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How to Host a Fuss-free Galentine’s Day Party

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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about celebrating love. So isn’t it perfectly acceptable to celebrate the love you have for your girlfriends AND your love of wine, cheese and chocolate?! Any reason to sip and snack with my girlfriends is an immediate “YES!” This year, instead of a GNO, grab your Galentines and throw a party doing what you do best…sipping and snacking! Here are 5 simple tips for how to host a fuss-free Galentine’s Day Party [hosting the easy way!].

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And I do mean easy!

Wine Tasting party - galentine's day party - This is our Bliss


1 | Set-up a simple wine tasting

Set the wines out by type and make little labels [I used these chalkboard stands] so your guests know where to grab their next pour! Encourage everyone to try something new and sample a little of everything. Put out 1-2 bottles of red, 1-2 bottles of white, a rosé, a moscato and bubbly is a bonus. 

90+ Cellars Rose - 90+ Cellars Pinot Noir - wine tasting party for Galentine's Day - This is our Bliss

You could even use old corks as label holders by making a slit in the top and slipping a small piece of cardstock paper in the opening. Use what you have and repurpose!

Galentine's Day Wine Tasting Girl's night in - 90+ Cellars - This is our Bliss

Here are several wines you might consider:



Life is sweeter with girlfriends and wine - Galentine's Day party quote - wine tasting party for a girl's night in - This is our Bliss

I placed the bottles and glasses in the center of the table with the food off to the side, but there aren’t any rules. You could put reds on the left, whites on the right and snacks in the center. However you want your table to look totally works!

2 | Make a couple of easy grab-and-go snack boards.

Sometimes you don’t want a fussy, big meal when you are getting together with your girlfriends. It’s much easier to mingle if you’re up and about, not tied down to a table. In lieu of a formal dinner, go the easy route by setting out a variety of simple finger foods. Bonus points if no cooking or baking is required!

Girl's night in ideas - cheese board for a wine tasting party - Galentine's Day celebration - wine and cheese party - This is our Bliss
90+ Cellars white wine red wine moscato and cheese board for wine tasting party - This is our Bliss

Pick up a variety of cheeses, crackers and nuts for one board and the other board can be filled with the sweeter bites!

Let’s be honest. Wine pairs well with anything!! I love this bamboo board and this smaller bamboo board for this type of a set-up!

3 | Disposable can still be chic.

Less [or no] dishes to wash after a party is a BIG win in my book. Make it easy on yourself and skip having to wash silverware or appetizer plates. With the exception of washing the wine glasses, the clean-up will be a breeze!

Galentine's Day Sweets & Strawberries - Galentine's Day Party - Girl's night in ideas with chocolate and treats - This is our Bliss

Grab these darling pink and white striped beverage napkins and some paper appetizer plates that are girly and chic. Aren’t these mini gold appetizer forks just the cutest?! Oh and another tip, skip the tablecloth or cloth table runner. Grab a roll of wrapping paper! You can either make your own DIY table runner or just roll it out and make a cut once you’ve got about 4 – 6 inches of overhang on each side of the table! I found the rose gold dot paper at HomeGoods, but here is a similar metallic foil dot wrapping paper option!

4 | Always add a personal touch.

Wine Tasting party for Girl's night in - This is our Bliss

I love using wine markers on my guest’s wine glasses. Put their initials or write their names on the glasses before your girlfriends arrive! You don’t need expensive wine charms…a metallic gold wine marker will do the trick! I’ve had this set of wine markers for years and I keep them in the drawer with all of my corkscrews and bottle stoppers so they’re nice and handy.

5 | Use grocery store flowers to make mini floral arrangements.

Buy 1-2 grocery store bouquets + 1 filler and break them up to create multiple arrangements. Or use my flower arranging hack and save yourself a few $$$!

These mini decanters make perfect little vases. You can also use stemless wine glasses from Dollar Tree as vases. Multi-purpose glassware so you don’t have to store away too many actual vases!

Love the wine you're with - Wine Tasting party - This is our Bliss

Put 3-5 flowers in each and then whatever stems are left after filling them, put them all in one larger vase to use as the main centerpiece. You could send each of your galentines home with an individual flower-filled decanter at the end of the night. Or any leftover bottles of wine if you’re feeling generous!!

Wine Tasting with girlfriends - Galentine's Day Girl's Night In - This is our Bliss

On second thought, that might be too generous. But you can certainly fill up some treat bags with the leftover snacks! I’ll be sharing the recipe for my Valentine’s Day Vanilla Almond Chex Mix Recipe. I’m sure your girlfriends would love a little sack filled with some of that sweet and salty mix to take home with them. It’s SO good!

Galentine's Day Party with wine chocolate sweets and strawberries - This is our Bliss

And after all is said and done, the absolute best part about hosting your girlfriends over for a Galentine’s Day Party?

You can make it as casual as you like!

You know your girls best, so do what will make you all the happiest. PJ’s or sweatpants allowed!! No judgement here!

Life is sweet with girlfriends and wine - Wine Tasting party ideas - Galentine's Day party - Girls night in tips - This is our Bliss

Here are those tips one more time!


  1. Set-up a simple wine tasting
  2. Make simple grab-and-go snack boards.
  3. Use disposable plates, napkins and utensils.
  4. Always add a personal touch.
  5. Buy grocery store flowers and use mini vases.

What are your go-to, fuss-free hosting tips? Are you planning to put any of them to use for a Galentine’s Day party this year?!

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