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Hi, all! Popping in with a quick update on our Basement Guestroom project I introduced last week at the start of the $100 Room Challenge! If you missed Week 1, you can get caught up here. The goal is to spruce up a space in your home on a budget of $100 and you have one month to do it! Let’s take a look at the Basement Guestroom Progress for Week 2 of the challenge.

Truthfully, I wasn’t feeling very inspired last week. Like at all. I loved how my Basement Guestroom mood board came together and once I physically create the vision board, all the rest falls into place along the way. So each day, I told myself I was going to go into the room and start attacking my plan by gathering things from around the house and make a shopping list for things I wanted to be on the lookout for at our local thrift stores or on a HomeGoods trip. For some reason, I just couldn’t even get myself to walk down the steps to go in the room!! I don’t know what was wrong with me! 

But then, on Tuesday of this week, I grabbed my paint and a small roller and I opened the door to the basement.


dresser painting supplies - this is our bliss

That was all it took! I just needed to start something. ANYTHING! I was able to get our old dresser painted in a total of 2 hours split over little bits of time on Tuesday and Wednesday. When the baby was sleeping, I would grab the monitor and sneak away, even if for just 15 minutes!

3 coats later I have a finished piece! The painting is done and I’m planning to buy new knobs to put on sometime next week.

Now that I’ve spent some time in the Guestroom, I have a p.lan of action and can’t wait to get started on a couple wall projects. And see if a headboard idea I have will actually work. I’ll keep you posted for sure

I know I only have a poorly lit photo of a gray dresser to show you for my week 2 update, but this photo symbolizes the spark of creativity I was waiting and waiting for that finally hit! If you’re ever feeling like you’re in a creative slump, my recommendation would be to pick up a paintbrush and paint!!

Here is the updated checklist so you can see what I have left to do in the 2 weeks before the reveal:

  • Take pegboard down
  • purge & declutter
  • sell armoire or find a new spot for it
  • patch & paint walls
  • find new lamps
  • new curtain panels on the small window
  • bedding/pillows – I started gathering throw pillows from around the house
  • add a headboard? – I have an idea…stay tuned.
  • luggage rack?
  • move sofa down or find bench? [need something for that nook]
  • rug 
  • mount TV?
  • dresser makeover – Yay! Finally got after it!! 
  • style and decorate 
    • wall decor – started gathering & shopping
    • over the bed art / mirror
    • nightstand styling
    • dresser styling

I won’t do a formal cost breakdown until Week 3 or 4, but the paint and paint supplies didn’t cost me anything because they were left over from another project. I did pick up a couple of small mirrors on clearance at HomeGoods, but I’m not sure if I’m going to use them in here or not. With the amount of frames and art prints I have in storage, I’m pretty sure I won’t have to spend a dime on buying anymore. And T would probably not allow anymore in the house anyways. I’d definitely have to sneak them in ha! Anyone else have to do this with certain things?! Frames and shoes…those are mine 😉

Speaking of sneak, here’s a little peek at something going up on the wall…

$100 Room challenge - Basement Guestroom Makeover - This is our Bliss

So much black and gold goodness.

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