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Affordable, Colorful Wall Art Prints For A Big Boy Room

The halfway point in these challenges really sneaks up on me! Yes, I know it’s crazy to commit to a one month room challenge, but starting off the New Year with a few tight deadlines really gets me moving into high gear! Which is exactly what gear I need to be in to pull of transforming our guestroom / office into the middle’s Big Boy Room by the end of the month. Today is week 3 of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge hosted by Casa Watkins Living and I’m sharing some super fun, affordable, colorful wall art prints I’m considering for the Playful Pattern-Happy Big Boy Room.

If you’re here today for the first time, then welcome! I first introduced the project by sharing the big boy room before photos and plans and then last week were the 7 cute big boy rooms I’m pulling major inspo from!

Can you sort of see the direction I’m heading?!

Neutral base with bright and bold accent colors add a modern vibe and splash on some fun & playful touches!

So, what is the update this week? 

Well, this week is typically the “keep waiting for all the things I ordered to be delivered” kind of week in this challenge. Rolling right into a room project after the holidays means quick planning and decision-making, then placing orders and then waiting for shipments. A couple things have arrived, like these gorgeous green tassels and darling brass nesting bowls from Boho Luxe as well as the awesome personalized canvas art and custom frames from Art To Frames! I’m especially excited about the acrylic floating frame. You’ll be seeing them soon, I promise!

One thing I’m working on this week while I continue to wait for the rest of the decor, is art. Since I’m going to have a wallpaper accent wall and it’s not here yet, I’m have to wait to hang any frames because I’m not quite sure what pieces will be going on that feature wall! The wallpaper, you guys, is going to be soooo good. Most of the art in my online shopping cart right now is instant, digital prints. Basically, once I check-out, I’ll receive an email with a link to download my art prints as jpg files and then can have them printed locally.

Here are some of the affordable, colorful art prints I’m eyeing right now!:

You might remember the transportation number print and the watercolor dinosaur print from the mood board I shared during week 1. I haven’t pulled the trigger and ordered yet, but I’m pretty sure those are winners. I’ll most likely end up ordering 2-3 more prints for the various frames and then determine placement on the walls next week.

The Reveal is inching closer day-by-day so I really need to get moving on some things. But since I’m waiting on package deliveries, the main thing I have to do is practice patience and just try to be productive on a few aspects of the room that aren’t waiting on a shipment.

Most likely our weekend is going to consist of hanging wallpaper, laying out the new rug, updating dresser hardware, recovering the headboard and testing out two different curtain options I picked up.

Here is a look at the overall check-list and where we’re at up to this point.


  • purge and declutter 
  • closet refresh [including door & wire shelving removal] – might not happen until February or March
  • take desk and computer out
  • rearrange bed position
  • replace ceiling fan – narrowing down fan options
  • wallpaper accent wall – ordered, waiting for delivery
  • install wall sconces – ordered and need to schedule electrical appointment
  • determine book shelf / storage [possibly furniture makeover] – ordered paint, need bins
  • reupholster fabric headboard – came up with an idea, need to execute
  • get new rug – arrived, need to take upstairs!
  • find a nightstand – might use small bookcase?
  • purchase new lamp – still looking 
  • bring dresser in from the biggest’s room
  • swap out dresser hardware – ordered, waiting for delivery
  • new laundry hamper – still looking
  • update the beddingordered new sheets, keeping current comforter
  • pick out new pillows – still deciding
  • hang wall art – ordered some, need to look for more colorful wall art prints and then wait to hang wallpaper
  • style and decorate the space
  • miscellaneous projects:
    • ________________
    • ________________

We have a TON to do! But I will say the big boy himself is pretty excited with the progress we have made. Just bringing his dresser in from his brother’s room made his week ha! I can only hope he’s just as stoked when the room is complete. The smile on his face at the end is what this is all for 🙂

Be sure to pop over to the other participant’s posts to see where they are at with their week 3 progress!!

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Also, this room would absolutely not be possible without the help of our official challenge sponsors. A huge thanks to these brands below!
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