine’s Day Party post, I filled two of my favorite small ruffle bowls with the mix. I then placed them on a Sweets & Strawberries board for a simple finger food snack idea for parties. I love the idea of quick grab-and-go type food items for guests to easily munch on throughout the party. All the details on the delicious board coming soon!

Sweets and strawberry board with sweet and salty valentine's Day Treat mix - This is our Bliss

This sweet and salty Valentine’s Day treat mix can be adapted for other holidays and seasonally as well! This recipe originated from a Christmas version my mom has always made using red and green M&M’s. After, starting to make that same treat mix during the holidays each year myself, I decided it would make an excellent Valentine’s Day treat mix, too! The red, pink and white candies are so pretty against the white mixture!

Galentine's Day Party with wine chocolate sweets and strawberries - This is our Bliss

Wine tasting party with 90+ cellars - This is our Bliss

Who wouldn’t love a handful of this yummy goodness?!

Don’t forget to pin the Sweet and Salty Valentine’s Day Treat Mix for later!

The Sweet and Salty Valentine's Day Treat Mix you need to make - Vanilla Almond Chex Mix recipe for Valentine's Day - This is our Bliss

Sweet and Salty Valentines Day Treat mix with vanilla and almond - Galentine's day party snack ideas - dessert board with chex mix - This is our Bliss

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